Ilary Perfume


We love roll-on fragrance. A perfumed spritz (in the right hands, i.e. not the department store) is great, sure—and wearing a fragrance like you would wear jewelry is kind of ingenious—but there’s something so intimate about applying oils to your skin, about mixing and matching and absorbing a scent like that. So, when we encountered Ilary, a roll-on perfume that its Brooklyn-based creator Hillary Schneider calls an “elusive marriage of soft and feminine with clean and herbal,” well, color us intrigued. Turns out it’s the right blend of sweet, alluring, and plain ol' clean—a blend of sandalwood, musk, ebony wood, and orange blossom. (Bonus: if you're wary of buying fragrances online, you can get a $5 tester on the Ilary website before committing to the full $65 roll-on.) Post-roll, you're not "perfumed"... You just smell fresh in that rolling-around-in-fields-of-honeysuckle-and-jasmine way, and also: attractive. And that, my friends, is nothing to sniff at.

Pick up Ilary here, and use code Spring13 before March 31st for an ITG-loves-you 15% discount on a ful sized bottle.

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  • heatheradair

    ditto, love roll-on. have made a sort of unilateral decision that I won't buy a fragrance unless it's available in a roll-on.....mostly because it's so purse-friendly, but also: I can put it WHEREVER I want, without a bunch of much easier.

  • Janine

    Someone has to give an award to the person who came up with the rollerball. For me, it's like the invention of gift bags and sticky notes. It's so brilliant. Much more control than a spray (I get migraines and I can take a stronger scent if I place not spray it at myself) and...if you don't like the fragrance, you've spent a small amount. No commitment. I'll have to check out this fragrance. Thank you!

    • Bells

      True. It's practical, small and handy. But what about the dead skin cells that roll back into the perfume with the ball? I'm sure that must diminish the shelf life of the product.

  • Kendra

    I am a huge fan of roll on perfumes- I am also a huge fan of packaging. The packaging on this pretty much rocks.

  • Ilary-love

    I've been wearing Ilary for about a year and love it. The scent is subtle but still elicits compliments.

  • Marta E

    So cute packing!



  • Gabrielle F

    This is the most delicious/most unique scent I have ever encountered. I've been wearing Ilary for maybe two years. I'm constantly receiving compliments from strangers (i.e. men), and my friends can't stop sniffing me (which is weird, but in this case, amazing). It's never too powerful, always fresh and clean, and I'm obsessed with the ease of a roll-on.

    It's sold at my place of work, too, if anyone is interested! (

  • Ceci

    Is this fragrance available in any major department stores?

  • kzoogal

    I ordered a sample of Ilary and I love it! It's the perfect floral blend. Just as an FYI you receive a 15% coupon for your next purchase.

  • Lana

    I ordered te five dollar sample, and was not a fan of the scent at all. My boyfriend even commented that he thought it smelled like cheap perfume. I regret spending my five dollars on I can never even wear it, and none of my friends want the sample either!
    I am so surprised, considering that all of ITG's recommendations are usually perfect !!