GIRLS Nail Lacquer Collection


I’m definitely not a Shoshanna. And, though I wish I was, I’m probably not a Jessa.  Depending on the crowd, I can veer Marnie (actually, I’m more Marnie than I’d like to admit). I think I’m a Hannah. Definitely. I’m a Hannah.

No, I’m not talking about the ladies of Girls, but rather the colors in Deborah Lippmann’s GIRLS Nail Lacquer Collection, inspired by the show's cast (and actually created with Lena Dunham's input). I’m going to be wearing Hannah’s Hapless Hunter Green on many future occasions because the shade suits me, unlike Jessa’s Bohemian Burgundy, a color I’ve always found makes my fingers look like little sausages. (Maybe—hopefully—that’s just me.) Marnie might work when it warms up outside and I start getting a lot of garden-party invites (it’s called Prim and Proper Pink). Shoshanna’s Virtuous Vivid Violet is probably the toughest sell for a full manicure, but talk about an accent color!

Though my nails have seen better days—they’re a bit short and jagged, but I chalk that up to pre-fashion-week nail biting—they are looking pretty snazzy decked out in the new limited-edition set. I’ve always thought, much like a guy’s shoes can tell you everything you need to know about him, nails can tell you everything you need to know about a girl…. And I’d like to think mine are now giving off the ‘trendsetter’ vibe—not schizophrenic in the least…right?

P.S. Did you all watch the most recent episode, “It’s a Shame About Ray”? So good. This season is looking up.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Get the set ($45 for 4 bottles) here.

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway. 

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  • thesixthbeatle

    If nails say a lot about a girl then mine say I'm an overstressed mum of a 2 year old with no time fo nail painting!!

    Girls is indeed amazing. I think I'm Marnie at heart.

  • GIAA

    love that light lilac!

  • Beki

    This is a great set, I especially love the Bohemian Burgundy. ALSO can we talk about the ending scene when Ray and Shoshanna said they loved each other. So. beautiful.

  • Louise Lam

    I've never heard of the show before but I love the colours! I think I'm more of a Bohemian Burgundy type of girl.

  • kneelbeforetigers

    No, Please, no.

  • Bells

    I'm a Jessa and a Hannah. I love intense colors on my nails! My nail plates are long, so I like to trim the edges and I think fun colors are great with this shape. I've always thought white and light pink nail polish are boring. Chic and classic, yes, but boring.

    Please do a feature on Allison Williams (Marnie), she has amazing skin and hair! <3