Frédéric Malle Perfume Gun


You'd be forgiven for mistaking Frédéric Malle's Perfume Guns, initially created to scent hotels and other large spaces, for cleansing agents. The 500ml sidewalk-gray bottles seem like chic janitorial supplies—that is, until you smell them. The company describes our favorite scent, Cafe Society as "that ephemeral odor of the living room a few minutes after the end of a Parisian dinner when the guests have just left." While most Parisian dinner parties we've experienced smell like cigarettes, spilled wine, and too-much fun, this one is all warmth tinged with cooking spices and a lasting woody note that gets better the more you layer it. Forget the room—in the middle of which you are instructed to spritz a small cloud, to diffuse the scent—we're inclined to spray this stuff all over ourselves. Unfortunately, the instructions strictly forbid it.

You can get the Frédéric Malle Perfume Gun in Cafe Society here.

Photographs by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Shirin

    Why is it that room sprays smell so amazing at times!!? L'Occitane does some beautiful ones and I definitely was tempted to use it as a perfume. But I've now discovered Dirty by Lush. You should give it a try! I always get compliments for it :)

  • tranbta

    I’ve got to try this. And you’re right, a Parisian dinner party usually smells like ciggies.

  • Jen

    Great advice - definitely going to get this.
    PS Can you please cover Audrey Gelman for TopShelf?

  • Holly

    Ahhh! $145?

    • Lauren

      I could not agree more. I was totally intrigued and clicked on the link and about had a heart attack. I like my apartment to smell nice but I don't have a big enough problem with fabreeze to warrant spending $145 on designer room scent. However, in a moneyless world, I would be all over something like this :)

      • Sage Love

        You must keep in mind it is a very large bottle!


Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle Cafe Society Perfume Gun