Emily’s Fashion Week Essentials: Fall 2013 Edition


Cue the trumpets! Fashion week—nay, month—is upon us. And for me, this time around, it goes a little something like this: NYC→LONDON→PARIS→MASSAGE TABLE→SCARY LONG SLEEP. So before all of the running around, the “Where’s my phone?! I LOST MY PHONE!!!” panic, the total fan-girling around Pat McGrath/Tom Pecheux/James Pecis (swoon), I took a minute to get my shit together. I did a little shopping when I was in Paris two weeks ago, I streamlined my medicine cabinet, I did a 40%-effort closet-organizing job, and I got a manicure/pedicure (did you know that TenOverTen TriBeCa is open until 10 PM? Awesome.) I also told Nick, Alessandra, Michael, and Elizabeth to please forgive the incoherent crazy person I’m about to become for three weeks while schlepping a 15-pound camera bag through three cities in five-inch heels on three hours of sleep, blurting out declarations like “OH MY GOD, did you SEE the eye at Stella??? IT’S ALL ABOUT GREEN EYELINER!!!” Actually, I haven’t told them that yet, I’m telling them now. SORRY GUYS! I’m taking you for a lobster dinner in March.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m going to be living in—and it may come as a big fat surprise (sarcasm…): a whole lotta black and white. God bless the girls in prints, the perfectly put-together editors (and models) in pops of color and head-to-toe looks, but I just can’t. I’m not very good at figuring out what to wear. I pretty much wear some variation of the same thing every day, fashion week or no: black Rag & Bone Skinnies (not much has changed), a snazzy shoe (usually black, usually high), and a white top. As for the other stuff, let’s take some inventory:

1. Canon 5D Mark III. I used to get scoffed at backstage with my trusty T2i Rebel. No longer. A 5-year-old could shoot ITG features with this thing, it’s that great.

2. Céline sweater, in, what else, graphic black and white. Apparently, it’s “swaggy,” and who doesn’t want some swagger during fashion week?

3. SHOES: Céline flatforms (also slightly swaggy, I think, because of the gold chain), Nike New York Sky High Dunks; suede Manolo pumps—pumps, remember?!—in cream, to break things up; one sexy pair of lace-up Alejandro Ingelmos; pointy black Alexander Wang boots that make me feel like a French Vogue editor and are also, more importantly, incredibly comfortable.

4. A nude knit/black leather tight tank for when I need to look sophisticated, and a gauzy, green-plaid Theyskens’ Theory button-down for when I need to look like Kurt Cobain (can there please be a time for this, please? Thanks.)

5. Reed Krakoff perforated black leather Gym Bag: I wore my last Gym Bag, in white with a black stripe, to death (though admittedly, never to the gym)—it looks great whether you’ve got five pounds of stuff in it, or just a wallet. It’s kind of magic.

6. A great coat! I’ll be sporting a navy double-breasted number by Derek Lam. The man knows how to do outerwear.

7. One earring. That’s right—just one, preferably a cross from Stone Paris. If I had a nickel for the number of cool chicks I’ve seen sporting a solo earring in the past two weeks, I’d be able to buy…a Butterfinger. Or maybe a Toblerone.

8. Warby Parker glasses. Do you know Warby Parker? They make buying glasses SO. EASY. Now hopefully I won’t get yelled at by my optometrist in August for wearing my contacts for 20 hours of the day.

9. A “luxurious beanie,” as we call them in the Gloffice. You know, that beanie that’s perfectly slouchy, thick but not too thick, and nearly impossible to find? I found it. Actually, Elin Kling found it—she was wearing it while walking down the street in SoHo and I chased her to find out who made it. The answer, my friends, is “Fall Winter Spring Summer,” a brand from Norway, and you can buy it here. You’re welcome. Also important: sunglasses (I stick with aviators; these are Givenchy) and headphones that double as accessories (We Are Frends in rose-gold and white—so cool).

10. Oribe Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste: I discovered this while hosting a beauty party at Holt Renfrew in Toronto last month. It is, hands down, the best thing I’ve found for short, straight, otherwise boring hair. You’ll look like Leo in Romeo + Juliet in no time.

11. A trifecta of skin savers from my ol’ detox center, Henri Chenot: their products are wonderful. Really, truly. I’ve been using the Micro Stimulating Serum, Chrono Regenerating Night Serum, and Youth Concentrate Cream (THAT is really the star of the show). I haven’t been this hooked on a routine since my eleven-year-old self worshipped at the altar of Clinique’s 3-Step System. I’ve also been really into Natura Bisse’s The Cure Sheer Cream, a feather-light tinted moisturizer with SPF, and, of course, Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning, which makes you glow just a teeny bit.

12. Nail polish: sheer, nude, “nothing” color to last 7 days (Butter London); Eyeliner: Estée Lauder Double Wear in Black/Brown; Lips: Armani Maestro in #400 (one of several standout colors); Perfume: Dior Ambre Nuit—sexy scent, sexier bottle; Hairspray: good ol’ L’Oréal Paris Elnett, reimagined in a new light-reflecting “lumière” formula that I picked up in Paris; Face: Nars Pro-Prime Multi-Protect Primer in lieu of foundation; Mascara: Lancôme Hypnose Star—there’s just something about the brush…and, after all, the only thing you really need to look alive is a little mascara, no?

—Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss [1] wearing an Isabel Marant sweater, photographed by Elizabeth Brockway at the Standard Hotel on February 3rd 2012.

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  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Oooh, your excitement is contagious! Love this post, I get to live vicariously through you starting... NOW! Your Nike's are insane and I have to have them, along with that gym bag as well (seriously? who's pretending that's a gym bag?). I have kind of a mini-collection of luxurious beanies, I think they're a great investment actually:



    Going to have to check your out too though. Oh and yes, of course, how can I forget, your camera! I've got my 600D which was a big deal for me, but the way things are going it looks like Husband and I will have to invest in a 5D soon. So exciting!

  • kriss

    you are sooo beautiful!

  • http://twitter.com/Alouette_Jolly Ada

    No lipstick?! My essentials would be red, pink, plum, and coral lipsticks, blusher to suit each one, and mascara. I'm really a strapless mini dress sort of girl in the summer - and with flat sandals. I make my summer statement with dewy skin and bright lips.

  • Shannah

    Emily you are drop dead gorgeous, girl.

  • Kara Manos

    Love NARS primer! I'm trying to figure out what I should pack for fashion week as well..

  • Pia

    If you "quite literally" need to get your shit together, I would recommend applesauce. Or toast. Those will tighten those bowels right up.

  • bfunkstyle

    Who makes the leather-trimmed sleeveless top? Looks Reed Krakoff-ish. Love it. "Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything."

  • Hannah

    Love this post!

  • http://twitter.com/AshleyPittmanCo Ashley Pittman

    terrific rundown thanks for sharing!!

  • Lauren

    this is amazing and you look beautiful. thanks for the tips! enjoy nyfw.


  • Di Delgado

    Love the new hair color, Emily! You glow!

  • steph taylor

    where did you find those nike sky high dunks in that color?! I'm loving my liberty of london pair and want a new color...

  • http://reddysteadygo.tumblr.com/ Sindhu R.

    Really channeling sporty spice this year? Loving it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5726376 Rocky Hadadi

    Emily, this list is great! Are those Sinclairs from Warby Parker in midnight blue? They look awesome ... almost purple?

  • Janine

    I just lo-ove your hair. You look totally gorg! Plus, great rundown.

  • Bonnie Clyde

    You look amazing!!



  • Bird

    emily, you style is so simplistic and so impressive. thank you for sharing! i'm buying that hat- glad they ship worldwide!

  • Louise Lam

    Oh my, great essentials! You look absolutely gorgeous.

  • Jane s

    Em, did you get a tattoo? And haircolor details, please.

  • Silvia

    Emily you keep looking better & better, how do you do?! Are you still following the detox advice from Henri Chenot ? Also this may be a silly question but: can you ID the ring on photo #2, the middle finger ring that sits on the top part of your finger ? Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/An_Gi_C 안지 ☀

    So some of you might have realized that the FWSS beanie is pretty much sold out everywhere... no reason to despair! I found this great Norwegian knitting blog (see link). With some help thx to google translate, it's quite easy to copycat this gorgeous beanie as a DIY. I used 2,5 needles (European) and 120 stitches for the start, btw. You're welcome ;) http://frksnupp.blogspot.no/2012/11/f-w-s-s-en-fremgangsmate.html

  • KathS

    your pictures are selling me on the Clarins tanner (well and everything else too)..gorgeous!!!

  • me again

    Great routine... no sense breaking your head to put stand-out outfits together unless you have five assistants a la "Devil Wears Prada."

  • babelincoln

    those headphones are perfect!

  • http://profiles.google.com/thechelseagirl Chelseagirl …

    That essential gym bag is over $1200 US.

  • http://www.ofstrangersensibilities.com/ Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    so in love with your hair it's ridiculous

  • Shari

    uch! Emily or anyone else who has the Celine loafies! How do you keep the white part so clean? Thank you! love, shari

  • Emily

    God Emily, I wish I could forgo the foundation!

  • MyDearGirl

    Your highlights are perfectly placed! Kinda want to give the feria ombre you used a try. who colored your hair?

  • khm

    Emily - I bought the Reed Krakoff perforated black bag, wasn't easy to find, and it was my first RK bag. It is really incredible - I love this bag! The perforation makes it lighter than most totes that size. Perfection. Thank you!!

  • http://twitter.com/marialaverda Maria la Verda

    Hi Emily, I am really impressed by your Blog, really wow and I am a real ''beauty'' addict.... I have a question for you.....I hope you have a bit time for me....:) ,I am Maria la Verda, a bag- designer from Holland , and I want to ask you if you maybe have a tip for me , the name of a fashion- blogger .... I need some more Publicity for my very new webshop.....thank you so much, lots of succes with your blog Emily, ciaoo,Maria

  • Lyndsay

    How cute was the 'shoe lineup'?! :)


Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro
Rag & Bone/JEAN
rag & bone/JEAN Skinny Jeans
Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning
Warby Parker
Warby Parker Sinclair Glasses
Manolo Blahnik
BB 105 nude suede pumpCLASSIC
Alexander Wang
Cameron Mesh and Suede Boots
Nike Dunk Sky High Liberty Hidden Wedge Sneaker Black/ Black
NARS Pro-Prime Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30
Natura Bisse
Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream
Oribe Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste