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Daria Does It Again

Daria Werbowy Celine 2013

Daria Werbowy just keeps bringin’ it. Her latest Juergen Teller-lensed spring Céline ad (so far, we've only spotted this shot in LOVE) has the super stunner half-submerged in a retro pink footed bathtub, relatively barefaced and rocking some serioussilver and we’re guessing malachitecuffs. So yes, we love her, but more than that, we’re loving her hair. It doesn't look as great in the rest of the campaign, we’ll admit (we know that after a drastic cut comes a lot of often strange in-between stages), but here, it’s just perfect. Fluffy and clean without being static-y, or sliding into perm-territory. Full of body but somehow still silky... Hairspiration for days, kids. For days.

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  • Marta E

    She is awesome!!



  • Oblivion

    Daria is my favorite!!


  • Lili

    awww. I love Daria heaps, she is my favourite model (and a Canadian like me, yay!) but this shot is beyond sublime. It also remembers me of my childhood, as we had a bath like that in the countryhouse and I always had a square haircut.

  • Charley Larcombe
  • Lucy Apted

    She looks amazing. Damn she did it again.


  • Bonnie Clyde
  • whatwouldwangdo

    Daria's hair is always perfect


  • http://twitter.com/thatsntmyage That’s Not My Age

    Gorgeous photo. I saw the Juergen Teller exhibition in London last week, v good.

  • MGF

    hahaha true story !

  • m

    Daria is on the top of my list of persons I wish you could do a top shelf with . Closely followed by Clemence Poesy, Sofia Coppola and Jacquelyn Jablonski. It would be amazing I you could do an interview with one of these women!

  • Belle

    I love Daria. But I really cannot stand these adverts. It's the weird harsh photography I think because it makes her look about 20 years older...


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