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Last week, Daphné Hezard, the Paris-based editor-in-chief of L'Officiel, emailed us to say she'd chopped her usually long, glossy tresses into a shoulder-length style. Naturally, we ran through the usual questions:"What?!" "Why?" and, most importantly, "Where?!" Here, she fills us in:

Dear ITG,

I finally decided to cut my hair last friday. I don't know how it happened, but suddenly I was working at my desk, I took the phone and called an hairdresser I had never met, she gave me an appointment at 3pm, and I went there.

I'd heard about this new place called 22 rue de Verneuil through Jordane Crantelle. I loved the way her hair was cut ages ago: a "carré," very light at the ends...

It's weird, because I always go to the same hairdresser for yearshis name is Donatoand I trust him more than anyone else. And every time I go and see him, I say, "Ok, next time we cut seriously," and when the next appointment comes, I never dare.

But this friday, I gave my headmy hairto un unknown woman called Pauline and I told her, "Ok, you can cut as much as you want. I don't care."

And she did it. This is it. I think I look like a teenager now! I should have cut it even shorter, I think.

It's funny when you cut your hair and you are not used to it, you would expect people to notice it or at least to say something...At least: "Oh, you cut your hair?" Strangely, either people don't make any comment or they really love it, saying, "It really suits you, you should have cut it before." Those people were the one who always told me not to cut it!

When I told my mum I cut my hair, she asked for pictures. (My mum has never really liked my long hair, I think.) Every time I go and visit her, she wants to cut it. So, when I sent her photos, she texted me: "J'aime bien"

Then I said: "Did you prefer it long?"

She answered: "No, it's very new." And I was happy.

My boyfriend wrote: "C'est très bien," which means "It's very good"... I don't know what to think about this comment.

And when I told my ex-boyfriend I cut my hair, he said: "At least you know we can never be together again" and I laughed.

So, I can only recommend that you try 22 rue de Verneuil, a new intimate hair salon, situated just in front of Serge Gainsbourg House. Pauline cut the hair and Wanig, her partner, does the color. That's it. Only the two of them.

It's at 22 rue de Verneuil, Paris, 75007, tél 0142610024, and www.22ruedeverneuil.com. Oh, by the way, for maintenance: I wash it every 3 or 4 days. Right now, I'm using Kelly Calèche Shampoo from HermèsI like the smell of it and it reminds me of my lovely cousin, who's called Kelly, too. Sometimes, I also use Crème Lavante au Citron from Christophe Robin (a very famous hairdresser in Paris). It's a mask that protects damaged hair..very nice, but very small, so try not to use it too often.


All photos by Daphné Hezard. Check out her Top Shelf (to see her old haircut!) and watch her ITG video

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  • mlle p

    I think she should go even shorter - sort of like Emily's cut - because she has such beautiful bone structure and pretty eyes and it would show them off more.

  • http://twitter.com/OneOblivion Oblivion
  • Bonnie Clyde

    I'm thinking about short hair too!!

  • Angela_E

    Daphne is perfection.

  • Martine Doiron

    I love the cut! I wish my hair would grow faster. I've been growing them out for years now, and it's still not at the length I want. However, sometimes I just feel like cutting them short for a new and edgy look but I stop myself from it because I've waited so long for my hair to be this length!

    Martine :)


  • Guest

    Very soon now, I will be the last woman on Earth with very long hair. And I will love that.

  • Makeup

    Looks really good.

  • Sandra

    I love the cut! Looks great! Beautiful Daphne!

  • therealblonde

    That Christophe Robin stuff smells so good, I'm always tempted to put a spoon in it and eat it.

  • chicnoir

    Where can we purchase Hermes shampoo her in the states? I want chic shampoo.

  • http://www.luxessed.com/ Anouka

    Looks great! I would love to try Hermes shampoo!


  • Maria

    That's it. I've made up my mind. I'm finally going short too. First thing tomorrow!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.a.pangilinan.7 Mary Anne Pangilinan

    Love love love! I remember Daphne and her video! So gorgeous and so French! She would look good in any haircut!

  • Jenna

    Smashing. Not big on all the 'chops' of late but this is exceptional. As is your skin, Daphné...still Chenot? Please tell!

  • Jane S.

    Daphne is so gorgeous (those eyes! Those cheekbones!) but I find this haircut kind of " meh." Maybe it's the angle, but it looks like that stage where the hairdresser has cut away the length but has yet to shape the cut. I greatly preferred her haircut on "Cut by Fred" and wish she'd let him do the big chop!

  • http://twitter.com/Occhineri23 Suzanne

    Her hair looks great, but it's hardly short! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/blakeknees Jennifer Blakney

    I've been trying to emulate her style for awhile, but at least now I don't have to worry about hair since I have the exact same haircut. Somehow, though, she just takes it to a whole new level of chic. There's something in Parisian water.

  • Lana

    I love the liberation that tends to come with a sudden change like this. A woman's hair is one of her biggest accessories, and I for one, obsess over my long hair, and almost die every time my hairdresser takes scissors to it.. But nonetheless, it is a beautiful story, and I truly admire Ms. Hezard's contribution!


    I love her hair short. Can we discuss the fact that she is barely wearing a stitch of makeup and she is beyond stunning. BANANAS!

  • didi

    You look absolutely beautiful Daphne!! Funny how such a simple decision can be so liberating, right?!

    I was just like you, I had very long hair for almost 10 years, I could never imagine myself with shorter or short hair but the day after I signed my divorce papers I went to my stylist and asked her for bangs and layers, she said "No way, let's do something riskier!" and she chopped it off, she cut it to a "long bob" just above the shoulders, kind of like Nicole Richie some years ago.

    I got so many compliments and I kept hearing how long I looked. My mom who once cried when I cut to a pixie when I was 19, absolutely loves it. My bf was weirded out about it (men, it takes them a while to adjust to change) but he loves me long, short, blond, brunette and so on...

    P.S.- The creme au citron is fantastique!

  • maude

    ahahahah the ex boyfriend thing <3 but she is sooo pretty