Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins' new anti-aging Double Serum—so-named for the two separate hydric and lipidic formulas dispensed with each pump—looks like a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar in your hand. However, once you swirl it around and apply it to your face, it does what salad dressing simply cannot do: diminish wrinkles, work to firm your skin, even out your complexion, and shrink your pores (!!), using the power of 20 plant extracts. The best part? It’s not too heavy for youthful skin, so if you’ve been feeling weird about using anti-aging products in your early 20s, well, don’t. Meet the perfect 'starter serum.' Plus, isn't there a saying, "The best offense is a good defense"? So, there you go.

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Dagmara

    Once you start using anti-wrinkle serums or creams, you will never be able to stop as your skin will get 'addicted' and won't respond to anything containing'lighter' ingredients. I am doing my Ph.D. in chemistry and cannot believe how young women buy all that marketing nonsense about starting early with anti-wrinkle products. They say it to sell in and, unfortunately, you buy it.

    • mfergie889

      Which anti-aging products are you speaking of out of curiosity? Retinol based? I just use Kiehls which seems pretty mellow, but now you've got me concerned!

      • Nina R.

        Please listen to Sasha - there is no such thing as skin becoming addicted to anything - that is simply ridiculous!

    • Aya

      What do you mean about getting skin becoming "addicted"? Could you elaborate?

    • taf

      The best protection against wrinkles and uneven skintone is sunscreen. But what if the damage is already done? Or what about younger women with with acne and similar skin issues? What exactly should we do while avoiding "buying into" the anti-wrinkle industry?

      I'm 27 and while my skin type and genetics mean I probably won't be getting wrinkles any time soon, I have had a few issues with acne and pigmentation. I've found products that have worked for me (mostly cosmeceutical strength retinols and AHA/BHAs) and they've transformed my face. Let's face it, everyone wants to have good skin, whatever the reason. What do you propose we who have problem skin do?

      • Sandra

        Yes, I totally agree. A sunscreen is the best and the cheapest protection.

    • Sasha

      There is no such thing as skin being 'addicted' to products. I'm a doctor & am very sure that while products might decrease its efficacy over time, especially for ingredients like Retin A or glycolic acid, there is NO evidence that skin will get 'addicted' to anti-wrinkle serums/creams.

    • Sandra

      Ditto. One of the marketing trick is hyaluronic acid as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but hyaluronic acid does not absorb into skin. It sits on the top of your skin (epidermis) because the molecules are too large. In order to get an absorption, one must inject hyaluronic acid directly into the dermis. People are so misinformed, and they spend money on nonsense.

      • BeautyholicRomy


  • Amanda

    20 plant extracts are addictive? I thought only chemically produced ingredients are. I've tried this new serum formulation and it is so light and effective. I swear my pores are smaller because of it. I have tried for years to find a product that performs as well as this has. And the radiance and smoothness I got after a few days was well worth trying it out. Thanks ITG!

    • beautyidealist

      Anything can be addictive - even the nicotine in cigarettes can be found as a naturally occuring plant extract. With that said, the plant extracts in this formula are used in such low quantities. The majority of what you're putting on your face are ingredients found in drugstore products: in the hydro serum, you're mostly getting aqua, glycerin, starch, silicones (to temporarily smooth and even out texture), and preservatives (including phenoxyethanol) while plant extracts and 1 peptide is listed at the very end. In the lipo serum, you do get the plant oils (though the formulas base is the cheaper mineral oil) which contain antioxidants and vitamins, but also a lot of fragrance and emollients which don't really do anything for actually improving skin.

      I'm glad you're seeing positive changes in your skin, I wonder how much more impressive the results will be if you use a pure botanical facial oil that is truly comprised of over a dozen healthy plant extracts.

  • aya

    Thank you for doing an post about this. I bought this duty free and LOVE it. Now I'm trying to figure out where else I can find it!

  • Sandra

    Dear Clarins, our pores cannot be shrunken! There are no pore muscles! Please, do not full us!

  • JenniferMonforton

    You've piqued my interest! I'm turning 30 this year but still have oily skin, so this sounds right up my alley. Thanks for sharing :)

  • 918424

    What a load of nonsense some of you people are spouting!
    This serum really is great get out of your text book and try the product out!

  • Neahle Ize`

    This is actually a product a Sephora employee recommended I try (I'm 33, have oily/combination ski, no wrinkles, issues with hyperpigmentations/post-breakout dark spots) and I've been using samples at night for the last couple of nights. Two days is not enough to see a result, but I will say it feels nice going on and is non-irritating. I'm always in the market for a product that will "shrink pores" so hopefully this will work in the long run.

    • Amanda

      hi! This has worked for me, and there is absolutely no proof that Mineral OIl is bad for the skin. In fact, it can help protect the skin from losing it natural oil and water. It shrunk my pores around my nose. I'm very very happy with this product. (I have combination skin but this is a face oil/serum that does't break me out at all.) good luck!

  • Hels

    eh but what you need to be concerned with is the efficacy / potency of an ingredient; if this varies, logically quantities are not directly comparable. think of it like a cake. you want to make a cinammon cake. do you put in more cinammon than flour?! now think, how would you spread microscopic quantities of very powerful ingredients over your skin, without there being a base? I don't have an opinion one way or the other on this serum, but your reasoning is off base.

    • EMvL

      You're right, I omitted to say that I don't like mineral oil as a carrier, there are so many nice natural carriers, oils from nuts and plants that are much more beneficial to the skin, why would a 'premium' beauty brand go for mineral oil?

      • CK

        Maybe because these "natural carriers" has a higher risk of allergic reactions than mineral oil. Many people are allergic to nuts, etc. Also, it really boils down to the formulation as a whole; we cannot look at only one ingredient (unless maybe it's an allergen to an individual).

        Besides, not everything that is natural is good. Poison ivy is natural.

  • BeautyholicRomy

    I would love to get a sample of this before I actually shell out. I'm very dubious when it comes to Clarins, they are usually too pricey for what they are.


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