Caroline Brasch Nielsen’s Swag/Style Rules


Let’s be honest: there’s always that one person you text (with or without a selfie) from the dressing room in a moment of panic: “Should I get it?!?” Caroline Brasch Nielsen—current Chloé campaign girl and street-style star-in-the-making—is who I dial up for those heavy-hitting wardrobe questions. We have completely different styles, but the girl just gets it. Forget the whole apathetic model-off-duty, Oh-I-just-picked-this-up-off-my-floor thing—Caroline posts reference pictures from before she was born on her Instagram, cites Melanie Ward and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele as her favorite stylists, and shops like it’s her job. (I guess it sort of is her job?) She is passionate about clothes, and more than that, she is passionate about ‘swag.’ As in the adjective. For example:

[Me, via text]: “Should I get this Céline sweater? They only have a size large : /”

[Caroline’s response]: “YES! Really cool! Like in big size! Looks Swag : P”

I got the sweater in question (obviously) before meeting up with Caroline for some speed-shopping at Colette in Paris, where I took note of her current swag/style rules to live by. Think leopard. Think pink. Think swag, but more Kanye, less Bieber.

1) “I love colors. I think it’s difficult to wear black. I never only wear black; I don’t know how to put it together. I like Anna Dello Russo a lot because I like the way her outfits are saturated. It’s always too much—and I kind of like too-much sometimes. I like Balmain, Lanvin…if I could wear head-to-toe Balmain, I would.”

2) “I have a thing for coats and jackets. I love jackets. I have, like, twenty. I just think you can look so chic with a good jacket on. All you really need is a nice coat, and a nice bag. I’m really keen on getting a red leather motorcycle jacket from Balenciaga.”

3) “Right now, I like mixing animal prints with bright colors. Like, an animal-print jacket with a bright-colored scarf and a bright bag. Colorful bags—epic. You know what bag I like at the moment? The traditional Dior bag, but in colors. I would go with pink, I think. Hot pink is perfect with leopard. And I only like smaller bags. I mean, how much stuff do you really have to put in a bag? Not so much, usually.”

4) “I never wear heels—only flats. I think sneakers look really modern right now. They just make outfits look cool. I like Kanye’s style. I like when he does designer pieces with expensive sneakers and lots of gold earrings—it’s so cool.”

5) “I think you’re better off browsing than going out to buy a specific thing. I never think, ‘Oh, I need a coat, I’m going to go get a coat.’ You should see what’s out there, and not feel pressured to get something just because you need it. Also, it seems like every time you’re ‘on a mission,’ you don’t find what you’re looking for. I like Net-A-Porter because you can check it often, it looks good, and it’s easy. And I love to shop in Paris and in New York.”

—Emily Weiss

Caroline Brasch Nielsen, wearing a Lanvin jacket; Emily Weiss in the dressing room at Céline.

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  • Charlotte

    love her sense of style! please do a top shelf on her!

  • Amy Arisse

    the second picture is wonderful!

    xx Amy.

  • Nomadic D.

    You did so good buying that sweater, it looks amazing. I actually can't even imagine it being smaller, who the hell sized that? Makes no sense to me. But you scored. I do love the idea of pairing sneakers with everything. But I always go shopping with a specific goal in mind. I almost never get it, and almost always end up buying other things, but still it's nice t have an excuse in mind, ha!

  • Lou

    Wow, she is stunning. :)


  • Chloe

    Such great advice! I LOVE to wear black, but I can't seem to piece it together either! I feel like I see other women wearing black, and they look so classy!

  • maiastras

    That sweater looks amazing! I hope that you got it :)

  • Viola

    This is quite the opposite of everyhing I think i right about fashion. And Kanye? You cannot be serious...

    • The Horticult

      Ha, I was thinking that exact thing. After years of saturated everything, I'm finding all-black kind of...freeing. Needless to say, Balmain and I are on a break -- and I prefer to shop w/ laser focus!

  • Julie Gartha Hammer

    She's really inspiring! So cool! :)

  • Ashley

    This is great

    xo Ashley

  • BananaWonder

    This is a great post!
    I really like cbn and her style. When reading her "shopping rules", one would think she was into tacky fashion why with all the animal print, bling and hot pink, but she's so casual and cool. i spotted her one day looking ever so chill-don't give damn - even though it seems like she DOES give a damn.

    A top shelf with her would be fun - however, I wonder if she wears makeup off duty? And she's so young. Won't a tube of embryolisse and a bottle of bioderma crealine be all she need?

  • Claire

    i love her but in that word...just no

  • The Minx

    you two are seriously the coolest :) love her leopard bomber jacket! (swag)

  • Nina

    Yes, please do her top shelf! Would LOVE to see a Danish girl featured here.

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • renaphuah

    i knew its Celine, Emily! xx

  • rachel Potter

    Pink and leopard? No monochrome black? "Expensive sneakers"? What is she on, definitely not how I imagine a Chloe girl

  • yvette

    what the hell is swag? am i really that old? (31)

  • Shane

    Love that you show us some of the beautiful danish topmodels, but I wish you would do a top shelf with the queen of them all: Helena Christensen!

  • IEJ

    white girls sayin swag

  • joannanyc

    "Hot pink is perfect with leopard." I've always thought so!

  • Haley

    That's odd, because I feel like hot pink + leopard = bad reality tv

  • Flacko

    I like this bomberjacket :)

    Maybe you take a look at my Swag Style Outfits ?