Breaking Up is Hard to Do (And Tends To Affect Your Hair)


It was a day that will live in infamy, a day that rocked the world (or at least the kids of America) to its core: October 3, 1999. Everything we thought we knew changed with a few snips of scissors when coed Felicity Porter lopped off her long, beautiful, trend-setting, curly hair.

Our heroine—whose coif was possibly the most distinct thing about her—changed from a lovable girl-next-door girl to a “Chia head.”*  Though she insisted it wasn't over a boy (who are you kidding, Felicity, it was totally about Ben!), her controversial transformation marked a moment in feminist history. She did it for women everywhere! Well, maybe not, but it did speak to the connection between changing your appearance and regaining a sense of self, of control—something that all women can all relate to, right? In a moment when you’re feeling lost, why not change something about your body (warning: mothers may not approve)?

Much like the WB’s former sweetheart, some of Hollywood’s brightest have turned to the scissors (or dye) post-breakup. The changes have been fleeting and subtle for the most part (cutting bangs seems to be most common), but who cares: here's to taking control! With that in mind, Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at ITG!

Remember, though—think before you snip. You'll be able to avoid some of the...situations in our before-and-after slideshow.

*Please note: we do not condone name-calling. We didn't come up with “Chia head” —that was an insult hurled against Felicity in the show! That said, it’s pretty fitting. We just wish we could've watered her head so that her locks would've grown back quicker than the entire, painful season it actually took.

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  • ErikaO.

    Netflix has all 84 episodes of Felicity so I have been glued to the series as of late. I literally screamed when she got that hair cut! (By the way, I was ten when the episode first aired, so I had no clue!)

  • JiaJing

    You forgot about Angela Chase in "My So-Called Life"! Drugstore hair color never before seemed so rebellious.

  • Izzy Cole

    I lived for Felicity as a teenager. But once the hair was gone, why did it feel like the show went with it?

  • Bananas

    Haha, i still love Felicity! And i loved that she snipped her hair off, i think she looked amazing before AND after. The show was really something i could relate to, all the stuff about finding your own path, making mistakes and not being able to choose the guy. Still on that road hehheh :D

  • Christine

    Yup, I totally did this when I broke up with my last boyfriend. He liked my hair long, so I didn't cut it when I was with him. When we broke up, I cut it pretty short. It happened to be a terrible haircut, and I was actually embarrassed when I saw him around (we both lived in dorms right next to each other). It would have been fine if it hadn't been a terrible haircut though. After getting a better haircut, I kept it short for about a year and a half after that.

  • Miss Y.

    Haha why post a pic of Britney as a brunette and not mention that she actually shaved off everything? Now *that* was drastic!

  • nadia

    haaaaa! Felicity!!!!
    I miss her. I guess...

  • Marta E

    Great examples!!


  • Joana

    Ahhhhhhh...I love all your 90s flashbacks!
    That was indeed a shocking moment in cultural history. Felicity and Ben forever <3 lol

  • jk

    Wow, this reminded me of the time I cut off my hair because it was the one thing my ex loved about me, and I did it to promise myself I would cut off all ties with him. Quite literally, the rope that bound us. It worked, like a charm.


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