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The beauty fanatics at Benefit have come up with what, on first glance, we thought was a lip product. (In our defense, it's a twist-up bullet with an outer ring of moisturizer we sort of recognize from a glossy lipstick from way-back-when, which, come to think of it, we can't actually place for the life of us—can you? Did we dream it? Are we really here?)

Turns out it might be our new go-to for concealing the less-than-attractive results of too many nights with too little T.L.C. (and we're not talking "Red Light Special"). It's called Fake Up and it's a concealer stick with a bonus kick of moisturizer that comes in three shades and promises to fix the problem of under-eye creasing. This issue, in particular, is one quite close to our hearts, as nothing grinds the proverbial gears more than carefully applied under-eye concealer wrinkling and folding like your button-down shirt at the end of the day. Fake Up is creamy—thank vitamin E and appleseed extract—and almost weightless on the skin, though we recommend blending it with your finger or a brush rather than applying it straight from the bullet. Even better? It stays all day long and into the night—or at least until you can get some actual restorative shut-eye.

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Bonnie Clyde

    I am buying this as we speek!!

  • Nomadic D.

    Huh. I'm intrigued. I actually made an executive decision this year to stop concealing under my eyes. I figured a little bit of blue shadow was preferable to weird cakey wrinkles. Better to look tired than old, right? Ha! Granted, I don't have very deep circles, but still, it would be nice to find a miracle product that camouflaged them a bit without giving me even more crepe-y wrinkles than my years on this earth have on their own.

  • Procrast1nato2

    Cargo used to do a lipstick like that, as did Tarte I think. Canadian brand Quo had a lipgloss in a tube -- picture a super-pigmented lancome juicy tube but with a clear ring of gloss around it.

  • Cay

    I really wish that Benefit would extend their skin makeup color options. Their things always look intriguing, but they never quite fit my skin tone, let alone the skin tones of women with darker skin.

  • IEJ

    All the before/after photos of it on, reviews of wear time, value for pricing, and shade matching to different skin tones made this a really great post thank you~~~

    • Jess

      i love this site - but i have to agree with above - this "review" doesnt really tell us much - more like an ad for the product.

  • MyVanityRunnethOver

    The bullet looks like those sephora + pantone lipsticks, they were a limited edition product. Lip lustre, I think they were called. Reminded me of that right away. Is the outer product just moisturizer? At first glance I thought the outside was a highlighter, which would be an interesting touche éclat style + regular concealer combo.

  • Jen

    Wow, this sounds promising! Long-wearing and moisturizing? Will have to check it out :)


  • Kassandra Fairhall

    hahah it does look like a lip product at first

  • Emily

    I think Almay made lipsticks that had that outer ring! I remember buying one and thinking it didn't do much, haha... but it's a way better idea for concealer! Must try!

  • Annika

    I think L'Oreal did those lipsticks in the late 90s, but the color was the outer ring and the moisturiser was the core.

  • jessica

    would you say that cle do peau is still your go-to, though?

  • Crystallography

    ah such a good find! thanks for sharing, xxx

  • Faye- Boutique Bag Lady

    I'm adding Fake Up to my wish list!

  • hellestorm

    I think the original moisturizing center core lipstick was Revlon Moon Drops. I remember seeing it (I think) back in the 80s. You can still get the Lip Conditioner.

  • Lana

    Benefit's Fake Up is definitely one of the best under eye concealers I have ever tried. It is SO moisturizing, and brightening as well. It doesn't run down your cheeks if the weather becomes hot, and it makes you look quite well rested, even if in fact, you feel like a zombie. In addition, the vitamins and oils in it make me feel like my eye cream has a new bff, they work very well together.


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