What Are Your Resolutions?

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So we’re officially a week into 2013 (!) and you know what our beauty resolutions are—and for the record, they're going great, thank you for asking—but we're wondering about yours. Did you make any? Do you believe in them? Have you broken any? WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU?

We ask because, well, we're nosy. Also because we're kind of fascinated with people's RESOLVE. If not now, when? And if not you, then who...right? Isn't that what each new year is supposed to encourage? Self-improvement. We already think you're pretty cool, but you live with yourself, so you know best where you need shaping up. Is it quitting a bad habit, encouraging a better one, or learning a new one? Cutting something out entirely or adopting something new? Is it an animal, vegetable, mineral...spiritual?

And, because we’re also resolving to be more generous (of spirit, and product, of course), whoever writes in with the best (funniest, most harrowing, most interesting, original, etc, etc) beauty resolutionwe love a good redemption tale, for starterswill get a little gift set from us featuring some beauty swag to help you to stick to yours (or, if your resolution is more abstract, just some little petits cadeaux to pep you up). Anyways, we’re all ears: comment away!


Submissions are now closed! Thank you so much for writing in, we're feeling very warm and fuzzy and impossibly inspired by you all. We'll have an update soon.

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  • Middle-England cowgirl

    Maybe just not to second guess myself this year: and to live as authentically as possible.

  • Betsy

    1. Host a dinner party (and dress the part).
    2. Quit snacking and killing meal appetite (I read French Kids Eat Everything and was convinced).
    3. Practice guitar 20 minutes every day (need to catch up with my 16 year old sister who already does those August Rush slap pieces).
    4. Visit one new state (I'm thinking North Carolina).
    5. Find a signature stationary.
    6. Stop cutting my own hair (and, consequentially, grow at my last attempt at bangs).


      North Carolina is pretty awesome :)

  • http://www.peppermintsandpixiedust.blogspot.com/ Maria Larsen

    Ooh, mine is definitely to work out more/eat healthier. I want to be able to run a full marathon by this time next year! xo, Maria

  • Karina

    I am a person who dreams.. a little too much. I have this passion, for fashion. Yes. Unfortunately, I don't believe in myself. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know I could do it. Why can't I? If others can, then I should too. However, I doubt myself, and just procrastinate and don't get much done. I wish I had more ambition and motivation. I want to go to Parsons (I wish, but it may happen, right?). I want to study fashion design. I am currently enrolled in a photography College program (In Canada) but don't like it that much. I want to become a fashion stylist/editor/journalist/writer/blogger. I have a dream. And my dream is not to become all those things this year, it's impossible, but my goal is to somehow give myself a chance to believe in myself and step by step, get to where I want to be.

  • bluesky557

    To stop drinking soda. Um, oops? Maybe it's a gradual process...I hope.

  • http://iamturquoise.wordpress.com/ iamturquoise

    This year is the first time I am actually making resolutions. I am reading "The happiness project" by Gretchen Rubin and this has pushed me further on my mission. I've been thinking about making my life happier for a while now. I have been going through tough times in the last year or so and I think this is my chance to change and to lead my life into a happier future. I'm taking small steps like working out, improving my french and learning adobe illustrator. But more importantly the big difference is happening in my head, in my heart. I haven't yet made a list of virtues I want to cultivate in myself, I want to finish reading the book first. But even while I'm in the process of thinking about this, I realise I am living each day on a happier note. And this I think is valuable.

    Anyway, for those who want to take the same path I'd advice this book :) It's Gretchen's story, but we can all related to it, one way or another:)


  • Kinga Binkowska

    Stop checking ITG' page 5 times a day.. (4 would be perfectly enough :D)

  • Kinga

    and start using a lash curler without being afraid that i'm going to pull out my eyelashes brrr well anything can happen to me!

  • Lizzieb

    To try to find calm during my morning subway commute instead of anger and resentment like last year. so far so good...

  • Christina Cupo

    Avoid the simultaneous use of a Tweezerman, a magnifying mirror and a glass of Malbec. Cara Delevingne, watch your arches. I'm coming for you...

  • disqus_TgQhPNTgSh

    I've spent most of my life worrying about how my choices affect everyone else and making sure I don't step on anyone's toes, especially my mum's because she's quite sensitive, she has health problems and she relies on my company a lot to pick her up out of the blues.

    After 26 years, it's time for me to grow up and leave the nest and find my own happiness. As much as I'm scared about how my move (to London, half way across the world no less!) will affect her, I've finally put what I need over what she needs (and the box my family would prefer I live in). It's been an incredibly hard decision to stick to but I know I will have the space I need to explore who I really am and create an environment around me not saturated in depression. I hope it gives me the courage to do new things and to be kinder to myself and others. Years of being someone else's emotional support has worn me down and left me running on empty.

    I think my being there has been harmful rather than helpful to my mum, since I'm around to make any situation or difficult relationships bearable I feel I'm enabling her to keep a cycle going where she doesn't have to make a decision to change her life. I hope she chooses to take control of her life and make steps toward changing her future.

    This year I simply want to be happier and make friends who will be healthy influence on my life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lauren.ianuzi Lauren Ianuzi

    drink more water, eat less processed foods, ALWAYS take off my makeup no matter how tired I am, and convince myself that the more expensive beauty product sometimes IS worth it

    • http://www.facebook.com/lyz.mancini Lyz Mancini

      Ha, hello Lauren Ianuzi!

  • Allison

    To ready the bylines.. free shipping doesn't equal free shipping with your online purchase of $100 or more! I need to start saving and spending like an adult

  • http://www.dressmonsta.com/ Daul Be

    My resolution for this year is to have/maintain baby soft glowing skin all year round! This one resulted in eating more greens, get a good cleanse after a long day and slather on moisturizer like a maniac. So far so good! Now all I need is a beauty swag from ITG to make it BETTER!!!

  • Cathy

    Unfortunately, my resolution is diet and health oriented like many other people. I have decided to decrease my overall sugar intake, which will difficult considering my roommates' penchant for backing delicious treats every week. But for the first week of the new year: so far, so good.

  • Ali

    Merry New Years! My resolution is to make the little things a BIGGER priority. While putting on the daily "face" is important for us to feel better going about our day, smaller, less noticeable beauty regimens should be just as a necessity. Things like... getting manicures/pedicures regularly, expanding my signature jewelry collection that I can pass on to my kids, hair trims, facials to keep my skin up to par, and facial waxing- well, you know why! All these little things add up to create a bigger picture. It's not just about the full face of makeup that makes a person feel happier or better about themselves. It's about the small little details that some people may not see, but you do.

    To the little things in life! Cheers... xo


  • Charlotte

    Well, my beauty resolution for this new year is to keep quitting smoking. It's already been a month (I'm all for taking new year's resolutions in advance) and my skin (and my body) says thank you every day! Although I must say that as French girl living in Paris, quitting smoking there is absolute hell:
    I am sitting at a café, drinking coffee and people are literally blowing smoke in my face.
    Or I'm drinking wine with friends in a bar one minute and the other I'm all alone in the bar, my friends all heading outside for a smoke...

    But they won't bring me down ! I believe in myself and I know I will make it! :)

  • EmmaB

    This year I'm going to graduate from FIT and finally fulfill my lifelong dream of moving to Germany to live. :)

  • Ava Burke

    My number one resolution is to finally FINALLY get my finicky, pale, breakout-prone, sensitive-as-heck skin to calm down and stop having to wear foundation every damn day. I also want to drink more water (I've always been the WORST at remembering to drink water, even though I know how important it is), to keep myself in the really good shape I got myself in over the past year--minus the three-week post-graduation trip to Europe during which I ate and drank ALL OF THE THINGS, which we just won't talk about, shall we?--and, lastly, to start training myself to run and grow to actually love running...

  • jordan jordan

    I purchased a mini Cuisinart food processor so I can make chop salads, which will maybe FINALLY help me meet my resolution to eat more veggies. Chopped salads are so much "meatier" (haha) than having meals of just leaves. And another resolution is to take appearances a little less seriously and have a little more fun. Thus, blue eye shadow has entered my life. It's the little things. :)

  • sarah
  • RickPerry

    I'm resolving to stop buying stuff manufactured in China.

    • StellaP

      For me, it's resolving to stop buying any products that are tested on animals! But I think we're kind of on the same page, since China REQUIRES companies to test on animals for any cosmetic stuff. Hope it all goes well for you, I think your resolutions a lot tougher!


  • http://twitter.com/Icarias1 Icaria

    Healthwise, better diet, loose a little weight. Beautywise, have my hair cut more often & my nails manicured.

  • Wendy

    To appreciate and accentuate what I have. I just turned 43 and want to embrace the beauty of aging. Although it is easy to identify a new wrinkle or a dark spot that didn't seem to be there yesterday, I will resolve to identify what I like about myself and accentuate the positive.

  • Nancy

    2013 is going to be a year of change for me. In a couple of months I'm graduating college and hopefully (cross my fingers!) I will be moving to NYC to start my career in fashion. With moving to a large city and ending the only career I've known since a child, I hope that I can replace whatever fears I have of the unknown with curiosity. In the words of the late Steve Jobs, I hope to "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" throughout the year of 2013 and never settle until I obtain my aspirations and dreams.

  • http://www.katesouth.com/ KateSouth

    I have a few things 1) use up all my products before buying more - my shelves are overflowing...2) learn French 3) do something physical at least 3 times a week 4) drink at least 4 cups of water (sad, I know)

  • Claretta

    The plan is to stop putting soya milk in my tea (I drink A LOT of tea) and switch it for something that is also not cows' milk; not for any other reason than I can't stand the taste of cows' milk and that's why I switched to soya milk years ago. After reading up on it I now discover processed soya is an endocrine disruptor, which is probably not so good what with me having an endocrinological disease. I'm so used to having soya and the taste of it that this will be a really hard habit to break.

    The second thing is to continue building up an amazing lingerie wardrobe and weed out anything that's not 100% fantastic and beautiful. There will never be a 5 pack of boring underwear in my life again. Such a hard resolution to keep, I've already bought 3 new sets this year, it was torture.

    I really want to go for a run - just once. If I can make myself do it once I will be really proud.

  • Tess

    i have a lot Big Grown-up Life Events this year - moving to a new city to move in with my boyfriend, wrapping up graduate school, and (hopefully) finding a teaching job. my resolution is to work on my anxiety about all of that - to find the happy in every new step, and hang onto that happy while kicking out the unnecessary worries. as far as that relates to beauty resolutions, i'll be rocking more bold lips and fun nails to show my happiness, and working out to destress.

  • Natalie Morgan

    2013 is my opportunity to get a good skin / body & haircare routine going on!

    More of my Beauty Resolutions for 2013 are posted here: nlmorgan.blogspot.co.uk


  • Erica

    For 2013, I am going to work on being much more open! Open to new opportunities, open to new people, and open to new things. I'll be graduating high school, and entering college in 2013, so I'm going to have a move away from home, meet new people, and be open to life's changes!

    For beauty, I want to do the same thing. I think sometimes I got comfortable wearing the same clothes, using the same products, etc. because they were what I was used to, and what I knew worked. But, I feel like I really should push myself to try new things and not care at all what others may think, and just have fun and try out new things!

  • http://www.facebook.com/xoxo.ef Erin Frye

    I went through a bad break up in 2012 and decided I wanted to change my look. I was going to go RED! Unfortunately for my hair, when I make decisions I want them to happen immediately...and lets just say my almost black box dyed hair was not ready to go the strawberry blonde hue that I imagined as quickly as my Veruca Salt attitude wanted it. But, did that stop me? Of course not.

    This decision took me on a hair adventure that was far from the transformation to Emma Stone gorgeous I had pictured. I went to a local salon a friend recommended and told her to take me red. Over the next 3 hours I watched as she placed FIRE ENGINE RED HIGHLIGHTS into my practically BLACK hair. "Goth" was not the look I was going for, so 90s. However, I wasn't brave enough to ask for my money back, or scream at her for being an idiot and ruining everything like ever that mattered in my life, ever (which were my current thoughts), so I paid her and left. I drove home in tears and put on a baseball cap immediately. But not before I made an appointment at another salon the next day.

    One bad hair appointment, big deal right? Cue bad hair appointment number two, the next day. I was stuck on the beautiful red I imagined so at the next salon, I took off my cap and told the stylist to fix the mess into one beautiful red shade. She told me the only way was to bleach it. Bleach ALL of it. Once again in my need it now attitude, I gave her the go ahead.


    The bleach was on my hair for a good 30 minutes? Fried. I must admit the color did turn out pretty, it was what I had asked for, but my hair has never felt the same. Not to mention I was a broke college student so just a month later when the roots grew in, I box dyed it back brown. A few months later I began the transition to blonde. And I won't even go in to that fiasco.

    Bottom line, in 2013, it's time to let it go. I am beautiful with my naturally light brown hair, and I'm going to stay that way. I vow to not touch ANY dye for the entire year, and embrace the pretty natural color I haven't seen in so long. With lots of serums, creams, and hair masks to help me along the way!

  • Alexandra

    My LIFE resolution is learning how to do an upside down French braid bun....

  • Julianna

    Let's be honest... Everyone's New Years resolution, beauty related or not, is always to lose weight, eat healthier, blah blah. Here's an idea. Eat the cookie, enjoy it. Just don't eat the whole damn bag. Looking good is about feeling good and accepting yourself. So instead of worrying about going from a size 4 to a size 2 in hopes of looking like Freja,(I need to get over it I have boobs and eat dessert it'll never happen) I'm resolving to calm the fuck down. I'm going eat dessert, buy a serum entirely for the ridiculously small patch of skin under my eyes because of i don't want to end up looking like a Tim Burton character in the coming years, and of course, because you taught me to care ITG! I'm not going to keep myself up at night worrying about finding a job because i graduated 5 seconds ago, and wondering whether or not dragging garment bags down 7th avenue was worth doing for free. I will wear burgundy lipstick knowing it's chic, and ignoring the fact that my boyfriend thinks I look like Marilyn Manson. I'm taking the hippy dippy route and facing things as they come, with M&Ms in hand and glycol lactic mask on face (which I am vowing to use once a week this year.) And trusting myself enough to not worry my life into a stomach ulcer.

    X Julianna

    • http://twitter.com/blakeknees Jenn Blakes

      Well, you don't have to worry about becoming more awesome this year because, girl, you are winning. I am on the exact same page as you, except I have a propensity for black eyeliner all around my eyes, which my boyfriend has affectionately dubbed "racoon eyes". He thinks I resemble a hot mess when I leave the apartment at 7:30am, but I think I just look hot, so, yolo and shit.

      • Katie

        Nothing wrong with a bit of racoon eyes - I believe it adds to our mystique, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Sophie

    1. Get into college (preferably NYU)
    2. Stop releasing the anger I have from all my school work onto my family.
    3. Stop eating Tostitos.
    4. Find my perfect red lip.
    5. Build up my blog.

    That pretty much sums up my 2013! xx


  • Lindsie Velasquez Dale

    Happy 2013 IntoTheGloss!! Lets do something different! Revitalizing, if you will, refreshing! So far I've tried acupuncture, seen a chiropractor, and got an eye exam and its only the 7th. Taking care of myself in a whole nother way! Getting into shape with hopefully less than 15% body fat and will get more active in my volunteering duties. I can feel the goodness, just praying it doesn't wear off!

  • http://www.style-abuse.blogspot.com/ Marcia

    One of my new year's resolution is watch 250 films, new and old. I've always been really into cinema but I kept rewatching the same thing, so this could be fun.

  • rhodawong

    i didn't write down my resolutions but in my mind, i want to practice yoga more often, be able to do a headstand and handstand. And also the regular, get fit (abs!), and to get good grades!


  • http://www.facebook.com/lyz.mancini Lyz Mancini

    I resolve to cultivate my personal style, and not to hold onto anything that doesn't scream "me." Also to be nicer to myself in general.

  • Margaret

    There's an overall theme of 'Stop Procrastinating" to my resolutions, which include: clean the apartment more frequently (did it yesterday...Boom!), use the juicer that I bought 8 months ago and have yet to use (although I did dust it off yesterday when said cleaning occurred), take more photographs with the beautiful camera that I received for x-mas 2011 (also unused, also recently dusted), wash my face and floss every night, AND the mother of all of them, finally paint my wonderful sister the two paintings that I owe her.

    You see, when I was in my last year of studying chemical engineering (2008-2009) I had about 20 minutes of free time per week, which did not allow for me to have a part-time job to earn any moolah (as I used it for sleep or drinking). So, being quite a good artist, I gave my sister a blank canvas for Christmas with the promise that once I graduated I would paint her something lovely. She loved the idea because she assumed I would follow through on it, however based on my past behavior (see above resolutions), she should have known that I would procrastinate, so really, it's kind of on her.....Anyway, it has been four (4!!) years and I am terrible and have not painted her anything, thus I now owe her two paintings to make up for the delay.

    The worst/best part of the story is that for my x-mas present that year, she gave me a ticket to go with her anywhere in the world!! Yes, anywhere in the world. We went to Egypt for my spring break, during which we climbed into pyramids, toured Cairo (loved the crazy taxi drivers), spent a beautiful week at the Meridian in Dahab, went snorkeling in the Red Sea, and climbed Mt. Sinai to watch the sunset.

    So, perhaps, my resolution should really be "Be a Better Sister"

    • Margaret

      A beauty related side-note to the story above is that the note that informed me of my incredible gift was rolled upside a box of Dior Blackout mascara (mascara included), which both my sister and I use religiously.

    • http://twitter.com/FrancesDR Frances Donegan-Ryan

      I still love you - but can't wait to hang my new paintings up!

  • http://fairytalesandcoffee.wordpress.com/ fairytalesandcoffee

    Tons of typical resolutions, but my number 1 for 2013 is generating "insta" relationships out of thin air, by networking my ass off into the career I want, rather than settling for one I don't.

  • Princess Rosebud

    My New Years resolution is to be a beautiful woman from the inside out. To nurture my inner spirit and take care of my body by eating healthy and exercising. To not obsess about my weight. By becoming the woman I envision myself to be I believe I will be more able to help others.

  • http://twitter.com/FrancesDR Frances Donegan-Ryan

    Well I have yet to sit down, with the lovely new journal I picked up at Anthropology, and pen my resolutions but I'm taking inspiration from my sister - see below the comment from "Margaret" because I win if she success in her resolutions!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stelladallas Alice Dennard

    I love resolutions too! My friends and I start a little email thread every year proclaiming that "this is it! this is THE year..." (Sometimes it's detrimental- last year in the name of "resolutions" me and a big glass of gin called an ex bf.)

    So here are the few things I decided would make 2013 the best year since I turned 11 and could start dying my hair...

    - Grow my bob out long enough to have a subtle beehive for my birthday, then chop it all off again.
    - Take a cue from my cat and whenever anyone bothers me simply slink off and go lay in the sun.
    - Wash my make up brushes more often (great minds!)

    - Pay my bills on time and not just when I get a nasty colored piece of mail from them.
    - Sleep on better pillows. I'm pretty sure this is the one that will change 2013. I imagine the very fluffy and fancy looking bed I'll have come next month where I sleep like a queen instead of waking up like a gargoyle with various cricks and stiff muscles.

    Happy New Year!

  • Emily Kate Dessem

    In 2012 I had an accident that kept me home for two months. I was overwhelmed by the way my family, friends, and coworkers came through and took car of me. This year I want to return the favor and give back to others. Its a resolution I hope to keep for the rest of my life.

  • Steph

    Embrace the improvisor in me is definitely on the top of my resolutions list. After getting a taste of the improv comedy world was as an escape from the PR world, I can't get enough. That being said, 2013 is the year of improv and getting better at it.

    Besides that, definitey a room redesign. Now that I'm 1.5 years into living in the same apartment, it's probably time to accept the fact that I may be here for another year and should make the most of the space.

  • Haley Bott

    For the last four years, I've been dealing with an autoimmune disease and didn't realize how angry I've been about it. It's understandable, but it's also been a big catalyst in attempting to change the way I think and act. With that in mind, I've been building up a fairly extensive list of 2013 Intentions.

    1. Recognize my emotions (good and "bad") and learn to ride them and take them as they come...
    2. ...but also understand that I always have a choice in what I do and say, even if not in the way my immune system treats me.
    3. Stop fussing and let go of things I can't control.
    4. Practice yoga everyday (I use Yogaglo.com b/c I'm a student and also it's great).
    5. Be kinder to people.
    6. Read and write more (not just for my Lit classes!)
    7. Exfoliate and use sunscreen.
    8. Cultivate personal relationships by making time for others.
    9. Take time for myself.
    10. Listen to more classical music.
    11. Ride my bike more than the bus.
    12. Eat more vegetables (no-brainer here).
    13. Get rid of all or most of my clothing and stuff so that I can study abroad without any crap weighing me down.
    14. Save as much money as I can (which kind of goes with 13: no acquisitions, more traveling).
    15. Experience the world as a part of the universe, not merely an observer.

    16. Learn to play banjo

  • http://twitter.com/blakeknees Jenn Blakes

    My resolutions this year are going to differ from one's past because now I'm choosing ones that relieve pressure, rather than laying it on thick. I'm going to have to be 100% honest with myself, that no matter how often I start Shaun T's 60 day Insanity boot camp, I'm going to puss out after 2 weeks. Instead I'm going to walk more, a la "French Women Don't Get Fat", because it's my LIVE YO LIFE book du jour, oui oui. 45 minute walk to work? Bring it on. And I'm not going to say no to a delicious meal because "it isn't paleo". Cooking school has taught me to love food too much to see it solely as fuel. My world will not go to shambles if I eat pasta or croissants a few times a month. The more you make something taboo, the more you're going to inhale it like a snake eating a mouse - not cute.

    The only rule I'm going to enforce is to write something new every day (after all, I am an "aspiring" copywriter) and to read at least 5 chapters of a book a day.

  • Patrick

    My resolution is to wear the amazing 6 inch stiletto Givenchy booties I bought in late December out in public with reckless abandon!!! This will take a lot of confidence as I am a twenty year old young man, but confidence is a gift I've been trying very hard to give myself lately so I'm not worried ;)

    • freudianslippers

      SO SWAG. You'd be surprised how many people will compliment you if you rock those booties. Thumbs up dude!!!

  • blackcatwildfox

    my new years resolution is to read the news more, get a 3.67 gpa which will get me on the dean's list, and just enjoy the little things a little more!

  • Tasha Sumatra

    I want all of my closets/shelves/drawers/etc to be clean and organized enough that I wouldn't mind a guest poking her nose into them. This means I have to sell a lot of shit on craigslist.

    Also, more orgasms. Not that I didn't have enough before, but more is good, right?

  • Sandy Young

    The Responsible Revolution (13 Resolutions for 2013)


    1. Glowing Skin:
    invest in monthly at-home facials (REN glycolic peel, Dermalogica moisture mask,
    BLISS oxygen mask), and a spa treatment each season.

    2. Little Luxuries:
    little treats to pamper and de-stress—cuticle oil, Molton Brown shower gels,
    Philip B. Peppermint and Avocado shampoo, L’occitane almond shower oil, By
    Terry Baume de rose.

    3. Less is more:
    don’t overload on serums and products, streamline and customize the perfect
    skincare routine. Target one thing at a time (don’t try to attack pores, zits,
    and dryness all at once). Current routine: Sisley Milk Cleanser and Rosewater
    Toner, Lancome Visionnaire, Creme de la mer soft cream & eye balm.


    4. Minimalist Trend:
    Beauty challenge of wearing less than 3 items on a daily basis & letting
    skin breathe (YSL touché éclat, NARS Douceur blush and alternate between Tom
    Ford Sable Smoke / Burberry Blueberry Lip Mist)

    5. Create a beauty look book:
    balance between developing a signature go-to look (winged liner, clean face,
    nude or bold lip); and having fun with updating makeup wardrobe with seasonal items (hello CHANEL Spring 2013!)

    6. Beauty is Art:
    Master the art of contouring cheekbones with CHANEL Notorious, how to apply
    false lashes in under 30 seconds and perfecting the no-makeup makeup look.


    7. Gym:
    x3 weekly (find a work out buddy for accountability; make new indie-electronic
    playlists for incentives)

    8. Healthy eating:
    Not just counting calories, but incorporating organic, whole foods. (Indulgence
    in the occasional Laduree macaron is permissible; guilt is allayed by
    aforementioned gym routine).

    9. Green Tea > Caffeine

    10. Go to bed earlier:
    combat insomnia with a pampering routine of lavender essential oils and L’occitane
    shea butter hand creams. Shut down iphone and laptop an hour before bed. Worry
    less; be happy.


    11. Let it go:
    ‘friends’ who make you think gossip girl actually exists, men who won’t commit (but
    who won’t let you go either). You can’t change others, but you can forgive,
    grow and learn to cut off people who made 2012 miserable and live well in 2013
    (which really is the best revenge).

    12. Read one book / month (starting with Tolstoy’s 'Anna Karenina'; Learn French (trip to Paris next summer!)

    13. Learn to find joy in all circumstances.

    • Emelsin

      VERY NICE!

  • Katie

    I was good, and wrote them on my blog (www.katieneedsajob.blogspot.com/) which I will not ignore like I have for the past two months. Granted, it was because I had a bit of a breakdown because I appear to be unemployable, but I need to also learn that sharing is sometimes good for you. Also so is taking your makeup off at night. And drinking less cocktails (may have failed on that one already!).

    But my main resolution is to stick to what makes me happy. Having moved from a big city to a small city, little things I didn't see as a big deal style-wise (love a bright lip, like to dress depending on eras when I'm in the mood, tendency towards Bette Lynch style coats and daytime heels) doesn't translate well in an environment where everyone else is wearing Hollister and hoodies. Normally I would conform to what everyone else is doing, but I'm going to take a leaf from the great Dita post and keep making my ridiculous style statements. Probably while drinking gin.

  • Alice

    My resolution this year is to stop spending exorbitant amounts of money on makeup that I cannot afford on a student budget. I’ve always been fascinated with makeup and skincare (duh, that’s why I'm on this blog) but my addictions really peaked in college when I stumbled upon a slew of makeup review blogs and basically ended up buying everything I’ve read about. At the worst point, I was spending over $2,000 a month on high-end makeup over a single month. It started with Chanel glossimers, and once you pass the hump of paying $30 for a lipgloss, spending $70 on concealers feels like nothing...

    Every time I walk into a drug store, I leave with another tube of lip-stick, nail-polish, mascara, you name it. I also once drove to the local mall every single day over the course of two weeks to buy/return/rebuy products. When I visited NYC a couple of years ago, I dragged a group of ten others (mostly guys) into Bergdorf Goodman and made them wait while I tried on every pink shade of Paul & Joe lipstick.

    The worst thing about my make-up buying habit is that I hardly use any of the products I buy. At the current moment, I have at least 8 tubes of glossimers and 4 tubes of chantecaille's brilliant gloss, countless MAC eyeshadows, all the Cle de Peau quad eyeshadows, each used probably less than 5 times total. Last year, I signed myself up for Birchbox in hopes of tricking myself into believing that I will have shiny new toys to play with every month and that I don’t always have to drop a ton of cash at every Nordstrom/Sephora/Neiman Marcus/Barneys NY I pass. That plan didn’t work so well for all the seasonal items with Limited Edition tags and I still ended up spending about $1,000 this year on makeup products.

    All of this on my parent's bank account, with my mom working two jobs to support the family, and my horrid spending habits.

    So this year as I am about to graduate, I will curb the uncontrollable beauty habits, start a budget, and attempt to live and spend like the responsible adult I try to be in all other areas of my life.

    Wow, this is actually quite depressing. I will craw into a dark hole somewhere and attempt to cry cash into my bank account, or, quit school and get a real job.

    • leslie

      girl. i'm at a similar age/situation--except with clothes--and I won't even go into the worst of it. when you get to a point of utter terror--if that means llterally selling your shit for cash to eat, or an especially vivid nightmare (my mom breaking my kombucha tea-packed fridge. THE HORROR)--your survival instincts will kick in.

      we're both gonna be okay. (as well as the other 800 ladies nodding their heads as they read this.) resolve to trust your gut this year!! ;)

  • Maria

    Emily, we miss the TopShelf, and actually starting to panic that there won't be any more Top Shelves! Please bring it back! :D

  • almoda

    Getting out of my comfort zone more often, and eating more fruits and veggies!


  • Lena

    this year im going to 'do' more. i want to live life so that i feel each moment as opposed to watching them go by. im going to work hard play hard and wear tons of mascara and have the best skin and the best hair and get A+'s.

  • Sarah

    Gawd, I just loved reading these comments. I had kind of a crazy 2012. I turned 31, went through a break-up, had a failed crush on an eccentric astronomer, took a leave of absence from work/school in Vermont, and moved to Japan to teach English for the year. I only knew three words. It's been intense. I've been in a bit of a fog.

    Sooooooooo, I would also like to CONNECT in 2013.

    To friends & family: Send more postcards. I know they are my favorite kind of mail.

    To myself: Do a little yoga everyday. Even if it's just a savasana. Stop drinking Diet Coke. Buy gorgeous new underwear. Flirt. You guys, I spent 2012 dateless.

    To Japan: FINALLY learn hiragana and katakana. Visit Kyoto. Make okonomiyaki. Experiment with Japanese make-up. Not Being literate has hindered my buying ability.

    To blogs: Actually comment on the ones I read!

    • http://twitter.com/laurenqn Lauren Nguyen

      I fully support you on your okonomiyaki quest! I taught myself how to make it last year, it's actually pretty simple! The trick is to get nagaimo to grate into the batter. My boyfriend also lived in Japan teaching English, and okonomiyaki is his favorite food in the world, and he's confirmed that my okonomiyaki tastes like it does in Japan! If I can make it having never been to Japan, I'm sure you can!

  • Mama Racha

    Last year I vowed to give up chocolate, to which I say: hahaHAHahaHAHaha.
    *throws back a handful of Reese's Pieces*

    This year I vow to love myself more.

    I'm seeing it as a kind of journey.

    Even if it only amounts to the tiniest increase by the end of 2013, it doesn't matter. More is more.

    A little added self-love will change my mindset, my attitude, my outlook, my relationships, my mind, my body, my emotions, and my heart. All for the better.

    It'll open me up to my self and my world, and open others up to me.

    I'm giving myself the chance to get to know me better, and honestly, I'm excited!

    ...actually, that's how I know it's going to work. :) xx

  • http://twitter.com/vackert Isabel

    For this year I'm not going to do any resolutions, instead I'm setting up a theme. So my theme for 2013 will be "Ambition" because I think I've been lacking it the last couple of years. I'm hoping with that in mind I will be better on taking charge and make my ideas come true. But mostly, finally find a job.

  • Jenn

    This year I'm FINALLY going to start listening to my body and taking care of it like I should have always been.

    - Drink less alcohol (because as a 23-year old, most of us will say "why, YES, I'll have another margarita") and drink more water/green tea
    - Take my makeup off before I go to sleep (majorly guilty of not doing this when I agree to more margs)
    - Listen when my body tells me something feels "off"
    - Successfully train sans injuries for the Boston Marathon and run it for the Boston Bruins Foundation this April :)

  • Lu

    I have long felt like mainstream popular culture teaches girls to be catty, competitive with one another, and to subtly undermine other females, especially strong, beautiful, and empowered women.

    My resolution for 2013 is to make active effort to turn this image of contemporary femininity on its head: I will seek out strong, beautiful, and empowered women I admire and learn from them, and make an active effort to meet and befriend them. I won't undermine other females just to feel better about myself.

    It can start with giving my girlfriend a genuine compliment...not because she got a new haircut but because I admire that she has the lady-balls to wear bold bangs. I admire that she doesn't tie the up-and-down results of experimentation with beauty to her self worth. I appreciate that ITG encourages this kind of free experimentation: models cutting their own hair, encouraging readers to try out bold lipstick colors, spoiling ourselves...aaaah, LOVE IT READ IT EVERY DAY NEED IT!

    Many of the special women who inspire me are older than the 25-year-old me (Diane von Furstenberg, Jane Fonda, Hillary (Magic) Clinton, my dissertation adviser, or my now-gone great grandmother) and I vow not to overlook the advice they have imparted on me just because we come from different generations. And, crucially, many of these special women are anonymous, doing creative and political work in countries where women don't get a voice, and I vow to read about these invisible heroines as much as I can (l just read a recent New Yorker article about a semi-underground women-only theater in Turkey).

    This is my only resolution for 2013 but I'll make it count!

    • Erica

      I would highly recommend you watch episodes of Amanda de Cadenet's The Conversation! You can look up her website or see her episodes on Hulu. She speaks about being a woman and topics with it with DVF, Jane Fonda, Gwyneth Paltrow, among others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gina-Montaleone/14814063 Gina Montaleone

    I am not the "resolution" type, and I think the way some people approach them almost sets themselves up for failure from the start. I love my Paleo lifestyle but I will not say I resolve to eat that way for 365 days in 2013. It's not realistic and I know I would fail. Instead I write intentions for the year as well as make plans that can be checked off lists (I love lists) and set goals. I have many intentions, plans, and goals for myself but here is an example of each...
    INTENTION: Laugh Daily
    PLAN: Add Yoga 1x a week into my Crossfit routine
    GOAL: Accomplish my first Muscle Up!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKcnpJSAsbo)
    Thanks for being my go-to AM read. I love everything about ITG!

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.schnol Janet Schnol

    I will not work too much. I will not. You see, I work at an animal shelter. Their little faces look up at you and there's always more you can do. Through the horrors that we see, it's their resilience and capacity to love that gets me every time. It's why I'm compelled to work too much.

    I resolve--again--to take more time for me, my friends and family. To make the time to put mascara on with my scrubs. And, finally, maybe even go on a date.

  • Kate

    You could say an unintentional "cleanse" of sorts took care of my resolution to get back to my fighting weight in 2013 (within the first 7 days no less!) - and I've had to go back to the resolution drawing board. (Remember in The Devil Wears Prada when Emily Blunt, low on blood sugar and high on cheese cubes, tells Anne Hathaway she's "just one stomach flu away from my goal weight!"? Yeah... that. The flu detox, I do not recommend it.)

    After briefy considering taking up a new hobby (current hobbies include: eating, drinking) and realizing I'm just not the hobby type (Swimming? Hate being cold and wet. Biking? Too accident prone. Camping? HA!), I decided it's time to put off procrastinating and start doing all those things that the great beauties - Iman and Christy and Linda and Cindy and friends - tell us are the secret but I've just never done. Eat right (less sour cherry blasters, more actual cherries), drink more water (whiskey and waters, no matter what I may wish, just do not count), get more sleep (do I really need to stay up until midnight watching the Hugh Grant marathon on Bravo?), be dilligent about cleansing and moisturizing (Bioderma Crealine is great for removing the makeup, but who am I kidding - it can't be called "washing my face"), exercise regularly (dancing to Rhianna at 2am to work off my pizza dinner with a whiskey and water in my hand? Fun, breaks multiple resolutions... but it's not pilates).

    My resolution? To look great when I'm 45. I'm playing the long game with this one.

  • http://www.anarrangementofnotes.wordpress.com/ sopheekay

    My resolution is to take control of my beauty from the inside out. I want to feel better about the way I look by practicing a bit more positive thinking (always a struggle for gals). I'm also going to eat cleaner, snack on fresh food and cook some lightweight meals to make me feel healthier. I want to re-start yoga to cleanse my mind. I'm also aiming to drink 2l of water a day to keep me feeling cleansed and perk up my skin. Beautiful.

  • Belle

    My resolution this year is beautifully penned in my diary as "Sort my life out!"
    I am in the last year of a Chemistry degree and I've just started to freak out over what the hell I am going to do once I have finished.
    By the end of the year I aim to be doing something I love, or be doing my absolute utmost to get there.

    As an aside, I also aim to go out MORE. Haha. Not your typical "I'm cutting out all the crap and living a healthier life" resolution. I'm young, at university and I want my last year to be memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Kat

    I'm working on not getting stuck! Which, to me, means allowing myself to find things difficult, even when I know they're not. Like calling up that old friend/send out emails for job and home opportunities/open unpleasant looking mail, sleep properly, etc. All stuff that needs doing, and makes me happier in the long run (depending on actual letter content/email replies, obvs, but theoretically!). And realistically, these are all so simple to do, but I think it is difficult as hell. Allowing myself to think that allows me to feel proud when I get it done - a more effective reward system than being ashamed of being such an ineffective mess. So; higher self tolerance, and brighter lipstick - even if it makes me look weird. I'm going to look weird if I want to, and I totally do.

  • Jill

    To honor my father, who is dying from cancer. His dying has been slow and steady and given me time to think about my relationship with my family, where i am in my own life, and how I want to go forward.

    My father worked his entire life straight through to retirement and never complained. Many of those years were spent working in an un-air-conditioned shop in Phoenix, Arizona...I spent a summer working with him when I was a teenager and it was uncomfortable, to say the least in the hundred-degree temps. The year that he and my mother retired, he was diagnosed with both prostate and bladder cancer. He had surgery, but the prostate cancer was already Stage IV, incurable.

    As the cancer's hold on him has grown, true to form, Dad's never complained. He's taken each change for the worse as practically as he's approached everything else in life. It spread to his bones, and eventually ate away at his spine. He spent a year in a wheelchair. Now he's on hospice care.

    During this time, I left my unsatisfying corporate job and began working for myself. I design and fabricate jewelry, and the actual work is bit messy, a little gritty; most days I'm wearing a work apron and not looking glam in the least. But I think about the kind of messy, dirty work my father did for years. Quality work, made to last. The end results were always beautiful, and he delivered them to ecstatically happy customers.

    I'm not restoring and reupholstering furniture, but I'm designing jewelry that has personal meaning for my own customers. My actual work happens in a studio that's turned out much like my dad's shop: gritty. Dusty. Messy. I am a shop girl and like my father before me, quite happy to be one. It's the best way I can think of to continue my dad's legacy.

  • Anne

    The idea of a resolution is wonderful. It helps inspire us to really think about what we want from ourselves, our family/friends, relationships, career, health etc. However, ENACTING that change is where it gets tricky. Regardless of whether you achieve what you set out to do, the act of self discovery and self refelction is initself extremely important.

    With that being said, I have a few resolutions of my own. Whether or not I will achieve them is yet to be seen, but I'll definitely be putting in a ton of effort into doing so!

    i) Run a half marathon - not only for the health benefits and challenge, but for the mental benefits. How amazing does it feel to finish something that at first seems like a daunting challenge? Also, what sort of amazing ideas/reveletations/inspirations come to mind when spending hours upon hours training?

    ii) Enjoy wine more by drinking less - this seems ironic doesn't it? but how many times have any of you come home and out of habit poured yourself a glass of wine, drank it, refilled and repeat and hardly tasted it? Hello Friday!! I resolve to embrace my love of wine, but appreciate it far more by savouring it. There will be times when I may drink my trusted Pinot with reckless abandon, but i pledge to have less of those evenings. Also, from the beauty perspective, there are some things serums and creams cannot fix, and hangover bags and skin is one of them!

    iii) Building my legacy for now and the future - first step in ensuring the legacy i leave behind in my career and in my relationships is to be comfortable being me. Making mistakes, saying the wrong thing, hurting someone you love, missing an opportunity, flubbing your pitch in a client meeting...this is life. Its okay not to be perfect. I resolve to get more comfortable being imperfect and spending more time enjoying the wonderful things i'm surrounded with.

    A bit of a spiritual journey, but i'll be sure to do it all while leveraging intothegloss reccos. After all, if you look good you feel good, or is it if you feel good you look good? Either way, its going to be a kick ass 2013!

  • Stella

    My resolutions are somewhat typical – the reason I’m chiming in is because one week into the New Year they are still standing strong! A personal best! Usually at this time of the year I am postponing my resolutions to begin February 1 and so the pattern goes. At this rate who knows what will happen! The goal of course is to be skinny, rich and smarter by this time 2014.

    -I’ve been kicking butt on my ‘diet’ – pants are looser and watch doesn’t fit as well which I take to mean that I lose weight in my wrists (awesome?) and the BF and me have done some variation of jogging every night!

    -I’ve implemented a forced savings plan with automatic withdrawals from my checking account - $5/day a huge sum compared to the zero $$ in the savings account that I opened 4 years ago.

    -I have already read 1.5 books that were not assigned by a professor – again serious improvement.

    -I am giving more – again automatic payments (very small) from my checking account to four really worthwhile organizations.

    I suggest we check back in March and see what has
    happened =D

  • Samantha Small

    I thought I stood a chance at winning, and then I read about the girl with the autoimmune disease. So there goes that.

    But anyways, my resolution is to like the choices I make. We spend enough time thinking about what we could have done or what we should be doing. It's such a waste of energy. Being able to be confident (and happy) with the decisions that you make as an individual is such an attractive quality.

    Also: I'm never plucking my eyebrows again. Because that shit does NOT grow back without a fight.

  • Sarah M

    I've just moved to a new area and although I'm at University most of the time, I live at home in the holidays still. My resolution is to have made two good friends by the end of the year, and by 'good' I mean I could call them up and ask them to hang out and it wouldn't be weird.

    This may not seem like a difficult resolution to fulfil but I'm not very good at making friends, especially not long-term friends. So I think it will be suitably challenging for me. Especially since it's actually quite difficult to make friends when you are neither at school or working.

  • Loni

    My over arching goal for 2013 is to not commit absolutely to committing to anything. I feel like every month, week or day I commit to making huge absolute changes and it never happens, I never change, I fall back into bad habits. But this year, I'm committing to small, not absolute changes, just tweaks, totally doable tweaks. And they include: 1) quit smoking (finally), no social smoking either, its bad for you skin and I am diabetic so its even worse for me health wise (so far its been three days!), 2) kick the diet coke habit, its gross and its so bad for me, its all just chemicals, replace with something else less hazardous (no commitment to a replacement, anything else will be just fine), 3) stop picking at my face, since I'm such a skin-o-phile I'll eventually have to pay to get these scars fixed and I rather save that future money for Botox, 4) take more vitamins (post on that later this week at http://oneproductatatime.com/) you are what you eat, so vitamins are a must especially because my skin and hair are starting to show the effects of my terrible diet, which leads me to my next resolution, 5) just eat better, more often and more things from the perimeter of the grocery store, reduce the cheese, beer and gluten intake for clearer skin and last 6) bite the bullet, stop thinking about the side effects and just take Accutane, I'll save more money on skincare products than I can imagine. I'm not even adding the gym, because that's just asking for failure, maybe number 7) should be stretch more, thats it, screw cardio. *Also I love reading everyone elses resolutions, its so inspiring and great!

  • coniglietta

    Every year I come up with a mini list of resolutions to keep, referring to it occasionally which results in me reveling in disgust or awe of what I've actually been doing. I guess it's that time again with the exception of this being more public than usual.

    In terms of fitness and exercise and overall health, I really need to break in my purple asics trainers I've barely used for the past two years. I have been/will work on this by running/walking/lunging/etc. I need to keep up with the exercise dvd I got. It's 45 minutes of pain and sweat...but it keeps me energized and aware of what my body is capable of. One of these days I'd like to take a dance class. After five years without one, I think it's finally time to start pirouette-ing again. I should visit the doctor regularly.

    Educationally, I must finish school. I have to take one more class before I can officially get my BA in linguistics. It is NECESSARY for me to do this to get closure on my higher education quest. Also, I need to keep up with all the languages I've learned (and the ones I want to learn). My French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish are not exactly perfect, but I can work on that.

    Beauty/skincare-wise, I resolve to finish all the products I have before I go all crazy buying stuff I don't need (yet). I really want to streamline the products I use, keep everything basic. All the neglected make-up I have sitting about will be used more (extreme eyes and bold lips and saturated cheeks, here I come). Also incorporate more cruelty-free and natural products into my regimen.

    Other important things: Wear everything in my closet at least once. Really edit what's there already, don't get anything new I wouldn't actually wear, and get rid of stuff I don't wear/need/that's raggedy/etc. Finish reading The Brothers Karamazov. Have internet free weekends. Spend more quality time with my cockatiels. Blog more...consistently. Battle the shyness/quietness. Explore more of L.A. Be happy.

  • Amanda

    I'd like to think my resolutions are on a better yourself from the inside-out level because I am a well-rounded person. Plus you already covered my other resolution of mastering a basic cat eye with liquid liner. Anyway, this year will consist of things like stop telling the same story at every social function just because I think it's a good one, making up more creative excuses for taking a vacation day (I will no longer be "sick" I will be "hang gliding over the corn fields with the local weather man", she won't be able to say no to that one!) and finally I will wait 30 seconds before I look up a fact I can’t remember on my
    phone and try to remember it using my brain. Like in the olden days. It's worth a shot right?

  • Cléa Owens

    - to have the courage to rock a Bold Red Lip; symbolic of generally having more courage always

    - to turn plane rides into spa-time/fiendish-moisturizing-time

    - to drink more water, mist more (rose! lavender! thermal!) water, and generally lounge by as many bodies of water as possible (while wearing/reapplying SPF of course)

    - cultivate gratitude and grace too (and love love LOVE)

    xo C

  • Mary

    Stop judging and start loving everyone.

  • julia

    Good posture. That's my beauty resolution of the year. Don't slouch.

  • Ae Geli

    My mantra for 2013 is "healthy and wealthy beauty"--not to be corny and achiever-y, but it's easier to have a "OM" to snap myself out of makeup and laziness induced stupor.

    Wealthy: My plan is to minimize makeup purchase by NOT passing by department store aisles, makeup stores etc and thereby NOT trying out items which will most likely tempt me to buy them. If this doesn't work out as well, plan B: sell makeup items I have in multiples (because, I do tend to hoard specially during trips abroad) or I have barely used.

    Healthy: I have reduced it to two concrete things: 1) drink MORE water and 2) dry body brushing because [I heard] it does wonders for the skin by increasing blood circulation and helps with constipation (but that TMI already).

  • Another anonymous reader

    I have lived long enough at this point to know all about resolutions; to know my way around them, and around and around and around. But here's one this year, different from all the ones of previous years that never stuck: this year, I resolve to stop flirting with younger men. With young men. Because all young men are younger than me. I must stop because I am married, for one (and happily). Because I have children older than most of these men, for two (and my kids would be mortified). And because, oh my gosh, what am I thinking? During an especially witty repartee with any one example of the hundreds of young guys I meet at my job where I am surrounded by them, I invariably get all flustered and blushy and smiley, which is probably not a great look for a woman of my age anyway-- one with poor teeth and crinkles around the eyes. But I also think I must come across as very undignified. So I resolve to be dignified. So there. Consider me dignified this year.

  • Kath

    To get my seborrheic dermatitis / dandruff under control. If anyone has any tips PLEASE feel free to share, it is the worst.

  • Nailed

    My resolution is to stop one of the nastiest habits I have kept with me since I was five. I remember the exact moment when it started. I was about to start my piano lesson with a woman who literally had not smiled since she was sent to an East European conservatory when she was three. I was already a bit of a stressball because I was supposed to play three pieces from memory that day, and when I looked down at my sheet music just one last time, I was horrified to find that I had forgotten to cut my nails, which now had reached past my fingertips. I knew I'd get at least a verbal assault for that infraction, so I did what any desperate five-year-old would do in such a situation: I started to chew on my fingernails as I had seen some of my peers disgustingly do. I nawed on those suckers until they were down to the quick. This was meant to be just a one time thing, but unfortunately, it became instinctual and impulsive every time I became nervous. I sometimes will be in the middle of a test and suddenly find myself ripping at the tip of my index fingernail (I'm in law school, so you can be rest assured that my nails are in horrific shape). The heinous state of my fingernails has become increasingly embarrassing as I've grown up. I mean, they definitely looked fitting under my angst-ridden black nail polish job in high school, but at 25, it's decidedly less cute to be extending a hand besmirched by ten malformed fingernails, not to mention annoying when you want to hop on the nail art band wagon, but realize that those Sally Hansen strips would cover more acreage on your toenails than on your fingernails... So, ITG crew, I've resolved that 2013 will be the year that I kick this 20 year habit to the curb. As I look down on my fingernails while typing up this comment, I realize I have QUITE a ways to go (See the attached photo as Exhibit A. my right thumbnail), but as the Zombies so adequately put it, this year will be our year, fingernails. Let the growing begin!