The Return Of The Scrunchie


Hello and welcome to our second Throwback Thursday, where we celebrate memories from the not-so-distant past, and occasionally express our desire to bring them back. Or just to laugh at them, because, oh man.

This time around, what's up is that oft-laughed-about hair accessory, the scrunchie. Favored by late-eighties and nineties TV icons (of our generation, mindwhat up SNICK at Night! Hey, TGIF!) such as Clarissa Darling (Clarissa Explains It All) [1], Six from Blossom [4], Topanga (Boy Meets World) [5], Stephanie/Michelle Tanner (Full House) [2,6,7], Rayanne Graff (My So Called Life) [8], all the Heathers in Heathers [10], Hillary Clinton [11], Madonna [12,13], and most recently, the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team at the Olympics [14]the puffy tie is, against all odds, set to make a comeback in 2013, on the flaxen mane of Cara Delevingne [3], no less. The young Brit is starring in the latest advertisements for My Crazy Scrunchie, whose website describes their influences as "The Virgin Mary to Salt and Pepper around the streets of Echo Park all the way back to London Town via Clueless circa '90s if the girls in Clueless were in a pillow fight with the girls from Mi Vida Loca..."

So, there you have it (we think?)! First Destiny's Child returns, and now that elasticized band on our wrists. What will they think of next/again?!

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  • caryrandolph

    Thrilled to hear this, as I've been rocking a scrunchie (at home and the gym) for years and can now finally tell my friends with conviction that it's perfectly suitable even when I'm not on the couch or the treadmill. Absolutely nothing is better for ponytails--no breakage, insta-volume. God bless the 90s.

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    Im not ashamed to admit that I wore scrunchies for many, many years. I only recently stopped a few years back. Of course, I still have a few lying around. But for the most part i am an elastic girl now. It holds my hair. Although scrunchies never left dents in my hair and it is a great way to add waves to hair by end of day without flattening it. Actually, I'm gonna break out some scrunchies...

  • Tine/Inattendu

    Noooooo! Such a nightmare!

  • Tasia

    I still wear scrunchies around the house and when I go to sleep, but I never wear them out in public. They're wonderful for pulling back your hair at night because they don't leave dents in your hair in the morning!

    • Harper Heath

      EXACTLY the reason I have a huge collection of them. Don't let your hair tangle, keep it out of your face, and you avoid the dreaded dent.

  • ClosetCravings

    The mere thought of a scrunchie comeback sends shivers down my back. Carrie Bradshaw and Berger essentially broke up over a scrunchie. Nothing good can come from the nightmarish hair accessory.
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    • Sarita

      I immediately thought of Carrie's and Berger's argument over the scrunchie! Hilarious. I did wear scrunchies, though, back in middle school and high school. I'm pretty sure I had multiple colors and prints.

      #tbt, indeed.

    • hclsaltaicd

      this just shows what an impact the show (NOT THE MOVIES) has had on culture. I immediately thought of it, too, and I will never wear a scrunchie :D

  • Vivian Morelli

    Interesting! I love in Tokyo, and every girl wears scrunched here- I think they just never went out of style.... I like the American Apparel ones.

  • D.A.

    ABC must have had stock in scrunchies. I wore them and though I dont have any left, I would def use them at home to pull my hair back. No, I would not wear them in public anymore, but I wouldnt judge you if you did.

  • hautemama

    this article really took me back! i completely forgot about melissa joan hart, lol. check out my post about it here:

  • NoScrunchie

    I was wearing a scrunchie the night I watched the Carrie Berger episode. I stealthily took it out of my hair and have not looked back since. I also named my site as a reminder to all of you to stay away from the scrunchie!

  • JMO

    I am 33 and have worn scrunchies almost every single day for the last 25 years. I am addicted to them. However, I do not wear them when I go to a club, or out somewhere nice. But I most certainly wear them on a daily basis when I run errands. Oh my, what people must be thinking of me...


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