Ten X A Détacher


In keeping with our 4th resolution for 2013 (that’d be "invest in lingerie"), we’re really feeling Ten Undies’ recent collab with New York store/fashion brand A Détacher. Actually, we’ve always loved Ten—who doesn’t dig buying their underwear in an old-school airmail envelope? (Plus, Daphne Javitch, Ten's creator, is a babe [4-6 are portraits of Javitch by Brigitte Lacombe with A Détacher's Mona Kowalska in their designs]) Their bra/knickers set ($105) is nude with black piping, made out of simple cotton, and very minimal in design—no frills—which is just the way we like it.

Available—$105 for the set, or $45 for knickers and $60 for bras—at A Détacher, 262 Mott Street, NYC or by calling (212) 625-3380. Also check out tenundies.com.

1-3, The Ten x A Détacher set photographed by Elizabeth Brockaway. 4-6, Daphne Javitch and Mona Kowalska photographed by Brigitte Lacombe.

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  • Alexandra Rhodes

    Love Ten undies, chic and so comfy! A top shelf with Daphne would be great!

  • Jenny

    This is my dream set of underwear! Now, to find out whether they'll ship to England ... (Also, please, please, please can you do a Top Shelf with Daphne? She's one of my faves!)

    • http://www.glowlikeamofo.com/ glowlikeamofo

      Daph talks inner beauty and GLOW on GLAM <3.
      She's such a BAYB.

  • http://twitter.com/KateSouthSays Kate South

    Those are really beautiful designs. Not trying to hard with frills and lace and everything under the sun, just simply gorgeous.

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    hmmm...alone with no one in them and considering the color contrast, very pretty. Not really a flattering look though. ;/

  • Lara

    if only my boobs would fit into something like this..

    • Esme

      Same here. :( forever.

  • http://inattendu.tumblr.com/ Tine/Inattendu


  • http://www.facebook.com/fi123 Fiona Coles

    so function isn't important when it comes to bras?

    • Sabrina

      not when you have itty bitty titties :) But girls like me, hell yes, and I'm on the smaller side with a C cup. BUT with that said, very nice bras are miracle workers. You can't understand their miraculous quality and comfort until you try one on.