Mario Badescu Control Cream


It's good to be a friend of ITG. Here, our pal Frances Denny, a photographer and graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design, reports back to the Gloffice about a cream Nick gave her last month (it worked!):

My dear friend Nick Axelrod smuggled me a bag of treats from work in December, amongst which was Mario Badescu's Control Cream. Despite being an alarming shade of turquoise, I tried the stuff one particularly blustery day in Maine over Christmas and was immediately wowed by how it felt. I have sensitive skin (not rosacea sensitive, but finicky nonetheless) and this stuff acts like a protective barrier against the affronts of the season. Not only that, but I've randomly gotten compliments on my skin, from the very time I used it. I'm hooked by the no-frills, few-ingredients philosophy and will be rationing this stuff during the long months to come, groundhogs be damned.

—Frances Denny

Photographed by Frances Denny. Check out Frances' work on her website

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  • Katie

    I really wan to try some of his products, they're just so expensive in the uk!

    Katie xx

  • Lauren Ashley

    Oh man - this is just what I need. I've never had sensitive skin before, but there's something in the air this winter ...

  • ClosetCravings

    I find the turquoise color rather appealing. I'm curious why it's that color though.

  • Allison

    Another great one for winter is Clinique's Moisture Surge-it works wonders for my combination/oily skin.

  • charlotte bentley

    For anyone with chronic redness, this is a godsend! I layer it under their seaweed cream at night and kera moisturizer in the AM and my skin is protected, moisturized, and best of all - much less red!

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    I like the weird blue color to this. I guess I am not anti-dyes. Oh well. But if you want even simpler, or a bit more natural, but not all natural - Decleor Rose D'Orient Serum is AMAZING for super sensitive skin - but I crisco my face - forget that "one drop" bs. Sinks in and buffers.

  • Hannah

    I'm definitely trying this skin in winter is really reactive and its hard to find a product that really protects the skin from the elements. Thank you ITG!

  • Emma Miranda

    This stuff is really stellar, I am a fan, see..

    Soooo good when you find the right thing.

  • renaphuah

    My bf uses Control Cream from time to time on his red cheeks and it is good for eczema too on other parts of the body! x

  • grey_nyc

    i just got this!
    for the past few months i've had this disgusting, unbearably itchy flaking along my hairline. may be eczema? i've tried all kinds of things, aquaphor, hydrocortizone, olive oil. i read some reviews on amazon about using this for eczema so i thought i'd try it out. i put it on for the first time last night and woke up this morning - all clear!
    i don't know what's in it, but it works!!!

    • RustiResta

      The formula was changed this year and Control Cream destroyed many faces, including mine. MB pulled the product recently. Those who have not renewed are very, very fortunate. On month 3 of recovery.


Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu Control Cream