Lancôme Artliner

Lancome Artliner

It's safe to say that I have a bit of a "thing" for the Lancôme Artliner. In my very first brush with ITG, I talked about it, calling it, I believe, "Fucking amazing." And you know what? I'm not ashamed (though, admittedly, my mother was horrified). It is fucking amazing, even after all these year(s). It's my dream-maker, guys; it makes my DREAMS come true. (The 'dreams' in question, of course, apply only to those  in which I own a foolproof liquid liner of the perfect width/texture/opacity... Artliner has yet to buy me a villa in the south of France, but then again, our affair is relatively recent). Given all of this, imagine my excitement when I realized that Artliner had evolved into something beyond my current expectations of excellence—it also comes in colors! My three favorites? Aubergine (a moody, saturated black plum), Cinnamon (a metallic bronze) and Smoke (a slightly metallic deep grey). Friends, I am over the moon. They're just as pigment-rich and easy to draw with as my old reliable, so as to make your eyeliner as subtle or not-subtle as your little heart desires. Aubergine brings out the green in my eyes, Smoke adds a little more dimension than a regular black...and personally? I can't wait to break out Cinnamon. It brings me all sorts of Byzantine good-vibes. And anyways, we all need a little more gold on/near our faces, don't you think?

—Alessandra Codinha

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Nomadic D.

    Sign me up! Seriously. Sold. I need a liquid liner that's fucking amazing. And I need it in a deep eggplant color.

  • Frances Donegan-Ryan

    Can you add some pics with you applying/wearing to see what the colours look like on? Ta!

    • Lera

      want to see the pics too!

  • Katie

    Oh it looks amazing!

    Katie xx

  • Jenny

    I love the way you write

  • Ms_Edgeley

    yes yes yes! This has been my favorite liquid liner for years! I tried a lot of liners too, this one is it for me. EEEEEE and now colours! Great I think I'll go for the aubergine. Cheers thanks lady

  • alice

    yes! Everytime I talk about eyeliner I say Lancôme's Artliner is THE ONE. I always felt I didn't know anyone that used this one and never understood why.
    Seeing this post was a " I knew I was right" moment!

  • Marta E

    I need to try this one!



  • nikicaron

    It IS effing amazing!!! I can't live without the stuff!