Kristen Stewart Gets Smoke In Her Eyes


Well, would you look at what the cat dragged in! (The cat, in this case, being our lovely intern The Spring Preview issue of V magazine has Kristen Stewart rocking one hell of a sexy, smudgy, glossy eye, courtesy of beauty superstar Aaron De Mey.) The Spring Preview issue of V magazine has Kristen Stewart rocking one hell of a sexy, smudgy, glossy eye, courtesy of beauty superstar Aaron De Mey. Ahemremind you of anything? There must be something in the air/water/zeitgeist. Anyway, we called up Aaron, our smudgy-eye spirit guide (he was, after all, the one who turned us on to the so-cool glitter-smoky eye we loved during the holidays). His Pro Tip below:

"I always want the makeup to look sort of natural to the person wearing it, and like them, somehow, lived in and sort of comfortable," Aaron explained, "Didier [Malige] had made Kristen's hair very early-Bruce Weber, and I wanted the eye to play with those textures, that sort of wet, eighties look. There's those stories about how Stephane Marais [Ed. note: A-ha!] would have Linda Evangelista sleep in her makeup before shooting with Peter Lindbergh, and I've always been inspired by how Marlene Dietrich used to burn the end of a cork and rub that over her eye for the old Hollywood Glamour's all about that imperfect lived-in looseness, the settling into the creases."

So how did he do it? "I took a black eyeliner and lined the inner rim and took it into the eyelashes and sort of pushed it down—you can use a cotton swab or your finger, it doesn't really matter. For the color, I burnt a match on a plate, mixed the soot with Eight Hour Cream and patted that onto the lid. I've used Vaseline, Eight Hour Cream, whatever you have to gloss up an eye, and it all works, but lip glosses will get sticky. I never take it underneath the eye, because it'll drip—just on the lid. You want the brows to be really neat and strong (you can use hairspray on a clean mascara wand, or Anastasia has that great Brow Gel), and then for the face, all I used was concealer and a little powder under the eyesit doesn't really need mascara, but I love the Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash; it's more tint than anything."

Conclusion: Who's got a match? We've got some serious DIY-ing to do this weekend.

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  • Kharina Sterner

    It's a great look but impossible to pull unless you want black vaseline goop collected along the crease on purpose, not to mention if you wear contacts, this is a nightmare.

  • Drew Martino

    Interesting tips and using soot from a match to add darkness to the eye!

  • Esther MK


  • Ammu

    In India, camphor is burnt and its soot is mixed with oil to make Indian kohl (known as kajal). It's meant to help your eyesight and of course, make your eyes pop!

  • Magali

  • thesixthbeatle

    'All I used was concealer and a little powder under the eyes'.... Um, yeah ok. Well she is clearly also wearing blush and lipstick for a start.

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    why go through extra effort of using soot, when you can create the same effect using a hygenic, formulated product that is safe to use in the eyes?

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Marta E

    She looks stunning with smoky eyes



  • Alyn Isabelle Teston

    Kristen <3 Always so beautiful

  • The Creative Directory

    These shots of
    Kristen are amazing - the smokey eyes look great on her. For more
    inspiration, you can have a look at our collection of images with a
    similar feel: