Jessica From Homeland Got An Undercut


Morena Baccarin, don't think you can just pop up at an awards show with an undercut and we won't say anything! The Brazilian actress, better known as Jessica Brody from Homeland, showed up to Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA with a sleek side part and a shaved nape. You know we love a semi-secret buzz cut—see here and here—and we f*$&ing flip out for Homeland, so this confluence made us very happy. The dress, not so much (Basil Soda? get this girl some Givenchy!), but you gotta hand it to Morena for taking a risk with the clippers.

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  • Jill

    LOVE it on her! She's beautiful and this just accentuates her features so well!

    But I had one in the early 1990s and it IS a pain to grow out. It feels so cool when you first get it done though.. :)

  • Kelli

    But...what about that amazing accessory in her hair, at the back!!

  • ClosetCravings

    I want to like it, but I don't. I keep looking at it hoping that I will. No luck.

  • Miss Y.

    The undercut looks sloppy

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Molly Young

    I can't with that hair but the lizard is cool

  • Louise Lam

    I don't like that cut, cool hair accessory though

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    Ooh, I think this short hair on her is really ageing, and early 90s in a bad way. It reminds me of when women hit perimenopause and, for reasons unbeknownst to me, decide to get a 'jaunty' new cut. But she's only 33!

  • Fairybread

    Great hair cut, I liked her short hair also on homeland! Lovley person. Although, she didn't convince me as an actress... sorry...

  • Pixel_Queen

    I don't like it. I find it completely unflattering. Why do the pretty girls always do things like this to themselves???

    The less said about her fashion choices, the better.

  • Lucy Apted

    She looks so hot. Love the new hair.

  • Makeup

    She's beautiful. But that hair. Oh my gosh! Good luck growing that out.

  • Dru

    She's beautiful no matter what length her hair is - I was knocked dead by her gorgeousness in Firefly (where her hair is long and curly) and she looked equally amazing with a pixie cut in V. This hairstyle, though, it does look high-maintenance.

  • carrie

    Morena Baccarin only looks good on Homeland, safe with their brilliant stylists. Left to her own devices, dresses like these show up on the red carpet.

  • Deb Johnson

    Hats off to her. You've got to appreciate a woman who's not afraid to take risks and mix it up a little.

  • Heather

    I can't believe the guy who says, why do pretty girls do this to themselves? Um, because it's her hair and she likes it short. Morena is gorgeous with hair at any length. But I know, I get it. Our hair should be long because it's your toy/fetish. Objectify women much?


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