FLOTUS looks Bangin

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama got bangs! We've always been under the impression that with women, haircuts come along with a major life change. Remember Lauren Santo Domingo? She told us, "I cut my hair right after I got married, three years ago, which I highly recommend. I think that whenever you have a change, a haircut’s good. You need to do something to change the scenery, in a way." So, is FLOTUS' new fringe her way of shaking things up for the second term? Whatever moved you, Michelle, ITG-thumbs way up.

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  • azrakun

    She looks great! I just can't find the courage change my hairstyle..

  • S. Lang

    She is beautiful with or without bangs. And more importantly, she is intelligent, and I love intelligent people! I have been wearing bangs my whole life due to my forehead which I personally find to large. :( So, I am not so excited about bangs like many people are.

    • http://twitter.com/texasmcmanus Jen (D-iCloud)

      And Laura Bush is also intelligent - and classy

  • bluesky557

    She looks amazing! I wish I could wear bangs. I have oily skin/hair though, and it makes bangs go limp and greasy within hours. :(

  • Chic noir

    She looks so cute and youthful with bangs.

  • fairytalesandcoffee

    I like the bangs I hope she sticks with. more flattering.

  • Polly

    Mrs. Obama's hair is interesting to the extent every first lady's hair choices are interesting. But her dress is far too tight, and the show of cleavage is incredibly inappropriate. It is 'Narcissism Nation' in America these days . . .

    • Susan

      SO much judgement and bias in your tone. She is not living in the constraints of what you want her to be or what a first lady should look like. Now that is what is so beautiful about her. She is a modern women who has stayed true to herself amongst all criticism. A fantastic role model indeed. I wish more women followed their own intuition, instead of trying to look like whatever one else wants them to look like. If it feels good and feeds your spirit, then be the woman you want to be!

    • newbrunette

      Grandma? I didn't know you read ITG!

  • Pixel_Queen

    She looks fabulous! But let's not forget that she is also well-educated, well-spoken, and the champion of causes far more important that her albeit stunning looks.

  • http://twitter.com/FOY080711 Rola’s FOY

    She looks gorgeous and younger with bangs, the hair style suits her very well!


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