Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliqués


Our girl Essie’s got some easier-than-ever nail art for you with her new, elegant UV-cured nail appliqués (aka "stickers," but they're better than most). Available in cheetah-print, crocodile, snake, zebra, and a variety of glittery, gold, everything-you-can-think-of options (including fragments of a love letter written in spidery script called Love to Love You), this means that having complicated-looking nails has never been so easy (or cheap—each packet is $10). Apply the stickers to clean nails and file off the part that hangs over your natural nail. Voilá! Be aware: these won't last you all week; they're more of a special-event slap-on, tear-off. If you add a layer of topcoat, it helps secure them for a bit longer, but we sort of dig the transience of it all. (If you want 7+-day staying power, stick with Sally Hansen Salon Effects, or an actual salon's effects.)

Our favorites of the bunch? Embrace the Lace looks rather couture, if we do say so ourselves—it would be great for spring—and the Art-Deco feel of Oh my Gold!’s delicate mirrored hexagons vibes with the little gold finger rings we’ve been wearing lately. Leave it to Essie to figure out what we want before we want it.

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Photos by Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Nomadic D.

    I was about to say, Bout time Essie got on the sticker train! But then I read that they don't last very long. Booo. I am totally addicted to those Sally Hansen nail stickers, not the wacky patterns (though the occasional zebra stripe has crossed my nails, I'm not gonna lie), but I snap up the reds and the blacks like there's no tomorrow because they just last so much longer than regular nail polish. So, Essie, I'm glad you're venturing out into stickerdom, but make them last!!

  • Katie

    These look really chic, a word I wouldn't usually associate with nail art stickers!

    Katie xx

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Noel Giger

    If you want lots of options and staying power - check out Jamberry Nails! They've updated the formula so they are thinner and stronger than ever :)

  • bassfll

    I've been wearing the diamond ones for a week now and they are still looking good. I wash dishes twice a day and except for some wear at the top they still look great. I have tried the Sally Hansen strips and, for me, they only lasted two days. These Essie strips are awesome!,