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Emma Stone Grins, Bares It

emma stone

She might be a spokeswoman for Revlon, but Emma Stone's not wearing a lick of makeup (ok, maybe a tiny bit) on the cover of W's February "Movie Issue." Shot by Juergen Teller in his typical low-fi, blown-out style, the actress looks, simply, awesome. We'd call it our favorite Stone cover yet. Amirite? 

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  • MP

    She's got plenty of makeup on, though. Don't fool yourself.

    • S. Lang

      Yep. "No-makeup" makeup. :) But, she looks fabulous, as usual. And more important, she is talented and smart.

    • http://www.facebook.com/janine.wanderlust Janine Wanderlust

      true! It's even more than the no-makeup lookt he girls in Estee Lauder skincare ads do the no-makeup look and this is quite full on. I get quite depressed when beauty-bloggers cannot even see this anymore so all women are supposed to put that much makeup on for a no-makeup look, sight :(

  • Katie Hello

    So awesome, love Juergen Teller, and Emma!

    Katie xx


  • Sophie

    W covers are always so different and awedsome. Love the vintage vibes and emma is perfection! xx


  • Ashley Truett

    oh hell yeah! she looks awesome

  • Jeanne

    Oh. My. God. When I highlight your text, it's pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Game-Changing!!!!!!! I'm thrilled. And my boyfriend officially thinks I'm crazy.

  • Caroline

    She looks beautiful!


  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Harlowrose

    Emma has really good skin to begin with, but when she's blonde with less makeup she looks really young. Like a teenager.

  • http://herheartcriesfowl.blogspot.com/ Angela

    Smoking hot.

  • Lucy Apted

    Incredible. She is incredible.



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