Deep Thoughts on the Dior Couture Show


As we are glued to our desks in grey and f-ing freezing New York, our experience of the Spring '13 Haute Couture season has been strictly via Instagram, and so far, here’s what we're thinking/feeling about the Dior show this morning (Day One):


2) It's snowing in Paris, which we gather is both rare and very special! (And, fodder for Instagram.)

3) As far as the models' glam, Jean Seberg pixie cuts go, Raf Simons seems to have been watching Rosemary’s Baby.

4) Pat McGrath, meanwhile, has apparently been watching Ever After (iridescent face ‘masks’!)? Her "Techno Butterfly" bedazzled eye from the spring runway show has migrated south, with most of the gems now concentrated on the lip—which brings us to our final thought:

5) Lip art is the new nail art? Discuss. (Also, remember Violent Lips? A cheaper option for those interested in trying out the look at home...)

 All images taken from Instagram: [1] The Dior Couture Spring '13 show at Place de la Concorde (via @BoF), [2] Bette Franke and Zuzanna Bijoch backstage (via @bette_franke), [3] The Dior Couture Spring '13 show (via @susiebubble).

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  • Katie

    Just so perfect...

    Katie xx

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Lera

    the lips scare me a bit, but so do any bold lips! the eyes look enchanting, too bad NYE is over.

  • Chelsea Rae

    Nail are is infinitely more discrete than lip art, and doesn't impact eating or drinking as much, so I'm going to pass on crystal lips. But, I've been in love with the idea of shimmery makeup masks for as long as I can remember, so that may needs moment!

  • Couteau @VintageObserver

    If you'd rather be worshiped, than kissed...

  • Crystallography
  • marcia silverstein

    it is not so much that the haircuts are Mia Farrowish but more Audrey Hepburnish or Jean Seberg and the make up and hair were perfection., I( doubt that Pat McGrath wants us to take the lip literally although it was a standout lip that could be achieved in a way that is not encrusted. The entire show was a knockout of the park. Yeh Raf

  • JenniferMonforton

    What a beautiful setting for a runway show! Love the lush greenery as a backdrop for the pale, pastel garments :)



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