Chiming in on Chanel Couture


We might not have been in Paris this morning for the Chanel haute couture show, but we thought, Why not weigh in regardless? Here's where our heads are at:

1) Peter Philips is bringing a whole new meaning to "winged-out" eyeliner with those gothic, inky feathered eyes

2) Note to selves: buy eye-makeup remover in bulk for spring

3) Sam McKnight's bedhead-attacked-by-doves hair is kind of Miss Havisham-goes-rad

3.5) We are sort of loving the hair accessories (blue, black, white, lace, feathers, silk)

4) Is anyone else seeing shades of Helena Bonham Carter?

All images taken from Instagram: [1] Meghan Collison backstage at the Chanel Couture Spring '13 show (via @omgitsmeg), [2-6] models at the show (via @sammcknight1), [7] Cara Delevingne (via @alexandragolovanoff).

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  • Katie
  • Ana

    I'm seeing shades of Alex from A Clockwork Organe. Love it

  • Couteau @VintageObserver

    Chanel's feathery eye is of the same class as those glossy shades of yours. Fast, weathered, youthful - yet thoughtful. In whatever form, that feels very right.

    It's happening in clothes too, right? Ripped jeans and hems.

    The 90s really are back. Not in that literal My So Called Life sense, but in the pure sense of grunge.

  • mia

    out of this world!

  • 4jsc

    Those are some crazy lace dolleyes. Always love Chanel. Thank you for posting.

  • Mouthful of Style

    My current makeup inspiration: heavy liquid eyeliner! See my yesterday's beauty post featuring Chanel here: