Bibi Cornejo Borthwick’s Costa Rican Holiday


Most every winter, New Yorker Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, the daughter of photographer Mark Borthwick and downtown fashion designer Maria Cornejo, hightails it to a warmer clime with her fam (usually accompanied by some of their industry pals). Here, she fills us in on the sun, surf, and products that have been keeping the gang nice and hydrated. 

Dear ITG,

Bibi here writing to you from Mal Pais, Costa Rica!

It's been a real break, which we all need around this time of year, being surrounded by nature, monkeys, watching bananas ripen as the days pass.

My family and friends got here on the 27th of December and, at this point, I'm about 37 shades darker than my pale, winter NYC self—I started the holiday similar to the shade of...hrrrm...can't think of something, but now I'm the color of my coffee in the morning (big thanks to my gardenia Monoi Oil!). I'm French and Chilean, so about less than 1% of me has ever had an incentive to wear sunscreen, but I know it's necessary, so I wear SPF 4 Bain de Soleil, which is this orange gelee that I think gives you the best tan—and I also have a Shiseido SPF 35 Sun Protection Stick for my face. Aside from that, my dad and I swear by Monoi Oil—the gardenia-scented one!

The sun has been incredibly strong here—way stronger than the sun in Tulum where we normally go this time of the year. I made sure to reapply my sunscreen, especially after surfing. (By the way, the surfing is incredible here—it feels like you're running on water!) At night, though, it cools down, so I like to moisturize. Mum got me hooked on Goe Oil, which is this beautifully scented lotion/oil, for my body. On my face, I like to use Rodin Olio Lusso or an Avène moisturizer I got in a chemist in Europe. When I'm on holidays I never wear any makeup or do anything to my hair, which just looks like a curly poof in the heat.

Our days here are so mellow and low-key that I've ended up wearing the same thing everyday: a black tank dress (mine's by Covet), a swimsuit by my mom, and another by Lisa Marie Fernandez, and at night, I have a black silk dress by Organic, which I love because you feel practically nude in it.

I'm pretty useless at maintaining a consistent regimen when I'm on holiday; I end up going home with my front darker than my back, 2-3 small dreads in the back of my hair, freckles on my cheeks, and a suitcase of clothes I didn't even think to wear... But I suppose it's alright because I'm going home to New York to put on 500 layers, so no one will even be able to tell haha!

I hope everyone's having a beautiful start to their New Year!

With love,


All photos by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick

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  • Demetrius

    Those are some well defined collar bones

  • S. Lang

    Wow, beautiful photos! And my favorite Goe Body Oil...<3

  • nancy

    Sick body. Can you find out her workout routine and diet?

  • JBiel

    Who makes that purse it is exquisite!

    • ITGNick

      It's Cèline!

      • azrakun

        It's the Celine shoulder bag (fall 2012), correct? I really want one. It's circa $2,200. I probably would not wear it to beach :-)

  • Chesley

    Where did she stay? That pool looks beautiful..

    • Joops

      I'm 99% sure her photos are from the Florblanca hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. I recognize the pool as I lunched at the hotel regularly and stayed at Red Palms which was the next hotel over. I definitely saw her and her family at the beach. (Hard to miss as they are all incredibly fabulous and beautiful.)

      • Chesley


  • fairytalesandcoffee

    sweet jeebies so much easier to prevent sun damage and maintain firmness of healthy, non-damaged skin, then to correct damaged skin that has last elasticity and wrinkles...all the money, lasers, peels, and injections in the world can't give you back what you lose...

  • amelia

    i'm more of a city getaway gal myself, but posts like these make me just yearn for the beach.. such gorgeous photos!

  • emily

    where are those sandals from?

    • nadia

      yes can someone answer this? they're totally perfect

    • ITGNick

      Bibi says they're from a market in South Africa!

  • Roxana Farahmand

    SPF 4? What's the point?

  • Josef Šlaich

    So jealous right now (in a good way)

  • Carol

    where can I find this monoi oil in the us?

    • D

      It's at Whitney Chemists on University Place in NYC if you live here!

  • azrakun

    What is the bag?? please please do tell.. is it the Celine shoulder bag? I really want one!

  • Lucy Apted

    Looks incredible!! So jealous!

  • Bells

    where can i find the amazing Goe oil in Germany?