Françoise Hardy Bangs


Do you know about #Hairspiration? It’s a thing. Given that most of us at the Gloffice are always on the verge of doing something to our manes, we thought we'd help fuel all of your should-I-or-shouldn't-I thoughts, wants, needs, and desires with a new hair-focused feature. First up: bangs inspired by Sixties French singer/style icon Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, Anita Pallenberg, and others. Thinking about cutting a similar insouciant, brow-grazing fringe? Look no further! Scroll on through.

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  • ClosetCravings

    I love bangs but they can be super tricky. I feel like it's a gamble when I go to the salon. Sometimes I roll the dice and it's exactly what I wanted. Other times it's a freakin' nightmare that will make me swear off ever having bangs again.

  • Marta E

    Love how she wears bangs <3



  • juliuslove

    i was thinking of growing my hair out...when i saw freja

  • Alexandra

    Sixties girls and bangs. Always a winner.

  • Jenny

    Françoise Hardy is ALL over my pinterest - hair obsession.

  • Cay

    Bangs are so hard. When they're great, they're GREAT. But when they aren't, you're stuck getting way more creative with bobby pins than you ever wanted to be for months.

    • olea

      So true. I just got bangs a week ago and it's bobby pin central right now...sigh. It's amazing how many variables go into getting bangs right for your particular face shape. Whether they should be wispy, straight across, chunky, swooping, how wide, how deep, how long etc. It can make such a huge difference in creating that cool factor or something that's just awful (like the hideous 80's claw).

  • Melissa, BikePretty


  • Lana

    Beautiful! Unfortunately, with my hair type, bangs would be the worst thing I could do. Thus, I am growing it long and strong to one length, with some trendy side bangs that can be handled easily.

    What a shame :'(

  • Amber

    I've always wished I had one of those faces that just suited bangs. For some reason I let myself believe I did for a few years back in high school which has left me with an abundance of cringe-worthy photographs. Not good!

  • Ms_Edgeley

    When I was 18 my hairdresser cut me a huge fringe that came right from the crown, i've had one ever since. My hair is curly/wavy. I love having a fringe, it softens your face. goldie Hawn, joan collins they know

  • Mimi

    I just ordered clip on bangs... I figure it's a great way to try them and get my fix without commitment.

  • Nina

    Bangs are my hair-destiny. Having a big forehead it's pretty much a must, I think. I've had them almost all my life and I can't imagine having long, fine, straight hair with no bangs - it would look so blah. It IS annoying in rainy weather etc. and definitely requires frequent trims and dry shampoo on second days, but I think bangs are universally flattering - it makes everyone look sharper.

  • B

    I, too, was blessed (yeah, right) with a large forehead and have been forced into bangville my entire life. I have gone back and forth between a fringe and side-sweep, but ultimately, I love them. I get lots of "Nice bangs," compliments, and I cheerfully assume they are referring to my hair. However, bangs + rain = S-curve strands of wavy hair. NOT CUTE.


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