TGIF: Doutzen Kroes, Beach Babe


Whether you've got fabulous beach-bound plans for the upcoming holiday or it's more of an over-the-river-and-through-the-woods-to-grandmother's-house-you-go situation, we think you can join us in a moment of desk-side vacationing while we appreciate the total, utter, and complete bodaciousness of Doutzen Kroes, shot for British Vogue's January issue by Josh Olins. Are we alone in getting a total Blue Lagoon vibe from [3]? Swoon.

The perfectly highlighted tousled blond mane, the tawny bod, the slightly pale lip (we think you could probably master it with some SPF, if actually beaching)...we want it all. Seriously. All. Even the upper-arm band. Give us all the things, Doutzen! (In the meantime we'll be smearing Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning Lotion on our faces, getting creative with the bronzer, and pretending it's not just-north-of-freezing outside.)

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  • Julia

    i miss curvy doutzen

  • dana antoria tenant

    I agree Julia...she had an awesome she like a lot of other women, models and moms look emaciated to keep up with mercurial standard or sample clothing sizes...I laugh so hard when they quote these models saying "I eat like a pig!" "Oh I had the biggest In-n-Out burger"...yaddiya....yeah, cuz you just ate for the first time in a week! bull malarkey

  • Fabiana Pigna

    wow, it's insane how much weight she's lost! after a baby too!...I agree I like the more athletic/curvy Doutzen

  • Palesa Melvin

    she is perfect! love her so much


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