Snooki Does Nail Polish


Before you get your crop top in a twist about this, take note: we love glitter. We love nail polish. It stands to reason that we love glitter nail polishes. Our feelings about her reality-tv antics notwithstanding, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has provided just that with her trio of sparkle-heavy holiday varnishes, All That Glitters. (And in answer to every person who encountered the box at ITG HQ, yes, this is a real thing. You can buy it on HSN.)

Unsurprisingly, the packaging is rather loud: the box itself is zebra-striped and dotted with lipstick-red proclamations like “3 Glitter Shades!” and "Snooki (TM)!" The bottles are topped with matching zebra applicator handles, and there's a black-and-white drawing of Snooki on the back of the box (her sunglasses are the barcode! which is arguably the best part of the whole set) that looks sort of like a mugshot, if you were allowed to wear Bumpits in mugshots, which we’re pretty sure you’re not (considering one of the points of a mugshot is to record your actual height).

As for the polishes themselves, they include Fireball (crimson chunky glitter Nick thinks Diana Vreeland would appreciate), Party’s Here (a clear polish with silver glitter that, press materials note, “reflects a subtle pastel rainbow”) and the fascinatingly named I’m a Gold Mind (gold glitter), which Alessandra believes is a typo and should have been written "I’m a Goldmine"...not that that makes much more sense. (Or, is this a Jersey Shore inside joke that we're outside of? Tell us!)

The glitter is chunky and hexagonal—Alessandra painted it over her nude manicure and, because of the glitter's girth and heft, the pieces were easy to manipulate into a neat degradé effect (with the majority ending at the tip of the nail), sort of like falling confetti. So, a tip of our beauty hats (they have tinsel on them) to you, Snooki (TM)! Both very festive and surprisingly fun. Especially the barcode. We love the barcode.

You can pick up the All That Glitters set here

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