Sk8r Girl


You may have picked up on the fact that we’re feeling a certain ’90s aesthetic as of late, whether it be heralding the return of the era’s bombshells; Emily going short and piece-y à la Leonardo-DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet; our fondness for a goth lip; reminiscing about Gwyneth in Great Expectations and Winona in Reality Bites; or just, you know, the whole Theyskens' Theory wigs-thing.

So you won't be surprised by our latest interests: skater style (HOODIES! RUBBER-SOLE SNEAKERS!) and Spanish model Sheila Márquez, a girl so cool—in that angst-y-teenage-skater way—we can’t hardly stand it. [Disclaimer: As we live in New York, are often in a hurry, and are generally terrified of reckless drivers/pedestrians/pigeons, we've given up on trying to actually skateboard and have restricted ourselves to enjoying the sport in the sartorial/cosmetic sense]. When Márquez popped by the Gloffice last week for some pics and a chat, we had everything (well, everything but an actual deck) at the ready: the requisite oversized limited-edition hoodie (courtesy of Liz Goldwyn for Altamont Apparel); a better-than-just-black nail polish (Deborah Lippmann’s gold-glitter soaked Cleopatra in New York); and the tools for both 'parents just don't understand' eyes (generous helpings of Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Aigle Noir) and pouty, might-get-you-grounded lips (a thin layer of Becca’s new Ultimate Colour Gloss in Berry Twist).

Ten or so minutes later, there, in front of our eyes was the skate-park dream girl we'd been hoping for (though with better jewelry—Sheila had fingers full of delicate first-knuckle loops from Alibi, not to mention one Repossi stunner). The only thing we had to do was coax her perfect model posture into a sort of dramatic slump for the full effect.

The best part? Sheila wasn't playing totally against type: she's a native of Vitoria, Spain (on the northern border of the country), where she grew up among actual sk8r bois. "It's funny, the other day my friend said, 'So, you lost your virginity to a skateboarder...?' And I said, 'None of your business,'" Sheila joked, adding, "Vitoria is the perfect city for skateboarding"—it's launched a few professionals—and "Christian [Brylle, her model-photographer boyfriend] made his own skateboards with a friend a couple of years ago— they made like 50 of them." Though she was quick to offer up a disclaimer when asked about her own half-pipe skills: “I can only transport myself from A to B, not able to jump or do tricks...” Well, fake it ‘til you make it, right? (Or anyways, wear a helmet and protect that pretty head of yours.)

Sheila Márquez wears a Liz Goldwyn for Altamont Apparel sweatshirt, Cesare Paciotti shoes, Balenciaga jeans, and rings by Repossi and Alibi, photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on December 5th, 2012.

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  • Diane Pham

    sheila is such a stunner. i will never get why she didn't become a bigger model.

  • Kac & Jac

    Love her lips, the perfect punch of color!!

  • Jasmine

    I really want a hoodie that is similar to hers in fit, but with less of an attention grabbing design :( please reply if you know of one!