Resolution #4: Invest in Lingerie


Happy New Year's Eve! 2012, for better or worse, is almost over. But, back to business: did you know that in Brazil the color underwear you’re wearing at midnight on December 31st is believed to influence your luck for the coming year? (Red means passion, pink means love, white means peace, green means luck, blue means health, and yellow means money, etc...) So, choose wisely! Our second-to-last resolution a.k.a. ITG Resolution #4: Invest in lingerie. Why?! You're thinking, Not that many people are going to see it. Maybe no one will. Maybe a lot of people will. Maybe that's none of your business! But chances are, if you're like us, sometimes you reach into your drawer in the morning, pull out that grubby, 5-year-old pair of underpants and wonder if life could be different—wonder if you could be that girl who runs around in something lacy and comfy; someone who even, gasp, has a matching set or two to her name.

There's a moment in the Diana Vreeland film The Eye Has To Travel where one of her models (all grown up) recalls the editor always insisting that her models have perfect pedicures, regardless of whether you were going to see their feet in the final photos. It was something about carrying oneself better with a pedicure—even if it was just the way you positioned your feet. Good lingerie is like that. Even if nobody sees it, or just one person does, well, it's not about them—you know it's there, and knowing that, feeling it, can change your life a little. "I love having great bras and great underwear; it’s part of my daily beauty routine," Jacqui Getty told us not so long ago, laying out some of her favorites on a zebra ottoman [3]. "It’s like how some people put on red lipstick—for me, it’s lingerie. It makes me feel whole, and completes what I’m wearing. I’ve always been like that. I think even if you're wearing a t-shirt, it’s always nice to wear a pretty bra."

Or, just ask Eniko—we did!—whose penchant for the finer (under)things in life, particularly the "corselette" by Kiki de Montparnasse (which she has in several colors), inspired our renewed attention to the details:

"One of the salesgirls at Agent Provocateur told me about a stylist who shops there a lot and has such an amazing collection of fancy lingerie that she has them framed and hung up all over her bedroom walls. I immediately thought, 'Wow, I wanna be her!' I love fancy lingerie! It's an instant ego boost. Behind closed doors and in the everyday, too. I would wear a lacy, sexy set on any weekday, because it makes me feel different: playful, cheeky, feminine, and confident. Like women from the '50s, or like Joan from Mad Men. This past summer, I got some Victoria's Secret panties and bras for my girls back home in Hungary, and my friend Anna told me a week later that the day she wore her gift, she received compliments from hot guys and was confident enough to flirt back! In my mind, just because people hide their underwear, it doesn't mean we can't tell what's going on. I have a selection for all different occasions: for a day at work—of course, for a model, it has to be basic and a little boring, unfortunately—but I have some just for the gym, some just to go out, or certain panties that I would only wear with certain dresses. I am obsessive like that, but I don't think I'm crazy. For me, lingerie is the foundation of my day: the first thing I put on, the last thing I take off. I wear it all day, so I gotta love it. And what I love most is when my bra matches my panties. I always try to buy pieces that belong together, even if I don't wear them at the same time. 'Underwear is the greatest hero of the world!' This is something I actually say after a successful tour of my favorite lingerie stores."

Purveyors of all things Great and Panty-related:

Wylie Wilson (designed by Peta Wilson, the Australian actress best known as Nikita in the 90s show La Femme Nikita)

Gap Body

Hanky Panky

The Lake & Stars

La Petite Coquette

Eniko Mihalik [1, 2], in a Kiki de Montparnasse corselette and Pamela Love cuff, photographed by Emily Weiss in New York. Get the lowdown on her makeup look here. Jacqui Getty's lingerie collection [3]

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  • KT

    More importantly, what is that amazing lipstick!

    • Emily

      Great question! And totally important. It's a combo of Bobbi Brown's Desert Plum and Party Alice lipsticks. Here's the full scoop on her makeup look (including other products used):
      Happy New Year!

    • IntoTheGloss

      Great question! And totally important. It's a combo of Bobbi Brown's Desert Plum and Party Alice lipsticks. Here's the full scoop on her makeup look (including other products I used):
      Happy New Year!

  • Amber

    I almost feel as though I have my life in order when I'm wearing a pretty set of matching underwear. I've always worn stuff on the cheaper side though because I'm lazy when it comes to keeping my delicates in good condition (embarrassingly, I just throw them in the washing machine along with everything else!), but I'm determined to invest in a few luxurious pieces that'll leave me feeling extra special when I wear them. I've loved all of your resolutions so far and I can't wait to see what the last one is, thanks ITG!


  • tess tettelin

    I love all of your NY resolutions so far!

  • Roxana Farahmand

    I am a firm believer that the right lingerie can make you feel a million times better, but it HAS to fit well. I had a small stint selling lingerie, and I can't tell you how many women would try to fit themselves into bras and underwear that was too small for them...likewise, I can't even begin to tell you about the women told me they felt a million times sexier in cute lingerie that actually fit them properly. It's really an eye-opener when you find your right size.
    Last thing - comfy and sexy underwear is totally possible. I'm a huge fan of the PINK thongs at Victoria's Secret (don't worry, you can find ones that don't have words emblazoned on them, I like the sheer black ones). SO COMFY.

  • iamturquoise

    i got lingerie as a new years gift and it fits me perfectly! such a great gift

  • Elizabeth @ TheCornerApartment

    I'm all about having matching sets, even on the most mundane of days. Hanky Panky, I think, will always be my favorite. Their soft bras are wonderful!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  • Lucy Apted

    Everything said here is so true! Great underwear makes you feel great! xxx

  • Suzie

    Where is that adorable blue bra from? I'm obsessed with it!

  • bluesky557

    I would love to wear lingerie, but my post-breastfeeding 35 year old DD cup means that support is more important than pretty. It's hard to come by anything in my size, and even when I do, it's rarely pretty, and even less rarely properly supportive. :(

    • Beans

      Ooh, treat yourself and check out Freya (loving the "Underwire Padded Half Cup Bra" right now), Chantelle, and Panache (their balconette bra). They make gorgeous, comfy, and amazingly supportive bras for those of us that tend towards being more, ahem, well-endowed than perky. (I get mine at Nordstroms, and just replenished my lingerie drawer with a bonanza of sale colors online.) There are usually matching undies if one is so inclined.

  • CayC

    So true! I like the idea of investing in something that only you (and maybe the person most important to you) know about. Because really, there's no one else who is more important to spend money on.

    There's also the fact that if you're wearing good, well-fitting underwear (aka not the 5 year-old Target stuff that makes up most of my collection...), your clothes are going to fit better because you won't have random lumps or bumps anywhere.

  • Nau

    Where are Eniko's gold rings from? I've been eyeing them since your Sally Hansen Nail Videos. The heart one is really cute and delicate. I noticed she wears them towards the end of her fingers as well.

  • Fiona

    What does purply pink with white polka dots and a navy bow mean?! These rules seem a bit non specific ... :P

  • angela

    Eniko seems like my kind of girl! (and model too!) She seems so different from other models who say they don't do their nails or like to do girly things. She is like my dream best friend! I want to go shopping with her and do my nails with her. Can you please do a top shelf with Eniko?

  • Panglu

    i used to be a lingerie associate and that's how i became obsessed with lingerie. good lingerie is really worth the investment! i have had my bras for two years and they're still in great shape. the lingerie detergent is a great investment as well!!!

  • The Curious Camera Girl

    Journelle is also a wonderful, highly curated lingerie store!

  • Chloe

    I will like to throw in the option of - they ship from France and have a massive discount section

  • GIAA

    GAP Body is an oldie and a goody - not flashy, inexpensive but incredibly comfortable. They have a couple of styles that are perfect for everyday wear, especially the wireless ones.


    I agree! Enough with the teenage cotton variety. Glamour is mandatory when it comes to lingerie.

  • Anonymous

    I never knew about that brazilian custom. I wonder what happens if you wear polka-dots :)

  • Belle Lingerie

    I never knew about that brazilian custom. I wonder what happens if you wear polka-dots :)

    • LNA

      I think is a Latin America thing, we do the same in Ecuador