Passing Notes with Derek Blasberg and Opening Ceremony


It would be easy to believe that in this glittery, techno-fabulous age of the internet/e-mail/texting, the art of the handwritten letter is dead. But guess what: it ain't over 'til it's over.

Anyone will tell you there’s nothing better than a handwritten thank-you note—and 'anyone' includes Derek Blasberg, author of Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady, and Opening Ceremony, who are spreading the word with their new collab, Handwritten Letter Helpers. It's a collection of so-easy-you-have-no-excuse Mad Libs-style stationary (you fill in the blanks or circle the appropriate emotion). From the Full Correspondence Set [1](including Thinking of You, Happy Anniversary, Welcome Baby, A Love Note [2]) to The World's Easiest Thank You Notes and Happy Holidays cards, they’ve got you covered. And, unlike those post-holiday notes to your elderly relatives (thanking them for the stuff you never wanted, of course), these are actually quite fun to fill out. Which means you're out of excuses—and you'll never be caught looking impolite again. (And drop us a line, sometime, why don'tcha.)

Get Derek's stationary here

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  • pamb

    This is not a 'handwritten thank you note'! Who would be impressed with receiving a fill in the blank letter from anyone over the age of 8? It seriously reminds me of the stationery I had when I went to overnight camp, back in the day. If you are an adult who can't handle writing a simple thank you note, you have serious issues that need to be addressed. The fact that someone came up with this idea, sold it to a store, and people are actually buying it is sad. Not cute, not amusing, just sad.