Resolution #1: Eat Breakfast


Here comes 2013, down the pipeline! In the words of every magazine cover and self-helping newsletter: New Year, New You? Well, let us be the first to say, hopefully not, because we quite like the “old” you. But, do we take this change in date lying down? No, we do not. We will not go quietly into 2013! How about some resolutions? Not the impossible, annoying, guilt-ridden-when-they-don’t-quite-happen kind, the completely possible, totally probable, small-steps kind (i.e., the best kind). We’ve chosen four resolutions (and four ladies) to be our spirit guides in beauty/wellness/makeup for the next year.

Enjoy and, you know, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Look, we're in no way 'holier than thou' when it comes to nutrition. We pretty much subsist on Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and Family Size bags of peanut M&Ms from the Duane Reade across the street. Who has time to think about their folic acid intake? We live on the internet, for Pete's sake; if it can go into our mouths easily, quickly, and give us some modicum of energy, well, that's something. But the results aren't great: sluggish, hungry at random hours, this overcoming sense of rotting alive in our desk chairs—you know, office-life stuff. And, we hear, a peppy, fog-free (no-junk-food-cravings) day starts with what you start with: breakfast. Who better to advise on energy-packed morning meals than a woman who expends energy for a living? So, we hollered at one of the fittest girls we know, Natalie Uhling, 28-year-old workout whiz, lovely face of Under Armour Women, beloved group instructor at 24 Hour Fitness and Pilates-on-crack studio SLT, and all around buff babe (she burns approximately "a thousand calories an hour," she estimates, while teaching her Turbo Kickboxing classes) to find out how she starts her day. “Fitness is my job, I take it seriously. Big time,” she says. Don’t believe her? Check out that body and that blender. That’d be a Vitamix. "If you don't have a Vitamix, I suggest you do," Natalie said, as she dropped kale into her behemoth blending machine. "It'll blend your hand's crazy."

That’s right: she's all about starting the day with a liquid meal. “Eating out is terrible, it’s a sodium overload. And that goes for breakfast, too. A bagel and cream cheese is probably one of the worst things you can put in your body in the morning. No real nutritional value. Juices are great because they're easy: you throw this shit in the blender and press play. Then, throw the blender in the sink, rinse it out, and you're done. Juices hit your blood stream so quickly, and it just gives you this zest. It’s so amazing for your skin, especially if you add fish oil. And keep up with lemon and water, it’s great for you, it speeds up your metabolism. And kale, I love anything green—the greener it is, the better it is for you. Anything that’s vibrant in color and natural is good. Chard and spinach are leafy green superfoods and contain potassium, which is good for muscle cramps. I think just listening to your body matters—when you're hungry, when you're not, what you're craving. I’m the biggest proponent of that.” Amen.

Natalie's breakfast in a blender, 4 ways:

#1: All Out “I'll do kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, scoop of Garden of Life Raw Protein powder [Ed. note: not all protein powders are made alike, we learned], chia seeds, a probiotic, and frozen blueberries, half a banana, and maybe an apple for taste.”

#2: Easy/Lazy “Pomegranate juice, lemon, scoop of unflavored raw protein powder, ice, and water.”

#3: Ew, green juice... "A scoop of raw vanilla-flavored protein powder, cinnamon, banana, ice , and water. That one’s kind of like a chai tea."

#4: Ew, green juice... Part Two "Raw chocolate-flavored protein powder and almond milk. So easy and really good."

And for those who like solids:

Avocado Toast: “I love Ezekiel millet bread, they're great if you’re gluten-free or vegan since they have tons of different variations. I toast it and mash half an avocado, some lemon juice, and pepper on it, which tastes amazing."

Eggs!: "Hard-boiled eggs are good on-the-go. Just boil a bunch on Sunday night, peel them, and put them in the fridge in a Tupperware. They'll last for the week. That’s a lot of protein—you can skip the yolk if you want—and it's the easiest thing to do in the morning."

Natalie Uhling photographed by Emily Weiss in New York.

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  • Sarah Decowski

    Thank you for this! I did a whole food cleanse last year (just what it sounds, only ate real food, nothing in packages etc.) and this summer did a week long green smoothie challenge. But like most things for some reason I fell off the bandwagon. This post is sort of a challenge to me. Back to it!

    post note: any suggestions for healthy vitamin supplements? I want a good fish oil, nothing artificial.


    • joannanyc

      I like the Coromega fish oils because they don't make me burp. I am particularly fond of the chocolate-orange flavor, but they offer several choices. I buy them from Amazon, but I'm sure there are other options.

      • Sarah Decowski

        Thanks for the tip!

    • evvie rose

      Hey Sarah! Fermented cod liver oil is really the best for you and this website has a bunch of different variations on it. You can read about its benefits in the description below. Good luck!

      • Sarah Decowski

        Thank you!

  • Mouthful of Style

    Great tips and I love juicing!

  • joannanyc

    She makes it sound so easy! But I never want to do juices because I hate cleaning the blender. Maybe I need a new blender.

    • Veronica

      If you are able to, get a Vitamix. The thing cleans itself and makes smoothie creation a snap. It is, hands down, the best appliance in my kitchen.

      • Meghan Kaminski

        So true. I'm not sure why it's so much easier to clean than a regular blender, but it is. I used to avoid using the blender, but now that I have a VM I use it every day.

        • Rose_Luv

          agreed - the Vitamix is life changing. Blends the smoothest smoothies and clean up is beyond easy (add a few cups of water, a drop of soap and blend on high for a minute)

    • creezy

      Get the NutriBullet by MagicBullet. It's a juicer/blender and the mixing container doubles as your glass. Easiest clean up ever. Life changing blender.

      • erin

        totally agree - i use my magic bullet daily for smoothies and the blender doubling as the cup is perfection.

  • Kitchen Afternoon

    Ezekial bread and avocado doesn't taste like discipline, it is delish and more fun than oatmeal.

  • vintageria | vintage for petit

    I know this will probably go unnoticed but I'd like to ask anyway - could someone recommend me a HIGH calorie smoothie? And the one that won't make me feel drained after I drink it. I have super high metabolism and no food allergies (milk included) yet I am unable to find any good sources for people like me. Anyone?

    • cookie1311

      Try adding 1-2 TB of peanut/almond butter and/or an extra scoop of protein powder. It adds a lot of calories and protein to any smoothie.

      • katie chambers

        I second the scoop of almond butter/five to ten raw almonds idea! :)

      • vintageria | vintage for petit

        Hi. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I have to avoid all nuts because they are high in arginine (I do take Lysine as a supplement but that is usually not enough). I know they are high in calorie count and almost all recipe calls for them, yet this is not my case. I guess I'll try adding more proteine powder indeed. Thanks again!

        • ms92

          Hi Vintageria,

          Have you through about adding avocado? It's a pretty mellow taste, adds some creaminess, and has great fats. Definitely would add calories and staying power!

        • cookie1311

          That's too bad. You could also try adding coconut oil or fish oil (the liquid, not the capsules).

    • babs

      Try coconut cream! So yummy.

  • Victoria Mitchell

    The avocado toast sounds interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jessica Isabelle

    These idea's are great, apart from I'm allergic to both Almond Milk and Bananas so can you recomend any alternatives to those ingredients? Thanks x

    • A Li

      Soaked mejool dates instead of banana (1 or 2 max)
      Any other nut milk- hazelnut, coconut, hemp, rice milk too...

  • Kim Jimenez

    I'd love to see the actual recipe for #1! Does Natalie use a specific one? Just want to know how much of each ingredient I put in...

  • CayC

    Nutritionist here--just to be clear, while juices are great and healthy, they should NOT be substituted for meals, especially if it's a daily thing, and especially as the most important meal of your day. Your body is brilliantly designed--and it was designed well before we had blenders, meaning that all of its digestion mechanisms are meant to pull nutrients out of solids. While it's great that you can throw a ton of things in and press blend, it's also a much less effective way of getting your daily nutrients. It's not the equivalent of a head of spinach, even if you put all of that in there. You're better off packing a really great kale salad for yourself for lunch. Raw and unprocessed is the most effective way of getting everything possible out of most greens. If you do go the juice route, make sure that you pair it with something solid and don't count on it as your sole source of nutrients.

    Also, in terms of the bagel thing--most of us aren't very great at denying ourselves. If you usually have your morning bagel and you suddenly stop, chances are you're going to start craving it (and whatever other foods you're putting off), meaning that you will have much less control over yourself when you do chose to eat it again, resulting in overeating. If you have to have that bagel, then first thing in the morning is actually the best time to do it because you'll burn it off over the course of your day (have it whole wheat with low fat cream cheese and have it with something nutritious and fibrous, like fruit, and throw some protein on it). Healthy eating is obviously ideal, but making yourself feel guilt over eating something that is the "worst" is a fast track to an unhealthy relationship with food--moderation, not a rigid diet, is the key to healthy eating.

    • Rose_Luv

      I think it's worth noting that recipe #1 is not a juice - it's a blend of vegetables so you're not missing out on the fiber and other benefits you might lose out on if you actually juiced the same ingredients. I think your recommendations for a bagel are great, for some people it's much more feasible to take along something in a cup.

    • KayKay

      Sorry but nutritionists don't mean anything. Come back when you're a registered dietitian.

      • Jess

        That's kind of rude of you KayKay - nutritionists are very knowledgeable. I am not a nutritionist, but I respect their knowledge and experience. And CayC is right - Natalie's juice blends are great, and I have them as a boost every day, but they are not meal substitutes. I'm tired of people claiming juice cleanses are great, because they're not when that's all you have.

  • Lena

    Alessandra, what jeans were you wearing here? They're the perfect indigo and wash!

    • ITGAlessandra

      Lena, I'm shocked that you can see past my ghostly pallor to notice my jeans (next to Natalie all we internet people look pretty sickly/ pale, huh?) They're J Brand in Monaco! xx

      • mickharper

        Mine are Uniqlo just in case anyone was wondering.

  • Elizabeth @ TheCornerApartment

    This definitely needs to be a resolution of me. I almost never get breakfast in the morning, and then go straight from class to work. Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to see what the other resolutions are.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  • Edward Fabila this! My vitamix has been lifechanging! Love the RAW code vitamin supplements from Garden of Life.

  • intergloss

    The #1 All Out smoothie sounds awesome. I've also tried adding things like red cabbage, cucumber, carrots, and pomegranate juice to morning smoothies. I generally shoot for the colors of the rainbow :)

  • KateSouth

    I definitely need to back off the decadent coffee cake I've been having for breakfast all this week and add more greens. I need a Vitamix!

  • yvonne
  • Priya- Fashiondrogue

    I'm so lazy and sometime in rush that i end up skipping breakfast...but i like these healthy and quick breakfast ideas

  • Alice

    Ah It makes me feel bad about my habitual cheese+ham+letuce+tomato sandwiches. Seriously, how can you guys survive on a shake?

    • Helen Vong

      haha I'm with you on that Alice! But shakes, made with some kind of protein source like protein powder, milk, or yogurt, are morning time-savers! Make it a habit now and your body and skin will look amazing by summer. Promise.

  • Meredith

    The Vitamix is the one kitchen appliance that I could not live without. Before purchasing the Vitamix, I tried several other blenders. None were even remotely as good.

    One of my favorite smoothies is a tropical green smoothie. And while I usually don't use a recipe, it would go something like this-

    One banana
    5-6 ice cubes
    4-5 small pineapple cubes (frozen cubes from Whole Foods are always in my freezer)
    1/2 cup mango coconut water
    Handful of spinach
    I scoop whey protein powder- vanilla
    1 tsp flax seeds

  • A Girl, A Style

    Wonderful post! Thank you for the reminder and the tips!

    Miss B xx

  • therealblonde

    Hi, I'm glad you're bringing that up! Do you know if it's only for hypothyroidism or also hyperthyroid? I was hyperthyroid, but after a threatment with radiocative iodine I'm hypothyroid. If I ask my doctor about nutrition, he just rolls his eyes...

  • texasvegmama

    I covet that Vitamix blender...

  • Jillian Hobbs

    I can live with baby steps! It's the best way to improve and grow, little by little year after year. Happy to hear Natalie's suggestions and I keep hearing about SLT... guess something is trying to tell me that I should check it out! ha


    Love Ezekiel bread and chia seeds (seeds are awesome in general). I'm glad more people are getting into avocado toast - mashed avocados are the best spread ever.

  • Anja

    Great post! Does anyone know where the shoes Natalie is wearing are from? :)