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Bad Hair, Great Comments (Part 1)


What did we learn from Nick and Emily’s His and Hers: Holiday Hair post? That everybody's got a bad-hair experience in their rearview (whether it be brought on by your parents, your friends, your half-blind grandmother, your traumatic high-school break-up, or your own damn self). Your stories were so good, and it was very hard to choose our favorites. Very hard. Like, choosing-between-a-home-perm-disaster-and-a-selectively-highlighted-mullet hard.

But, as ever, the cream rose to the top of the bowl(cut)! Our male winner, Caolan, wrote:

"It wasn't so much the hair. Maybe it was the hair, too. I had decided to go blond. Very blond. And we all know blonding can go horrendously wrong on the male of the species. So, rather than admitting defeat when I was mistaken for Swedish pop sensation Robyn in a bar, I decided that the real problem with my hair was that my eyebrows were far too dark for the level of blond that I had gone. Yes, that was definitely it. I set off to my local hairdressing supply store, bought a sizeable amount of peroxide and thought I would just tint them up a bit. In fact what actually happened was that I left it on far too long and, when combined with my ivory Irish complexion, I just looked like I had no eyebrows whatsoever. Oh well, at least I didn't have to worry about them matching my hair anymore."

(Of the photo, Caolan writes: "I can't seem to find any photos of the offending eyebrows, but I have no problem with you sharing the photo as is, so long as the article concludes that such horrendous decisions in the past have made us the well-groomed and attractive people we are today. Ha." And Caolan, that's exactly what we conclude. Nick's Bumble gift set is on the way to you!)

P.S.: Our gal winner will be revealed tomorrow!

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