Ave Maria(Carla)


Givenchy's latest Mariacarla Boscono-and-baby—yes, her baby—ad campaign is not only going full 13th Century Iconic (as in Madonna and child), it's all up in our recent history with baby-love (might we recommend Bonpoint for the baby-muse on the go?). But! The wee Boscono is not the only pint-size fashionably-spawned new face on the block. There's Romeo Beckham's charming, hammy Burberry campaign cameo [2,3 and video below], and the alarmingly pretty Dannielynn Birkhead (that'd be Anna Nicole's daughter) for Guess [4]. Cue the Awwwwws.

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  • Sophie Lewis

    Adorable ads! I love the one with the colorful trenches:) xx


  • Davide_S

    I love it!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3RH3IXFNGFIIRGEHXXO5TXVOEI Silvia

    Whoa Maria Carla is always stunning.


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