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Estée Lauder Zodiac Compact


Despite “What’s your sign?” being a question that I never thought I would hear outside of a bar (and 1975), here we are! And here I am, telling you that this Estée Lauder Zodiac Compact is my new favorite thing on my desk—not just because I have more than a passing fascination with astrology (if you haven’t read your horoscope lately, I highly recommend it), may or may not have an astrologer in my iPhone contacts, and am not totally unlike this bird, in that I love shiny, decorative things.

The locket-like compact is so shiny (and gold and is it holiday season yet??), about the size of a silver dollar, weighty in a good, substantive way, and is moulded into the zodiac motif of your choice (I’m a Gemini, and so I get the twins on mine). It comes with a little velvet pouch to protect it from your pockets/inside of your bag—which is where everything nice in my life goes to die—and it holds Estée Lauder's Lucidity pressed powder (it's translucent, fine, and goes on smooth for a non-cakey effect that subtly wakes up skin). Look, I'm not going to lie to you—I really never wear face powder, and I sometimes judge books by their covers (I always judge book covers, at least), but I would buy this one just for the case: it's collectible, forever refillable, and who hasn't once or twice found themselves absently wondering at dinner whether or not you have something in your teeth? This is literally the most sophisticated way I can think of to find out. Not to mention, the coolest way I can think of to answer that question I asked you at the top, without saying a word.

—Alessandra Codinha

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  • Janel

    My mother has had her Gemini compact for about 15 years... she just uses it as a compact mirror since there is no powder left. I've always loved it. Also, Susan Miller is a magical wizard who knows my life better than I do.

  • Aimee Wolf

    I agree - the packaging is fabulous. I have the August (Leo) and love how distinctive the emblem is. But the powder leaves much to be desired - hard to blend, goes on white and chalky, and generally makes me look like cardboard. I may carry it just for the mirror once the product is used, as I doubt I'll pay to refill it.

  • 수현 신

    gemini seems to be the prettiest


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