Valérie Delafosse, Designer, Eres


“I got into lingerie a long time ago. When I was 17 or 18, I couldn’t find anything fun and new and young for me or my friends, so I began to go to the flea market and find this beautiful old lingerie from the ‘50s. And I thought, ‘If there is nothing on the market, I’ll have to do something.’ I created Princesse Tam Tam with two of my friends when I was 22 years old. Then, I went to Eres. I’m like a mercenary. When someone needs creativity, they call me. It’s my strength.

Makeup and lingerie are two worlds that are very close—they are the closest things that you have on your body, and they’re both very personal choices. We work with a lot of sheer fabrics at Eres, so the colors have to be very beautiful on the skin—the same as cosmetics. There’s always navy somewhere... I went to a religious school, with uniforms, and I was always in navy blue, so maybe it stayed with me. But I like navy, it’s a lot easier to wear than black; it’s the ‘new black.’ It’s a clever color.

I have a very long beauty routine. [Laughs] I’m really fond of makeup. I wear lip gloss at night, but always very natural colors. I do use red lipstick sometimes; I love to use red in the winter when I have very pale skin. Red makes you happy. I use a matte Nars red, of course—the pencil-crayon, in Dragon Girl. It’s so good. It’s matte but it’s not dry. The Nars colors are wonderful, like their Rue de Rivoli, akhaki-green crayon I use on my eyes, and I love their Powder Foundation. I love mascara, too. I use Kanebo Sensai Mascara 38C because I heard Catherine Deneuve used it on stage and in her films; it never melts or runs down your cheeks. It’s a plastic, a fiber—it’s a very good one, and I’ve tried many. It’s not very well known, but it’s fantastic. In the summer, I wear Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50—the highest protection I can—but I still get tan. I love salt, or salty products—like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, which I just discovered—on my hair. I have curly hair, I can’t straighten it. Curly hair is me, who I am.

I also travel a lot. Every holiday, I’m in the sunshine, outside. I like to look at people, women on the beach, at the pool, and see how they walk and what they are doing. The cut and fit of a swimsuit is so important, and there are many tricks when shopping for one: you go in the morning, when you haven’t had lunch yet. Never after lunch. And go with your best friend! She will tell you the truth. When I am designing, I think about women: what they like, what they need, what they dream about… I’m thinking of me, sometimes. I want to make women feel more beautiful, more confident—I’m very concerned with body shape. Most women tend to hold weight in their lower stomach, so you can feel like you don’t look so good. I say that lingerie can be a bit like surgery, you know? You really feel slimmer when you put on an Eres bodysuit or the lingerie; you feel really different... I heard that Rihanna has a lot of Eres; she wears it on stage. I love Rihanna, I like her face. She’s very young, she’s beautiful. She’s very strong. I like her energy.”

—as told to ITG

Valérie Delafosse photographed by Elizabeth Brockway in New York on October 1st, 2012. 

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  • Denis R

    Perfect post. Before I didnt read about her. Now I will chceck her. Great, Have a ncie day.

  • Sophie L

    Love the detail put into that beauty routine. Great post. xo

  • mlle p

    The Nars crayon-pencil is excellent - lasts for so long and the color is true. I am still using my fave discontinued one, Ophelia.

  • Marianne Paul

    Great interview. Love her beauty routine and philosophy.

  • Sophie

    That is such good advice on swimsuit shopping tips--and only a best friend will ever really be able to tell you what looks good, bad, or merely miserable on you. I love her lines--she creates such beautiful looks, its fascinating to hear that some of the raciest, sexiest lingerie was inspired by religious school uniforms (even just in color). Also, love any shoutout to Deneuve I can find! Definitely looking for that mascara. Keep it up ITG!

  • singlegirldin

    Eres makes timeless bathing suit/bikini silhouettes that last forever. I still wear my Eres black bikini and get so many compliments on it. It looks simple but the cut is very flattering. Loved this feature!

  • Olivia Augustine

    Finally a French girl that has personality. Didnt say that she's not into makeup, never washed her hair, and always wear red lipstick bcoz thats what French women always do, not bcoz she likes it. Dont get me wrong it's not that i dont like French, but it's get tiring to read 9 out 10 French girls always stating the same things.