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One of the funnest things we get to do over at the Gloffice—aside from putting makeup on ourselves all day, documenting Nick’s mustache growth, and positioning our office boyfriend in various fictitious scenarios—is dreaming up co-branded projects with some of our favorite companies and people.

In the latest installment, as you’ve probably seen in the images that are on the site right this very moment (look to your right), we partnered with Nars to shoot an original campaign promoting their Andy Warhol Collection. Which, in plain speak, means Emily got to do what she does best: let those creative juices flow and that wacky imagination run wild. Of course, they don’t call it a team effort for nothing: “Okay, does anybody have an old Polaroid???” she shouted. “Uh, I think my mom does,” Nick said. Next thing you know, an original SX-70 (a Warhol favorite) arrives via UPS, and we were in business.

We cast Marc Jacobs SS ’13 opener (and campaign star) Ruby Jean Wilson as our heroine, and she showed up to our makeshift Factory one Saturday with a backpack of vintage goods, and in a pair of totally mod Louis Vuitton SS ’13 white shoes—a gift from Marc and Co. for her long hours of dedication pre-show (she did the “looks” in-house, musing for the designer and stylist). Makeup artist (and Tabitha Simmons fave) Yumi Mori created a series of Edie-worthy but totally modern makeup looks, while newcomer Brian Buenaventura whipped her platinum bob into a series of vintage shapes.

But the “secret ingredient” that day was most definitely a gentleman by the name of Kyle Depew (that’s @BKHipster to you, Instagram-ers), an associate at the last bastion of Polaroid film, Impossible Projects. Emily went to pick up some PX 70 Color Protection and PX 100 Cool film (at roughly $23 for a single pack—that’s eight shots—the stuff’s not exactly cheap) at the SoHo shop and wound up bringing back not only the film, but the 27-year-old Philly native, as well. “I first got an SX-70 in college. They're the best cameras Polaroid ever made,” he told us, admiring Nick’s mom’s equipment over the counter. “And yes, Warhol was OBSESSED with the SX-70. He's even depicted wearing one around his neck on that silver statue that was recently erected near Union Square where the Factory was!” Well, fancy that. “Okay, it sounds like you know a lot about this,” Emily said. “Wanna come help out on our shoot?”

The results can be seen on ITG through Wednesday (with some images on our Tumblr, too), in this rad gif, and in the BTS snaps in our slideshow. Oh, and don’t forget to scoop up some of the goods (Ruby Jean took home a bag full—literally) over at

Ruby Jean wears her own clothing and Louis Vuitton shoes. Vintage jewelry from Emilie Jean.

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  • Sophie Lewis

    Stunning photos! I have been wanting a polaroid camera for a while, and I think this shoot may have convinced me to finally purchase one! xx

  • non disclosure

    I actually thought it was EW herself who was modeling the looks.

    I thought the different jawline was just the impression created by higher camera angles and some serious shading along the cheekbones.

  • Dip It Black

    Beautiful pictures!
    Love poloraid photos!


  • katie chambers

    Your office sounds so fun and great. I totally want to work for you!

  • Kirsi Emilia

    Love your photos! I saw a picture of you in Trendi - magazine wearing purple leather pants. Made me want to buy a pair too :D

    xx Casey