Naomi and Kate Get Cuddly, We Get Nostalgic


When we got an eyeful of Naomi and Kate on the cover of Interview Russia (also Germany, apparently) we didn't join the ranks of the media transfixed by Naomi's bared (ahem) assets or initially gawk at the clothes (Gucci, and hot-off-the-presses Saint Laurent—though, those hats!). What drew us in was the look. The pair are sporting thick, lush and full false eyelashes, glowing complexions courtesy of Lucia Pieroni, and '60s-style coifs with a sort of modern scope by none other than Christaan.

The interview purportedly touches on the beginning of Naomi and Kate's modeling careers, and all their shared memories and experiences. All in all, the whole thing just made us want to re-watch Catwalk, the 1996 Christy Turlington documentary, which tracked the tip-top model's moves through Milan, Paris and New York over one year. In case you haven't seen it (it's only available on YouTube, we think), it's the most amazing thing ever, mostly because of scenes like the one below (featuring a baby Kate, young Naomi playing den-mother, and dare we say a little cattiness between Christy and Veronica Webb backstage at Versace?). Watch and try NOT to want to go back in time, be a super, and/or be Christy's best friend:

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