Tsi-La Fragrance Oils


In case you couldn't tell, we care about fragrance. We want everyone to smell beautiful, sure, but we don't want everyone to smell the same (and certainly not the same as us). Well, Tsi-La’s model founder (and one-time Juergen Teller/Peter Lindbergh muse) Annie Morton [2] has created a mini collection of four of her cult-favorite perfume oils, meant to be mixed, matched, and made your own.  The completely organic oils are untouched by alcohol, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorings, while still retaining lasting power, so you can go green without feeling anything less than great-smelling.

The roll-ons come in four flavors: Fleur Sauvage (a not overly feminine powerful floral, heavy on the jasmine but tempered by woodsy notes), Kesu (amber mixed with smoky incense and spices), Ilang Ilang (warm, vanilla-ish), and Kizes (citrus, sunny, a hint of jasmine—it smells almost beachy). They’re all unisex, perfectly giftable (doing away with that whole awkward “I bought you a fragrance and you don’t like it at all” thing once and for all) and can inspire the amateur/aspiring “nose” in all of us. Watch out, Hayley Alexander Van Oosten!

Get your Tsi-La Mini Collection Perfume Oils ($75 for a set of 4) here.

Photo 2: Annie Morton photographed by Juergen Teller.

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