Lash Alert: Lancôme Doll Lashes


Admittedly, I treat mascaras the way that womanizers treat women. I am a mascara-izer. No matter what I'm using and how great it is, my head will turn at the sight of a new wand, formula, rumor, you get the idea. "Check out the comb on that one! See you later, Great Lash." (That is me, talking to my fellow beauty junkies in a Sephora.) Plus, mascaras expire really quickly (we're talking four months), which makes the whole constantly-buying-them thing a lot easier to justify. The good news is, this makes me excellent at recommending them; if you can buy it, chances are I've tried it.

So when Hurricane Sandy cracked her whip across Manhattan and it was time to get my Mayor Bloomberg-recommended "Grab and Go Bag," I hustled together all the usual important things:

-contact lenses

-my wallet and my passport in case I had to run for the border

-Flashlight, Mophie Juicepack (both on keychain)

-changes of clothes (i.e. weird amount of sweaters and not enough socks)

-4 books, laptop (ITG never sleeps!)

-the new issue of Self Service [Please note: I do not recommend bringing Self Service with you in an emergency situation. It is fantastic, but it also happens to weigh, like, seven pounds.]

-and, you know, mascaras

Plural. I brought three different mascaras. I cannot really defend this, other than saying that I am a girl who likes to have options (even in my makeup Ziploc). Emily made me feel better about the whole 'pack rat' scenario when I emailed her from my temporary abode (at my very generous friend's UES apartment, LOVE YOU MARIANA): "Right before I left my power-less apartment, I added this new Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara I'd never tried to my bag. The brush is flared at the bottom and at the top and skinny in the, true to the brand, in a vaguely 'hourglass' shape. It's kind of decadent, if you could describe mascara that way... The brush collects a lot of product, and the application is fairly intense, but the formula is silky, which means even though it really gunks up your lashes, they don't look like they've spun out of control. They're just plump and jet black. Plus, it wears pretty well throughout the day, but I don't worry much about smudging, etc. That's what Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks are for. It's makeup, not spray paint—it's going to move around at some point."

See? Everybody wants to try out new mascaras, even on the fly. And YET: despite my going-for-broke with options in my Ziploc(s), there's only one this week that I keep reaching for: Lancôme's Hypnôse Doll Lashes (in So Black!). Even though I've been into rake-like combs for a while now—and Doll Lashes has a more traditional applicator wand—I can't get enough of it. The brush is cone-shaped, narrower at the tip and wider at the base (think: Christmas tree), and hits all your eyelashes (including the little ones in the inner corner) in one fell swoop with volumizing, lifting, lengthening goodness. Lancôme credits their 'FiberShine' formula for the glossy result, and it definitely loads your fringe with some weightless, serious reflectiveness. We're talking wide-eyed, gamine, Anna Karina "Who, me?" doll eyes, even while couch surfing the entire week: Sold.*

*At least, until my nearest Sephora reopens.

—Alessandra Codinha

Alessandra Codinha [1] wearing Doll Lashes; Doll Lashes in action [2, 3]. Photographed in New York on Nov 1st, 2012.

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  • Sissel

    Max Factor's False Lash Effect mascara is THE number 1 mascara on the market. And I've been through EVERY mascara! Trust me on this..

    • Guava Girl

      Max Factor False Lash for a first coat
      then YSL SHOCKING for two coats


    • Makeupart9

      I totally agree!! Ive tried tons of mascaras (i'm a makeup artist) and this is my first pick!

  • jenny

    I am also a self-confessed mascara-aholic- love Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes too- i don't know why it isn't raved about more often!


  • Karina

    Actually THE number one mascara on the market is Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill - so. Anyways, a REALLY great mascara is actually this one, try it SERIOUSLY !

    • Heather

      I second that opinion. Eyes To Kill is the best I've ever used.

  • Christina

    Hmmm I never got this effect with Lancôme doll lashes. Everytime I've attempted to use it I get a overdone look instead of the softer look you managed. Perhaps it's do with eyelash density and length.

    • Bird

      I feel the same way! Also, it dried out REALLY quickly for me, and sort of smells funny. It was great for a night out- but I couldn't use it daily.

  • Hbs1857

    Wait! Youre supposed to refresh your mascara every four months?! I am absolutely doing it wrong. But what a good excuse to try these mascaras. I love this look!

  • Denis R

    Wow. So nice pics. I like Max Factor. It is one of best mascaras I have. Perfect..

  • VotreAmie

    DANG! Your lashes have got some serious length!!!!

  • Melody Sage

    I am so going to get this! Thanks for feeding my indefensible materialism:)

  • Lavang

    Sending love to those affected by Sandy!

    Your lashes look beautiful! And I am loving your brows. How does the mascara do with holding curl from an eyelash curler?


    I found the Doll Lashes seemed to run more than other Lancome mascaras, bit loved the brush. I've been sticking with Precious Cils or the vibrating one with the fat brush.

  • Talullah Francis

    Wait, wait, wait... You guys. You're all missing a trick here. Skip the beauty counters and hit up Topshop instead. Their mascara is literally the best I have tried, and boy, have I tried a lot. And it's super cheap too (I'm in the UK and its like £8-£10 depending on whether you get the ones from the core collection or the limited edition ones... The Louise Gray one is particularly spesh with its jazzy neon pink packaging!) Think of it this way, it's the perfect excuse to pick up that party dress you've been eyeing up too while you're at it...

    You're welcome guys!

  • Mouthfulofstyle

    So pretty!

    Style insights and fashion business learnings:

  • Jen7jack

    Hmm . . . sounds tempting to try, but I don't know if I can give up Dior's Diorshow Black Out. I've always come back to it because it looks amazing - even enough for those days when the only makeup I put on is mascara.

  • Icaria

    I think I will have to try Lancôme next, it might be "the one". I've been having a hard time finding the perfect mascara.

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Wow--your lashes look FAB! I kinda sorta need this mascara now even though I usually stick with drugstore brand mascaras--specifically CoverGirl's Lash Blast

  • Caroline

    Ha! Hilarious! I am very fickle when it comes to my makeup as well but I keep coming back to Dior Show mascara..... can't get enough.

  • Sofia – As We Travel

    You convinced me, gotta have those doll lashes!

  • Angemora

    Origins' Ginzing is really great.

  • jax

    bought it and LOVE it!!!! great rec!

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    Ooh, I found Doll Lashes terrible! Clumpy and smudgy and annoying. Hypnose Drame is my jam, or Cover Girl Lash Blast.

  • Shelley Campbell

    I loved Lancôme's Hypnôse Doll Lashes for a week. After that it was horribly dried out and wouldn't coat my lashes.

    My current fav is Tom Ford's Extreme Mascara. My trusty standby is Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Mascara, the Original one not the Excess or Stretch lengthening ones.

  • Brittany Rubin

    I love the Doll Lashes but sadly it dries out SO fast! At that price it should last a good while but sadly dries out way too quickly. Bummer.

  • BeautyholicRomy

    Ooo the Hourglass mascara sounds amazing

  • Anna

    I just got the Doll Lashes about a week ago, and I am definitely loving it! I was curious when it first came out, so this post was definitely the tipping point for me. Did I REALLY need a new mascara? Well, it HAS been over three months since I purchased thank you, Alessandra, you convinced me. :)
    I used Bad Gal for the longest time, and for some reason I can't quite name, I just kind of got tired of it. Or I was over it, or something. It's weird! I used it through college and well into my early adult years, and then one day, I was just like, "Okay. I'm ready to move on now." Funny, though, I got a mini tube of it for my 20-year-old sister-in-law to try, and she thought it was the greatest thing ever! I guess we all go through our Bad Gal faze. :)
    So, I know everyone raves, but the Diorshow is just okay for me! It's a little intense, and awesome for a night out or something, but I usually prefer a more subtle, natural look. My favorite for a while has been Stila's Glamoureyes mascara. It doesn't seem to be super popular, and some people totally hate it, but I think it's great! It is very liquidy--I like to think it's kind of old-fashioned, like maybe that's how mascara used to be in the '40s or '50s, but maybe it's just the name (and anyway, I have no idea why archaic mascara is appealing to me). But that liquidy-ness allows you to control the drama--one coat and your lashes are lengthened and volumized in a very natural, pretty way, and then two or three coats will give you a more made-up, "night-on-the-town" look.
    With the Doll Lashes mascara, it seems that a little drama is unavoidable. But it makes my eyes so pretty! I feel like it makes me look younger! And I think it should be called "Doe Lashes" instead, or maybe "Cartoon Baby Animal Lashes". I've caught myself gazing ridiculously into my own big innocent eyes in the bathroom mirror more than once since I bought it.
    Eyes that look so good, you mesmerize yourself--I don't know what more a mascara could do!

  • Stuffed Doggie

    I have short thick lashes - typically I skip mascara because I've never found one that appeals. I bought Doll Lashes because the wand was so interesting... And it's the best I've ever tried! Long, lovely, feathery lashes that build nicely without going thick. Usually I like to curl my lashes before applying mascara but this product does the trick on it's own - And best of all, it has a lovely subtle rosy smell that adds a nice luxurious touch. Lancôme!

  • Stephanie Landry

    What shadow and liner?

  • Stephanie Landry

    What shadow and liner?


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