Fun Facts About Victoria’s Secret Angels


So Emily just got back from backstage at the Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show (more on that tomorrow), and she came bearing gifts! Namely, the press pack, which Tommy Ton pointed out to her as being worth a read. And? It is. The tip sheets have 6 models a page and include their heights, birth day/month and state (or country) of origin. Also, a Fun Fact (that kind of reads like a personal ad!)! Nearly all involve working out, quite a few mention Rihanna, and some favorite snacks! We pulled out a few of our faves. Read 'em and weep:

Constance Jablonski: 5'11" / Apr 17/ France

FUN FACT: Constance enjoys watching Broadway shows, playing the piano, and tennis. She loves chocolate and breakfast is her favorite meal of the day.

Izabel Goulart: 5'10.5"/ Oct 23/ Brazil.

FUN FACT: Izabel does kickboxing and Pilates religiously and meditates daily to stay grounded.

Toni Garrn: 5'11.5"/ Jul 7/ Germany

FUN FACT: Toni like to eats [sic] chocolate on the treadmill. She also uses house music to sleep when she is on planes.

Jacquelyn Jablonski: 5'9.5"/ April 4/ New Jersey

FUN FACT: Jacquelyn loves to travel and try new restaurants with her friends. Her guilty pleasure is carrot cake and she also loves peanut butter.

Sharam Diniz: 5'10"/Mar 2/ Angolan

FUN FACT: Sharam loves listening to music, but has a terrible singing voice. She played basketball in high school and loves to travel to tropical destinations.

Jessica Hart5'10/ Mar 26/ Australia

FUN FACT: Jessica enjoys listening to Rihanna and loves playing with her dog. She rides BMX bikes and enjoys designing and buying parts for her bikes.

Joan Smalls: 5'10.5"/Jul 11/ Puerto Rico

FUN FACT: Joan's favorite song is "Clique" by Kanye West, Jay-Z and Big Sean. She also enjoys working out.

Lais Ribeiro: 5'11"/ Oct 5/ Brazil

FUN FACT: Lais loves house music. One of her favorite songs is Little House by Amanda Seyfried and she also loves Brazilian artist Nando Reis. Her most valued treasure is the time spent with her son Alexandre.

Lily Donaldson: 5'10"/ Jan 27/ United Kingdom

FUN FACT: Lily's hobbies include painting, reading, and playing the piano. Her favorite photographer is dad, Matthew Donaldson.

Liu Wen: 5'11"/ Jan 27/ China

FUN FACT: Liu loves reading books and surfing the internet when she is not modeling. She lives in Beijing and New York.

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  • Maya Marlot

    Just sitting here, reading this, crying that I'm not one of them, and dreaming of chocolate... thanks VS.

  • kate moss daily

    I had no idea Cara was only 5'8." Cool to learn about these little details. Almost makes the angels seem like one of us regular girls...almost!

  • Trushna Khatri

    I would love to get into a modelling career one day! It would be amazing.. I'm 5"8/5"9 so I think it's almost the perfect height, right? Just not sure how to get into that career.. But these girls sound amazing! :)

  • Trushna Khatri

    Wow.. These girls sound amazing! Posts like these make me really want to pursue a career in modelling.. I'm 5"8/5"9 so it would be absolutely awesome but I have no idea how to get into it! Maybe one day haha

  • Sophie

    Love Cara and Karlie so much; cannot wait to watch them in the show! Thanks for the fun facts:)

  • Rose_Luv

    Am I the only one unimpressed with the whole Victoria Secret Angel's concept? For one thing VS makes some of the cheapest (quality wise) lingerie around, but for not that cheap of a price. And everything is made in China.

    Then they try to act like they have these "curvy" girls as their angels, when really they are all rail thin, they just happen to have a little more T&A than some of the other high fashion models. I find the whole angel campaign super cheesy.

  • Marta E

    Great post!!!!

    Looking forward to see the Fashion show :)


    (Could you help me just clicking "like" HERE It's for a scholarship, thanks!! :) )


  • P is for Ploy

    I love that they "love" working out. Guess that's the price you pay to be an angel!

  • Natalia Zurowski

    Barbara Palvin is really 171cm so 5.7.5" ;) It's so nice to see the slightly shorter girls like her and Cara be in the show as well! They are both such sweet girls that it just comes to show you that height isn't everything in the modelling world!

  • Lily KG

    Cannot wait to see the photos!
    Lily KG

  • princesspinstripe

    This article written in the guardian really sums up my feelings about the Victoria Secret fashion show. Come on ITG! I thought you were better than this.