Pretty Friggin’ Awesome


Pinch me now—in my local Sephora, and probably yours, are ginormous displays of yours truly looking, well, unlike I've ever looked before, and, most likely, how I'll never look again.

One morning back in July, a group of some of the most gorgeous girls I know (Leelee Sobieski, Julia Sarr-Jamois, Langley Fox Hemingway, and more) gathered at Pier 59 to be made over and shot by David Sims (!!!) for Sephora's holiday campaign. And when I looked at the call sheet the night before, if I hadn't already fallen off my chair from seeing the list of girls, I did when I saw two names: Guido and Diane Kendal. The glam squad that I nervously approach for interviews backstage at shows like Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, and Prada were going to be doing hair and makeup on me.

For the shoot, Kendal worked her well-documented face-sculpting magic, painted on some seriously boyish brows, lacquered up my lips, and sent me over to Palau, who sort of paused for a second and said, "Let's just do it on the set." So as I sat on a stool in front of one of my favorite photographers in the world, Guido's assistants passed him bottles of products and no fewer than five instruments, like doctors in an E.R. ("Scalpel!") while he twisted and twirled pieces of my hair out from under a hat. Snap! Snap! Snap! and ten minutes later, I walked away. Did that even just happen? It did, I was reminded, by standing in front of a kiosk in the SoHo Sephora, snapping pics of myself (and texting Langley hers) to send to my parents, in what was probably my most meta moment to date. And now, I'll go back to being the beauty reporter. But it was pretty friggin' awesome, and I just had to share.

—Emily Weiss

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  • pixiedust8

    She is gorgeous, but I read Into the Gloss regularly and didn't know who she was until I googled.

    • Katrrr

      I think that says more about your reading comprehension than anything else.

      • Ginger Noisette

        I also learnt about her now, not everyone is native english speaker, Madame Furrious:)

  • Nomadic D.

    Holy smokes!! That is crazy exciting! Congratulations! And you look damn gorgeous! Exclamation marks abound!

  • Sara Mallory

    you look beautiful

  • pemberleyjones

    Very cool! Congrats!

  • Charice Jordan

    It's amazing and you look fantastic! Congratulations! :)

  • ECRiley

    You look like Crystal Renn in the ad phot...gorg!

  • Elise Phillips

    I first saw it in the SoHo Sephora and almost squealed - you look phenomenal! What a surreal experience walking into your local Sephora and seeing your giant head staring back at you!

  • Maria Bostrom Galvin

    STUNNING!! Can you give us a break down of the makeup products Diana Kendal used to create your look? Also, can you i.d. that gorgeous jacket?

  • Kharina Sterner

    Friggin' awesome indeed! This is something you tell your grand kids. :D

  • Project Style

    Congratulations!!! You truly look amazing!!! Great campaign!!!

    Friederike for Project Style (

  • Sophie Lewis

    Congratulations these photos are stunning!

  • MyDearGirl

    I remember when I first viewed this blog.... genius. The Hills...dear god. You've given so many of us readers an in depth look of beauty products, secrets, and fabulous tips. Couldn't imagine the web with out Into the Gloss. Here's to your brand!Congratulations! Can't wait to have my hands on a book! Soon I hope? Fingers crossed!

  • Alice Edgeley

    WOW how fantastic you look truly amazing, beautiful, fierce and fragile, like a doll

  • Sara Scott

    Congratulations! It's an amazing campaign! I was quite excited when I found the video on

  • nitataub

    so now can you tell me where you got that hat?

  • nitataub

    I work for Sephora and I think your picture is the best of the group!!! its an AMAZING photo, you look beautiful. I really want to know what hat you have on cuz I am a hat lover!!!

  • Azrakun Blue

    big big congrats! You look stunning...

  • Andrea Estrada

    omg..i work at a sephora and went the displays first went up...i couldn't stop staring at yours because you looked familiar..but didn't? lol you look gorgeous as always!!

  • Lori Santos

    So fun to see you like this

  • Lori Santos

    And you look GORGEOUS!!

    But you're a beauty either way..

  • Jennifer Monforton

    That's incredible- congrats! The photos look great. I'll have to keep an eye open for you next time I'm at Sephora ;)


  • Couteau

    Very Parisian.

  • Alison M

    I am head over heels in love with that look! I too would so appreciate knowing what products were used. The lip color especially is stunning!