Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Stylist


“I’m from France, raised in the south of France. I have always been passionate about fashion. I think you need to be born with this in your stomach. You can learn a lot of things, but you cannot learn style. Style is your insides. It’s like a singer: a singer is born lucky because they have a voice. Some people are born lucky because they have style, some others are lucky because they know how to cook… I think it’s something that you have to be born with.

My mother was an extremely chic lady. Chic is not about designer clothes; chic is not about money. Chic is about personal style, how to mix your things together. I think Adidas is to die. I’m obsessed by Adidasobsessed. I think it’s one of the chicest things in the world. And I absolutely adore Jeremy Scott, too. I wear a lot of sneakers—Adidas by Jeremy Scott. I have a collection. You know, me, I love to collect. When I go crazy, I collect. It’s not that I wear everything, I don’t care, I just have to see it in my closet and I’m happy. I hate trends—I never follow trends, never, ever in my life. I do my own personal style.

In my work, I never think too much. I hate brainstorming. I hate people who think too much. I’m not someone who puts references and boards like they do now—it’s in my head. I do this with instinct. When I cook, I have instinct; I’ve never opened a cookbook in my life. It’s like at a sitting [for a shoot]: I need the girl in front of me to dress her. I never can put the same thing [on a different girl]. I work on the girl, so if the girl changes, it’s not the same story…. I love a lot of girls: I love sexy girls, absolutely, sexy girls. I love a model who loves fashion. Unfortunately there’s not a lot now who understand the attitude. They are too young, I think—they don’t get the fashion. I mean, it’s not their fault. But, you just put things on them and basta! It’s not like the real models before who enjoy. You know, Linda, Naomi, Christy… All those girls, they know what they love. I like the women models now, like Aymeline [Valade]. It’s not about age, it’s about having it inside. It’s energy. I love energy, I hate sad—I hate sad. I like smiling in pictures, I love some teeth. When I do my pictures, I always want teeth, fresh, divine, sexy, happy.

Sure, I prefer a sexy body type. Also, when the girl glows and she’s tan—I love the tan, otherwise I die. This is what I always call ‘the beautiful skin.’ Laura Mercier used to do the best skin. J’adore Laura. J’adore. She’s the one that was doing the best skin ever—she was taking time. And François Nars. Makeup is all about the skin.

Beauty for me is inside. I never go do a facial, I don’t care about this. Though I’m obsessed with my nails. When I go to Paris, my appointment for my nails is already taken care of before I leave New York. I don’t go to manicure in New York; I do it here myself, and I do it perfectly. I always do a natural color, pink but a little white. I use Herôme, a French product that makes your nails strong. And I always put white pencil under [the tips]. I don’t like the French manicure with the white tip—I hate it. I love clear and fresh! I hate yellow nails; I think it happens when someone uses a lot of red polish. I always tell the models to please take off the red nail polish when they go in the sun. Yes! Because when you have red polish on, after your nails go yellow—absolutely. Me, if I go to the sun, I take off everything.

I love the sun. I’ve been in the sun since I was a kid in Saint-Tropez… I used to apply the ‘tan vinaigrette’—you know, the olive oil with vinegar. Then, I started using the cream, from the milk of the cow. It was very in-fashion in Saint Tropez!  You went from vinaigrette to the cow cream. It was a very thick cream, and people used to use it on their hands, and it was very à la mode to use it for tanning; we all had it. It was very sticky. I’m always a bit obsessed with sun. But, it shows on my face because—wrinkles!—but c’est la vie, ci comme ça! I absolutely adore sun.

I always like to be tan. During the winter I go to the sun. Or I do François Nars’ the Multiple, in Palm Beach. I love Nars. The other one I love is Waikiki, but they don’t do it anymore. This is also good: Lancôme Dual Finish Powder in Matte Honey. It’s not new, but it’s perfection. Also, the Nars Tinted Moisturizer is the best product. It’s insane. Look at it! The texture is insane. It’s absolutely to die. I never use foundation, just that.

For makeup, I do my eyes with François Nars’ Black Moon pencil, and my lipstick is something from the pharmacy called Avène Cold Cream that I absolutely adore. It’s white, transparent, but it gives this little white tint I love. I’m obsessed with it. I mean, if I leave my home without this in my pocket, I die.

I use a lot of François Nars skincare, a lot of Chanel, and things from the French pharmacy. To clean my eyes, I use Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover—perfection, perfection. This is my cream in Paris, divine: A-Derma Crème Epithéliale. I never remember which it is when I go to the pharmacy so I have to bring a picture. [Laughs] You know, it’s all the French things—Avène and La Roche-Posay, which I adore, especially La Roche-Posay Micellar, to remove makeup and clean. And I love my Chanel Sublimage for the face. I use Rogé Cavaillès on my body. It’s for dry skin—I always bring them back from Paris, always, always. And I always have Homeoplasmine with me for anything: lips, cut, whatever, I put it [on]. This is important: do you know about Biafine? Biafine is a product you use when you take too much sun. It is the best thing in the world. This is one of those things that I bring back from Paris and I put in the fridge. It helps heal the burns. I also put the Klorane eye patches in the fridge, which is the best because you put them on in the morning and it’s cold. I don’t do it every day—almost every day, when I have time.

My hair is done by the BEST, BEST, BEST colorist called Sophie Georgiou at Sharon Dorram [at Sally Hershberger] —amore! You have no idea—she is insane, she’s the best, best, best person in life. She does everything: highlights, color. I have some gray; I like to cover it. Otherwise, I use all the Oribe products; I love them. And when I go into the sun, I put in tons of the Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme. And I never wash my hair, just rinse. My hair is a bit dry, so the oil helps it a bit. The Nuxe oil is a good one, too.

Me, I think plastic surgery is too much; I think it’s sad. And the sad thing is that it’s getting younger—now the girls begin younger and younger. Yeah, of course aging is not a great thing—of course it’s not—but, you know, people who do the eyes and the head stays the same…. I don’t think it’s fooling anybody, dear. It’s all in your age. What can we do? Everyone is going to pass it. You have to arrive to aging if you’re not dead before. Of course, you want to look young, but…me, I’m absolutely terrified to go and do a shot. So, I eat extremely well. I drink a lot of yerba mate, it’s a South American tea. If not, I do my ginger tea or green tea. And I drink a lot of espresso. But I eat extremely healthy. When I’m in town, every Saturday morning at a quarter before seven I leave here and I go to Union Square Farmer’s Market. I buy all my fish at the Union Square market. If I cannot go Saturday, I’ll go on Wednesday. And I freeze all my fish and I buy all the vegetables, the yogurt, and in the winter, when there’s nothing to buy, I’ll just get some roots, and I make soup. And I eat lentils and I do soup with all kinds of things that I found. And that’s it.

I don’t work out, unfortunately…but I have to begin. Yes, when I was having a breakup, I did it for one year. I have to find the right person [to train with]. I used to have a dog that I absolutely adored, and I used to walk—all day I was in the park. Really, I was obsessed by walking with my dog. But it is very boring to walk alone. I love life here, I love energy. I love to laugh. I love to have fun.”

—as told to ITG

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on October 23rd, 2012.

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  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I'm clearly grouchy today, but what is the point of eating healthy if you smoke, don't exercise and bake in the sun (sounds like with no protection)? On the flip side she's got some awesome energy (sounds a bit Vreeland-esque) and Biafine is the business used as an overnight cream (on normal skin, nothing to do with post sun care).

    • Dominika Król

      Would that be better if she ate rubbish food AND smoke AND bake in the sun etc.? Plus, I think diet is pretty much the most important out of all.
      And her attitude is just lovely! She does whatever she feels like and apparently accepts the consequences of it. I would really love to be around someone like that. Great post, ITG, really enjoyed it.

      • Rose_Luv

        Actually exercise and not smoking is far more important than diet. Raising your heart rate is far more beneficial for your cardiovascular system than eating a salad. And smoking is by far the worst thing one can do for their health.

    • SF City Editor

      Product may be designed to use a certain way, but have multiple uses. I heard that Biafine was great for sun burns as it repairs the skin.

      • Katherine Smith

        I use biafine on my face as an ultra-hydrator, as well as a sunburn cream. I love it. It recruits microphages to the skin for healing. With pollution, free radicals, and everyday sun exposure, it can't hurt. I can't say enough about it. Friends always tell me how great my skin looks, and strangers are always surprised by my age, sometimes demanding my ID to prove that I am older than they think.

    • Voza

      I don't smoke, do yoga, eat healthy and whatever you think is good. I am boring. Every time I see all those old italian or French ladies smoking after a meal at the restaurant looking radiant and so happy I realize that a healthy life is more about being happy than eating organic. She is one adorable crazy lady...

      • Irene Rasi

        "a healthy life is more about being happy than eating organic" - amen! So nicely said! :)

    • Alipop

      I love her attitude. She's FRENCH- she smokes. I truly believe the most important part of being healthy is being happy. Some of the 'healthiest people' (who follow the strictest guidelines with EVERYTHING), die of cancer. It's still a mystery in many ways- cancer. I am not using this as an excuse to smoke, but I highly doubt this woman will die of anything but pure old, OLD and appreciated, age ;-)

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Adrienne Angelos

    Fabulous story! I love the honesty of including the Marlboro's - let's face it, everyone retains at least one unhealthy habit and it sounds like she's eating great which is the hard part so I think she's earned a vice.

    • CayC

      If you smoke, you may as well eat badly. Whatever you ingest is going to pale in comparison to what is happening to your lungs.

      • monica noir

        I wish you cigarette nazis give it up. Do you walk up to overweight and obese people ranting to them about how their weight makes them unhealthy?

        Some people smoke, this is a person from the old guard fashion industry, she smokes!

        *steps off podium and Naomi Campbell struts away*

  • Claudia McQuistion

    I know I don't have a ton of fashion street cred, but I am wondering why she has what looks like piles of towels????

    • ITGNick

      They're Hermès!

    • Rose_Luv

      A pile of towels, shelves or shoes, stacks of make up and clutter every where. Her home looks like it belongs to a hoarder!

      • SF City Editor

        I guess than my room should belong to a hoarder, as I am skincare obsessed.

    • SF City Editor

      Because she collects them, she collects all sorts of things, ballet flats, beach towel, Oribe, Nars etc...

  • Molly Young


  • ritournelle

    She sounds like one crazy lady. I could hear her thick French accent in my head while reading this!

  • Diana Fortuna

    I loooove her!!!

  • Larissa

    Her energy is amazing, love the article!

  • Orla

    She loves, loves, loves so many things. I give her credit for looking chic in a ridiculous track suit.

  • Devon Reitzel

    i love her. she is refreshing. i think life is about balance. not everyone can say no sun, no smokes, no alcohol-but if you find a balance youre happy with you feel a little less guilty about smoking cigarettes when you know you are ingesting super healthy meals. i know its ridiculous-but live your life.

  • Marta E

    She really looks so cool and full of energy, love it!!

    Also love adidas clothes and Nars so... Hahaha! <3



  • SLePane

    Really nice to see someone who loves the sun... I am no proponent of indoor tanning, but I just find it so backwards that we eschew the only thing giving us life on this planet!

  • freudianslippers

    I love her, and I love her enthusiasm, but that track suit is RUINING MY LIFE.

  • SF City Editor

    I love all of the JPG's, especially the show wall, amazing. Thank you for sharing. happy turkey day!

  • SF City Editor

    I have lot's of nice things but when I am at home all visitors are subject to my old house clothes, at least she is wearing nice sweats.

  • Denisa

    Intristing post, great house. Have a nice day.

  • mllep

    I love how her energy and enthusiasm for things comes through and I literally gasped when I saw the wall of shoes with every color chanel flat! She looks happy and sounds like a fascinating person. I think she should maybe get another dog - lots need rescuing and would love to walk with her!

  • beautyidealist

    Does she kind of remind anyone else of a french real life version of Edina from AbFab? lol

  • Charlotte Goldfarb

    Love the shower caps - would love know the source.

  • lisa_carbone

    Live and let live...I only wish I had the balls to live as she lives, with no apologies and as she many of us can say we exist with such freedoms.

    • monica noir

      Amen sister,Carlyne is living a good life.

  • Pandora Outofthebox

    I love reading. J'adore. And I did read it until the end while combing my hair with my aldi hairbrush - it is the BEST; I am obsessed with it. You know, it's all about hair, I hate people who don't have any. But some people are just not born with it I think. I don't care, you see, I don't like thinking too much. J'ADORE.

  • Natalie Walker

    This is such a fun read! I absolutely love her energy and she sound's like someone who lives a pretty happy life. Very inspiring! Definitely one of my favourite ITG posts. :)

  • Purduenurse

    WTF...did people really put olive oil and vinegar on themselves in the sun? I put that on my salad. All the same, I love the post. I love any post that goes into French beauty products. I am obsessed.

  • Anna-Maria Turcato

    Very nice post, thank you ITG!!!
    She's simply adorable with a great energy.
    I also hate brainstorming and the people who think to much: maybe she could hire me :)
    She should quit smoking though and stay far from sun.

  • monica noir

    I love how passionate she is about everything and I adore her collection of Chanel flats.

  • Kerry Diamond

    Great interview.

  • monica noir

    My God the cigarette and run from the sun Nazis will be the death of me on these posts. Some people act like smoking>viewing child p*^n. Really have we become that obsessed with smoking ? What is the life expectancy of a Japanese man vs an American man?

    Have any of you watched any of the fashion documentaries from the 90's like unzipped? All of the fashion people smoked. All of the supermodels smoked except Cindy IIRC. Carylyne is from that time. Please give her and other smokers a break.

    For the record, I am not a smoker just hate the attitude given to smokers esp when the person giving tude has her own health issues( I see you inhaling that venti frapacino with whip ,*wink*).

    • sbridgeman

      That's quite an assumption. Smoking is horrible for one's health; admitting that doesn't mean one is obsessed or a "Nazi." Statements like that are incredibly immature. Smoking isn't "fun" or "cool," but rather quite stupid (and, of course, I understand it isn't easy to quit). It really isn't worth lung cancer or heart problems. Those who think eating well, which is obviously important, are in complete denial if they think it will negate the ill effects of smoking.

  • Nancy Moore

    Great interview, delightful snaps and fabulous outlook on life. Cheers Carlyne!

  • The Minx

    she is perfect. I like how she's a contradiction, how she sunbathes, how she smokes and eats well and doesn't exercise. she's a real person, she's full of life!! I thought this interview was perfect.

  • Ewa Bilinska

    I'm glad to see someone who is a OCD as I am about beauty product packages. Just that track suit, i'm afraid it killed the fantasy of a fashion editor one might have.

  • Pixel_Queen

    So. Smoke, tan, don't read, never exercise and have the great good fortune to be born into wealthy French family. Got it.

  • M F

    J'ADORE CETTE FEMME ! i feel like i know her personally after reading this. her personality just comes off the screen via the images and text. MERCI !

  • Carm

    went back to this post to refer to a picture.... only thing is, there aren't any more pics? What happened to them ITG?

    • mickharper

      Hey Carm -- thanks for pointing that out. Should be fixed now!

  • FM

    I looooooove authenticity, absolutly adore this lady!!!! And yeah, best thing to be young at heart soul and mind, just be happy enjoy your life the fullest.

  • DesignFluff

    This woman is zesty! She certainly knows what she likes. I love that she's comfortable in her own skin which is certainly sexy or chic as she puts it. I'd love to be around more people like her that are their own and not a product of follow the leader, though I love everyone, it takes a lot of guts and confidence in your design style to never follow a trend, very refreshing. I think that trends get a bad rap at times though from people like this. Trends are not bad in and of themselves, nor are the people that follow them. If you like it, you like it regardless of whether it's a trend.

  • pamb

    Those towels are EVERYTHING!

  • Katherine Smith

    I use the CicaBiafine lip balm, and it does the same thing. It's just a slight white-ish tint. I love it in the winter when my lips are more reddish from the wind/chill... It makes them more of a healthy pink.


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