Bottle Blonde Bombshell(s)!


Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom's baby mama and newly minted skincare-wiz (her organic line, KORA Organics, just arrived at the Gloffice, and will be reviewed once we're, you know, back in the Gloffice ourselves) is all up in October's Vogue Italia, rocking a shaggy platinum bob created by Shay Ashual for a shoot with Tom Munro that is seriously making Alessandra reconsider her bout with the Theyskens wig.

The spread is giving us a definite Kate Moss vibe (Kate, coincidentally, is also rocking a platinum bob on the cover of December's Vanity Fair). What's up with all our brunette babes going blonde for shoots? What ever happened to solidarity, ladies?

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  • Phil

    It doesn't suit her somehow.. makes her look cheap.
    She should stick to the brown cause it looks really classy on her.

    • Alice

      I definitely agree.
      Maybe it has to do with the fact that her eyebrows were kept dark?
      Honestly, with a face like that, Miranda Kerr could probably pull of any shade in the rainbow. The dark eyebrows and light hair don't work for me though. It definitely does give a really cheap feel to everything.
      As you put it so well Phil, Miranda really should stick to being a brunette since her hair definitely makes her look way classy.


  • Guest

    Ugh I love Miranda. Girl can WORK, and this hair is no exception. She always looks very sweet, if not a little vanilla, and this certainly shows she can handle some edge.

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Elspbeth Hodgins

    The KORA Tinted Day Cream is really nice. I just started using it and It's great for the Australian summer, just that tiny bit of coverage after you've been down the beach when you want to keep that really warm, bare glow.

  • Nicole

    The blond doesn't suit her at all. It might just be how cheap the wig looks, it's like one of Sydney's disguises on Alias....

  • ROKderm

    She looks good in everyhting, but the brown was better, hotter, authentic, sexy! Bring it back!!!

  • Mouthfulofstyle

    Definitely like her as a brunette better as well. Is this her permanent hair or just for Halloween?

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