Balenciaga’s Video Vixens


Two things happened on Monday (in no particular order): 1) The music video for Brandy's latest single, "Wildest Dreams," premiered online and 2) Nicolas Ghesquière and Balenciaga announced their split after 15 years of what seemed like marital bliss. Assume these two bits are unconnected? Think again. Leave it to Brandy—still 'of Moesha fame' to us—to give Ghesquière (and one particular Fall '12 "Egyptofunk" tee, one of his final pop-music hurrahs.  Throughout the vid, the singer sports his '80s-video-gamer 'Join A Weird Trip' shirt, paired with jean shorts and red knee-high boots. One of her better styled moments, IMHO.

BUT, Mo' isn't the only pop star who's donned Balenciaga in her vids. (We did a little research...) In 2003's "Slow," Kylie Minogue writhes around on a beach towel in a barely-there draped navy minidress from Ghesquière's Spring '03 collection. And, not long after, in 2004's "Red Blooded Woman," the Aussie songstress slipped into a blush crepe dress and yellow bra ensemble from Balenciaga Spring '04 to show the world her famed funk moves.

And finally, who can forget the hyperstyled K-Pop sensation 2NE1? The group wears several punk pieces—a quilted red leather vest [8] and houndstooth skirt—from Ghesquière's Spring '11 smash in their "Lonely" video. See below, and join us in saluting Ghesquière's work by rocking out to some of his best 'As Seen on [M]TV's:

(And of course, if you know of any other Balenciaga music-video cameos, let us know. PLEASE.)

"Wildest Dreams" by Brandy:

"Red Blooded Woman" by Kylie Minogue:

"Slow" by Kylie Minogue:

"Lonely" by 2NE1:

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  • Kristina Ong

    I believe Rihanna was wearing Balenciaga gladiators in her Disturbia music video

    • Sean Santiago

      I was gonna say, if Rihanna hasn't worn Balenciaga in a video, then she definitely did on 106 and Park...

  • Kristina Ong

    Didn't Rihanna wear Balenciaga Gladiators in her Disturbia music video?

  • ITGNick

    Email screenshots to!

  • MouthfulofStyle

    Great post incorporating music and fashion! And crazy timing as I just featured my Balenciaga coat in an outfit post:

  • VerukaSalt

    She probably takes really good care of it with lotions and potions, but 95% of that is the fact that she's black and our skin ages REALLY well. My mother is 57 and has no wrinkles yet. I'm 35 and still get carded when I buy booze. There might be some sorcery involved for that body though...