French Girl Crush

loulou robert in vogue paris

Well, yes, sure, we talk about that whole French girl thing a lot. But we couldn't help ourselves from crushing on this story in November Vogue Paris, featuring Inez and Vinoodh's new muse, 19-year-old Loulou Robert (that gorgeously tousled hair...) cozied up next to Daria. Is it something in the Gallic water?

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  • dipitblack

    Gorgeous picture!
    Always love your posts!


  • Anta

    Yes she's pretty but once living in France you will quickly realize that there is really nothing more special about french girls than any other nationality.

    • Sara

      Totally true. I am European and cannot understand this American obsession with French women.

      • Clarisse

        And i'm french and yes, this really irritates me ^^

    • sisi

      I live in France and yes, this is so true! Women are beautiful everywhere...

  • Nearly Old Friends

    I just cut my hair-- it looked like this, now I want it back!


  • A. Nightmare

    As a reader, I'd be happy to see less focus on/worship of French girls and European aesthetics-- it's all looking the same.

  • Sean Santiago


  • Kate

    I agree I have been many many times in France and haven't seen so called "french women". The women look the same as they look in other places! Of course here and there you can see beautiful women in nice clothes - but let's face it - so you can see everywhere else in the world. I am not sure when it started but maybe it was in the XIX c. when the France was all about fashion, but for now....
    Let's just stop with this "whole French girl thing". please...

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Jenna

    I've lived in Paris and really, there is something to this, to my mind. Most women I've encountered have an insouciantly sexy mien. Caroline de Maigret is a perfect example.

  • TatjanaAndersson2012

    Can we move past the French style? Seriously enough of this. I live in Europe, my hair is blonde, I don't have so much money for skin and coleour products but I feel good anyway.


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