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It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Stephanie Seymour (well, maybe it was just last week we called out her November Vogue Paris cover) and look at who's all up in our latest issue of i-D! Ms. Seymour in the (very literal) flesh, photographed by Daniele + Iango with her hair blown out à la Wonder Woman (courtesy of Luigi Murenu) and her bod encased in some bondage-inspired finery (styled by Patti Wilson) for the "role model"-themed issue, talking about how Azzedine Alaïa changed her life.

We can't decide whether to call the '90s supe's sudden burst of magazine pages a 'comeback,' seeing as Seymour has stayed that way (super, that is) for quite some time... What would you call it?

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  • jc

    She is beautiful but this looks like a spread from a men's magazine ....

  • E.M.

    I agree with JC. I don't know whether this is fashion or merely the sexual objectification of a beautiful woman of substance in a supposedly 'cool' way.

    • Syvany

      To me it looks like a beautiful women trying to prove she is still hot. Which she is, and yeah, her boobs and bod are great. but a lil trying too hard in my opinion....

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      I'm not sure how one distinguishes? i-D isn't exactly catering to the same readers as Hustler. These just look like well done pictures of a gorgeous woman. You could argue Dita von Teese is in the same boat, but clearly she calls her own shots. I'd think Seymour is in a position where she can pick and choose what she wants to do and how she going to be short/styled.

  • Couteau

    Rise of women over girls?

  • Sam

    Fucking. Hot.

  • kate moss daily

    Great hair! She has a really beautiful profile, too. There's a reason why she's stuck around while others have faded into the past.

  • Lori


  • fakefighter

    She's gorgeous, but picture #2 makes it really obvious she got implants. Nothing against implants, but I prefer when they look natural.

  • Thefashioninformer

    All I kept thinking about is her teenage sons seeing their mom (who is, yes, stunning with a knockout bod) objectifying herself for the camera. This is empowering to women how, exactly?

  • Jane S

    Looks like a bid for attention. She's a mother of two sons and I don't care how cool they may be or how hot she may look, but those boys have to be a bit mortified.

  • Kristi Kell

    She posed like this when she was younger, and she still can now. I guess people have forgotten that there is a lot of nudity in fashion. I've seen 10,000 nipples on the runway.

  • madame b

    I think she looks beautiful and ageless. Her plastic surgery is flawless as she has not aged in twenty years. I think she really loves being objectified which I thought was the reason for her mid life thoughts of divorce. Looks like she is trying to hard to be Super hot Mom. I can't believe her children think this is cool. My children would tell me to stop acting like the child.


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