Red Shoes, Temporary Tattoos


We're loving CR Fashion Book's latest tongue-in-cheek editorial, shot by Brigitte Niedermair and edited by Shiona Turini, featuring fall's best red shoes, plus strategically placed temporary tattoos. Hello Kitty, sure, but hello, fun fall idea.

ITG pal Langley Fox Hemingway has been known to sport some glittery decals, telling us, "The more ridiculous the better." As for where to purchase, "Drugstores and car washes have the best ones," she says. "I picked some up at Kings Pharmacy in Brooklyn recently. I don't mess with online shopping." That being said, we found some good ones here. Oh, and don't forget a little leg oil.

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  • Nomadic D.

    I love the idea. I recently found some amazing tattoos online:

    Some of them are a little bit less understated than these (and that's an understatement in and of itself), but the whole point of the temporary kind of ink is that you can feel free to go crazy with it!

  • kate moss daily

    So cute! Perfect for that quirky, femme-enfant look. I love the red pumps too - reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

    • AIS

      I'm not understanding your enthusiasm or the idea of the "femme-enfant" look. What does this even mean? Is that what you want to be like? That sounds like a pedophiles dream.
      And why are we glamorizing the notion that young girls need to grow up quickly and into sex machines? Isn't the idea of the entire modeling/fashion industry to not use such young girls (16 years minimum) and to embrace age? I see they've regressed and found a way around that.
      I get the idea behind temporary tattoos. cool, sure, it's also about nostalgia and not having to commit to any one look but I'm way beyond lost on the"femme-enfant" look. Maybe a few of you can clarify. Did I misunderstand something?

  • Lisa Price

    This is such a cute idea. Love it.

  • Valeria Alvarez

    Lovely idea!! the pis is too cute!

    <3 Val

  • CamMi Pham

    This photo is just to beautiful :)

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    red heels!!!

  • gothamlight

    Love this. I've been using Tattly for beautiful, irreverent temporaries. Check out —fantastic temporary tattoos from top designers and illustrators.


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