Quote-Unquote: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss at Rodarte

Because good advice never goes bad (and because we're always looking for a good makeup remover).

"Julien d’Ys told me about Pond’s—good old Pond’s Cold Cream; he said it’s the best to get makeup off and he’s right. After a show when I have tons of thick mascara and piled-on stuff, I just slap on a big dollop of this—it’s a démaquillant and cream all in one. All the girls in the old days—all the supermodels—this is what they carried around. It’s the old-school cheap trick." — Karlie Kloss' Top Shelf (11/15/10)

Kloss photographed by ITG backstage at Rodarte Spring 2013

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  • http://dazedorsomething.blogspot.com/ Lily

    Been using Pond's Cold Cream for years ever since my Russian facialist recommended it as one of her few drug store must-haves!

  • ClosetCravings

    I love a old-school cheap trick. If it's good enough for Karlie, it's worth trying. =)
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  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    It does work wonders, I used to used it to take off gobs of stage makeup. But, oh the sting if it gets in your eyes! And it would always leave me with a film over my eyeball, blurring my vision. I suppose the solution is easy - be more careful and don't get it in your eyes! But I just moved on to other makeup removers. Currently obsessed with:


  • http://www.lisapriceinc.com Lisa Price

    ADORE this post. I love your blog.



  • Gaufrette

    But will it clog acne prone skin?

  • Bonnie Clyde