Tangle Teezers: A Love Story

Tangle Teezers

Now, forgive me if this is horrifying (but hang in there, it has a happy ending): I have been known since adolescence to periodically develop something akin to a dreadlock at the base of my neck, under my hair. This is entirely my own fault (though aggravated by scarves and scarf-like collars), has always ended in tears, and is because I just really dislike brushing my hair. My excuse is that I don't really love the way it looks when it's brushed (the incredibly cool insouciance of femmes like Caroline de Maigret also helps), but this is all probably stemming from my early-childhood hair and the helmet-like bowl cut that would floof out dismally after brushing, like a little mushroom cloud. I have since avoided the practice, and I don't think about it (until the faux-dreads take form, and I wrench them out with a comb, eyes watering). Thankfully, my hair’s straight enough on top that you can never really tell that a clump's taken form unless I show you—like the time I showed Emily, who didn't believe me until she felt it and then only barely managed to conceal her terror. Though, let’s remember she has an undercut, so is unaccustomed to this whole business.

So when hairstylist James Pecis was visiting the Gloffice recently and mentioned the Tangle Teezer, a UK-created detangling gadget—which he described as both having a "silly name and kind of looking like a dog brush,” as well as “amazing...the best for detangling matted hair, after it's been braided all day, or whatever you did to it”—well, I had to try it. And? I am in love: the Tangle Teezer’s gradiated teeth flex de-stress, detangle, and smooth the hair cuticle, meaning no breakage or painful pulling (somewhere, my 10-year-old self is whooping triumphantly). Also, according to press materials, the Teezer is “hair extension and weave friendly!”

Sure, they’re not as attractive as a Mason Pearson (the neon versions are hollow, and intended for wet-brushing in the shower), but they work—the thing glides through my hair like the proverbial 'hot knife through butter.' Tangled, matted faux-dread, be gone! In a matter of mere minutes, no more tangles and certainly no more tears. “Change your hairbrush, not your lifestyle,” says Tangle Teezer inventor Shaun P (it's the quote on the box). Well, don’t mind if I do[n’t]!

—Alessandra Codinha

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  • Vanessa

    I have this problem too! The long, fine hair (and lots of it) thing doesn't go so well with this messy, chic, french girl look that seems so effortless these days. Would love to not have to worry about keeping my hair up when I wear coats or anything with a collar. And the wind!!! Oh, the wind... Investing in one of these pronto and crossing my fingers that it really doesn't hurt. That would be a miracle.

  • sallieforrer

    Oh I totally get the dreadlock too! Mostly from scarves, or anything with a collar. I think some hair textures are just more prone to it. Once it gets cold enough here to pull out the coat and scarves I will definitely be checking this out!

  • Amy Tomaszewski

    OMG! other people have this problem?! And it's now fix-able?! If this works, I will be In HEAVEN

  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Had this problem my whole life. Only in winter though, coat on, coat off, scarf on, scarf off... too much friction and it's just a dreadlock waiting to happen. And guess what? I never brushed my hair either. And guess what? I too bought the tangle teezer! And yes, it totally looks like a dog brush, but yes, it sort of worked. At least by encouraging me to brush more often (since I finally actually owned a brush). The soft rubber bristles felt great against my head too. Now that I have shorter hair though, just barely grazing my shoulders, I expect to go the entire winter both dread-free and brush-free!


  • Polly

    ATC, recently discovered this myself and it's been a serious life saver. Plus, now that it's colder, my faux dread is going to be a perpetual thing.

  • courtney

    Did anyone experience significant hair loss from this? I'm interested to know as I've read on curlynikki.com that the Tangle Teaser pulls out a ton of the surrounding healthy, non tangled hair. For all the curly girls out there (please show me a curly who doesn't have dreads, single strand knots, etc etc etc) my method is this: NEVER detangle on dry hair. I mean never! (dramatic emphasis my own) and instead drench your hair in conditioner and then detangle. This might be common knowledge for some but was a news flash for me. Ouidad makes a great a great detangling comb as well (that I feel) doesn't snag so much of my surrounding hairs. I'm happy to hear that this is a possible solution though :) Happy combing!

  • http://dipitblack.com/ dipitblack

    Love this hair! Great picture!
    But my hair would die from this hairdo,
    so won't try this at my home ;).


  • Denisse

    Finally! I have been stressing over this since scarf weather hit Chicago. And I have wavy/curly hair, which makes brushing my hair even more painful.

  • 4jsc

    I've been using something like this for years only it's palm shaped. No, I do not brush my hair per se, but in the shower when I rinse out shampoo this, used gently, detangles all my fine, wavy hair and is good for my scalp.

  • Lisa

    This brush also works wonders - http://www.mywetbrush.com/

  • Nina

    I'm intrigued here. My long fine hair tangles a lot too, but how necessary is this when I already have a lovely Mason Pearson? I thought MP was pretty gentle on tangles too...