Tom Binns For Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry


Think you've seen it all when it comes to wearing fragrance? What if you could try on a scent and take it off on a whim, without having to scrub at the offending wrist, neck, or wherever you apply perfume (that's really your business)? Well, cue the trumpets because now you can, thanks to Lisa Hoffman Beauty and the brand's new collaboration with jeweler Tom Binns.

“What I really wanted was a way to encourage people to wear fragrance their way,” Hoffman explains, showing off the collection of pendants, cuff bracelets, and earrings, which hold scented beads made from sustainably sourced wood. The pendants, available on her website for $250, are a series of perforated orb lockets in five different finishes (brushed matte gold, rose gold, yellow gold, rhodium, and deep bronze) that resemble attractive seed-pods, which hold tiny fragrance-infused beads. (The cuff bracelets will be available in November, the earrings in January '13.)

As for the scents? “Most women want something that works for them,” the skincare-purveyer-turned-perfumer says. Her website even has a nifty scent-finder application called iScentify, based on the same principles as the music app Pandora: you tell it which fragrance notes you like the most, from a selection ranging from soft floral, fruity, green, citrus, “floriental,” woody, watery, gourmand, and powdery, and it makes recommendations for you from among her scent offerings, which include Japanese Agarwood (bergamot, spiced ginger, amber), Madagascar Orchid (jasmine, yiang dew, peony), Tuscan Fig (vanilla bean, honeysuckle, coconut wood, and gardenia), and French Clary Sage (yellow freesia, cotton accords, french clary sage). For the record, we're very into the Japanese Agarwood.

Regarding Binns, a jeweler known for his neon-crystal necklaces and safety-pin earrings, Lisa says, “Tom really liked the idea of crossing over into beauty, into fragrance. He made the point that fragrance and jewelry are both worn close to the skin, on the pulse points. He liked the intimacy of it, and the newness.” For those of you looking to spice up your scent life, you can mix the fragrance beads as you see fit, or you know, just wear the jewelry sans beads if you feel like it. The orbs last for two to three weeks before requiring refreshment, and one jar of beads ($20) will last you about as long as a bottle of perfume. But would you wear a bottle of perfume around your neck after it runs out?! We thought not.


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  • Dianna

    An incredible idea - wishing it could be mine on Christmas!

  • Marta E




  • Gaufrette

    A nice new twist on an old concept, perfumed lockets or sachets were worn around the neck throughout the history, even to repel the plague
    "In medieval times it was defined as a plague bag (sweet-smelling pomander) worn around the neck or dangled from the waist. It was for protection against pestiferous and corrupt air."

    • katie chambers

      Yeah, just last night I was reading a book called Seductress (about charming women throughout history) and was reading about a famous courtesan of ancient Greece named Apasia who eventually rose to prominence in politics. Among her many charm techniques, she wore scented beads and perfume vials on necklaces. A great idea!

  • MyLuciteDreams

    I love this! The pendants are so beautiful and I just love the idea of being able to remove a scent. I have a very finicky nose and perfume can get tired very quickly for me! <3

  • Kathleen

    Makes me think of the tannis root pendant in Rosemary's Baby

  • Katie

    Beautiful pendants but not wearing perfumes on the skin means we'll all smell the same! My favorite thing about scents is the way each person's body chemistry changes the fragrance slightly, making it unique to each of us. I'm afraid these scent lockets will take all the uniqueness out of a fragrance.