*("Little monster"-esque or otherwise.)

Since, here at the Gloffice, we are all about sharing the love, we've arranged for 100 of you (whether ravenous Gaga fans, fragrance aficionados, or the plain old curious beauty junkies) to get your mitts on your very own claw-topped bottle of her fragrance, Fame.

What does Fame smell like? The black liquid is a powdery, fruity-floral concoction of saffron, honey, apricot nectar, jasmine, tiger orchid, white peony, amaryllis, and black incense. At first spritz, it reads heavy on apricot, before segueing into a lighter violet- and orchid-based floral medley, and finally landing at a harmonious, candy-like finish. For good measure, the gilded top looks like both an alien spacecraft and the claw of a mythical creature cupping an egg. We all know Gaga loves her alien eggs.

So what do you have to do to get one of your very own? Easy peasy inky-black-liquid-that-sprays-clear squeezy: enter your email address HERE**, cross your fingers, toes, and Gaga-lovin' eyes, and wait and see who comes out of this smelling like a rose. Or, you know, like a little monster.

Love 4 ever,


P.S.: Winners will receive congratulatory emails the week of Nov. 5th.

**Contest has ended.

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  • Jzel

    Love this! I hope I finally win something :)

  • Peppermintpoot

    Yes please!!!

  • Paul_sanchez25

    Thank you so much INTO THE GLOSS for bringing FAME here. I hope I win. I always dream everyday of having it in my room.

  • Prkrst

    Ahh LOVE!!! Thank you thank you!

  • Jordan C.

    Yes! Love this! =)

    - Jordan

  • Roberto

    Thank you so much for this apportunaty!<3 it would mean a lot if I won this for my mother.<3

  • Highway Unicorn

    FAME! I wanna live forever...

  • VH

    OMG, Thank you ITG for this !! I hope I win .. *crossing my fingers =P